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Blame, fault, or error accruing to an Arab personally brings his immediate fall from social grace and a loss of dignity or face. He therefore feels revulsion and bitterness for anything that tends to compromise him in this way. Americans and most other Western-bred persons regard it as merely socially inconsiderate or impolite to mention another's errors in public. Management courses teach psychologically graceful ways to correct erring employees without hurting their feelings, suggesting for example "Maybe it would be better if we did this another way" instead of a blunt and ego-damaging "you are doing this all wrong." The Arab would be quick. But what in American life is a matter of tact and consideration is to him a highly charged social confrontation with many complexities and subtle ramifications of which the American would never have dreamed. If, as becomes evident after some exposure to Arab behavior, a lack of guilt is what confers on an Arab the dignity or face by which his personal integrity and social acceptability are measures, there must be further consequences flowing from such a displacement.

According to the degree to which they do so adhere, people are judged acceptable or not acceptable in that society. For the American, earning social acceptability by maintaining his honor is a matter of equating honor with personal integrity. The American manifests his integrity by an uncompromising willingness to face objective truth and fact. Personal respect and acclaim go to him who makes a ruthless search for facts regardless of how self-damaging the results may. The American can apologize for revealed shortcomings and gain respect and prestige with an honest effort to correct his own errors. In our culturally determined scale of values the achieving of impersonal objectivity with regard to facts and truth is thus more important than preserving a man's personal dignity before the world at large. At memorable all times and in all circumstances the American is culturally obliged to reconcile his position and his person with truthfully interpreted reality: witness the fact that the verb "to rationalize" usually has for us an ethically negative flavor. The Arab in his society is likewise expected to show personal integrity in order to be socially acceptable. He, however, manifests his honor and integrity by making a public, outward impression of dignity derived from an ostensible lack of guilt. Even if facts and conditions speak to the contrary, the social veneer of non-guilt must be maintained evident and dominant if he is to achieve the socially demanded face. Dignity and stature are granted only to those who show themselves as flawless; the society of the Arab world has no place or respect for one whose faults or errors come to public knowledge.

among the betrayed book report

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An understanding of the paperless concept will help define an area of potential difficulty in personal relations and give insight into stated and unstated Eastern attitudes. It will explain the extreme difficulty of resurrecting once-fallen political figures and getting them any public acceptance. It will show motivating forces which may be operationally useful, for example in contriving a character defamation. The high value which the cultural patterns of the east place upon the concept of personal dignity is central to that behavior from which the frustrated American encountering it for the first time is likely to conclude that an Arab is a living non-sequitur. Although there are many demographic and cultural subgroupings of the eastern peoples-even the Arab may be an agricultural peasant, a nomad of the desert, a seafarer of the persian Gulf, a sophisticated urbanite, a university student-the ideal of maintaining face has a universality among them. Yet it should be borne in mind that, since cultural groups consist of individual men, there will be individual deviations from the generalizations drawn in the following discussion. Objectivity, a society expects from all its members an adherence to its own norms and values.

among the betrayed book report

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Approved for release 1994, cia historical summary review program 18 sept 95, confidential. The preservation of personal dignity as a wellspring of Muslim behavior. "face" among the arabs, peter. Naffsinger, george washington, American children are told, having cut down his father's favorite cherry tree, showed his sterling character by confessing to the deed. An Arab hearing this story not only fails to see the moral beauty of such behavior but wonders why anyone would ever compromise his integrity by admitting thus his guilt. As to washington's explanation that "I cannot tell a lie the Arab asks how a man could rise to the presidency if he were not suave enough to use a well-concocted falsehood as a tactic in emergency behavior. The values and rationale underlying these reactions are an aspect of "national character a factor said to be of importance in estimating likely courses of national action and certainly of importance in dealing man to man with individuals. A syndrome of the Arab values can be called the face concept, an understanding of which is essential for a case officer in his interpersonal relationships with peoples stretching across North Africa and from Greece to japan. Although we are concerned here specifically with Arabs, the same concept is applicable in a broad way to most Muslim groups and to some far Eastern peoples.

Why meyer Berger of The times gave up that idea for his book about New Yorks current crop of gangsters. Why maxim lieber who once had a beard, mustache and a cane hasnt any of the aforementioned articles. Autoplay next video, having the dark secrets, cant reveal to anyone, when the true colors are exposed, Who will respect this culprit? Having the dark secrets, hurting the weak when alone, in the dark spot, not visible, who will respect this culprit? Having the dark secrets, hidden tightly in the hearts, violation and harassment are the feasts, Who will respect this culprit? Having the dark secrets, sitting at the centre of the table, when the listening people aware of the truth, Who will respect this culprit? Having the dark secrets, suddenly known to the mothers, She will get the shock of her life, who will respect this culprit?

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among the betrayed book report

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This soft-spoken native of Kansas is one of the best known popularizers of the law. He has contributed articles to the class magazines and has conducted a overtime newspaper syndicated department on legal subjects. His pen is most virile when writing about the stupidity of law, lawyers and clients. He is at work on a book covering this subject which will be published early in 1934. His object in writing is to debunk the law and bring about the necessary reforms. There are countless writing lawyers about the literary field. In fact most of your current reading matter comes from the typewriters of newspaper men and lawyers but most of the latter either give up law entirely to write or continue to practice law and do books about Lincoln.

Why rabbis, teachers and student editors of high school papers believe that if they write a publisher for a review copy of a book they will receive. Why paul Yawitz of the daily mirror allows his picture to be placed atop his column and why he and didnt take his hat off when he had the photo taken. Why jewish authors are so superior about publicity in the jewish press. Why jewish authors when they adopt a pseudonym always take one that is very nordic. Why Ellery queen doesnt take off that mask.

Morris Ernst is another lawyer who has found extra curricular activities a help in the practice of law. As a defender of allegedly immoral literature he successfully got The well of Loneliness, gods Little Acre, and Mrs. Mary ware dennetts primer of sex for the wide-eyer, past the smut hounds. In addition he has written books on the subject of censorship and only last season tossed off a slim volume on the silliness of the libel laws. He is the favorite lawyer of many of the successful literati and his office file reads like a best-seller list.

A lawyer not so well known as either is maurice finkelstein, a young man who was awarded a doctor of jurisprudence degree by harvard University. The slim Finkelstein has confined his talents to legal subjects. Besides writing a series of texts on constitutional law he has done many articles for the liberal weeklies and recently wrote a pamphlet for the john day. Which discusses the possibilities of the supreme court of the United States upholding the legality of the laws passed to make the. Another writer known more for his writing than his law practice is Newman levy. This ex-title searcher and brief writer is one of Americas best light verse makers. He has done many successful lyrics and much of his work has appeared in the towns better musical shows. Harry hibschman is also known more for his writing than his law work.

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In this month's webcast, our Senior Market Analyst, mati Greenspan took an in-depth look at the european economy, the crypto market, recent developments in oil, performed some. In this month's webcast, our Senior Market Analyst, mati Greenspan took an in-depth look at the. Connecting content to people. Company, resources, plans products, apps. What happens to lawyers, who refuse to chase ambulances, pursue indifferent debtors or sue gentlemen who write indiscreetly to ladies who save their mail, but who wish to remain in the practice of law? Answer: They become writers and exponents of causes. Arthur Garfield hays belongs in this class. The middle-aged little gentleman whose limp, earned as the result of a horseback riding experience, is familiar in the nations court-rooms, has for writing many years been a spokesman and lawyer for the civil Liberties Union. Not only is he an advocate for free speech but he has written a number of books on the injustice of justice in the United States.

among the betrayed book report

Index home site map What's New? search nizkor The nizkor Project, This site is intended for educational purposes to teach about the holocaust and to combat hatred. Any statements or excerpts found on this site are for educational purposes only. As part of these educational purposes, nizkor may include on this website materials, such as resume excerpts from the writings of racists and antisemites. Far from approving these writings, nizkor condemns them and provides them so that its readers can learn the nature and extent of hate and antisemitic discourse. Nizkor urges the readers of these pages to condemn racist and hate speech in all of its forms and manifestations. Monthly market Webcast: Europe, eos, oil and more.

his ranks and convert them to the idea of the national Socialist German Workers' party. In order to accomplish this he will greatly revive the mass assemblies, he will organize demonstrations as before the putsch, and we can surely expect such outbreaks as are still vivid in our memory. Hitler will again take page 3 up his relentless fight against the government and not abstain from violations of the law even if he is to face the revocation of his parole, therefore it is completely immaterial whether, as expressed, he will take up his. (signed) illegible The director of the bavarian State police, munich Notes: Hitler's sentence for high treason: five years confinement in a fortress. Served: four months and two weeks before the trial. Begin or imprisonment: April l, 1924. Normal end of confinement: november 28, 1928. Actual date of release: December 26, 1924. The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

However, should the court unexpectedly grant a parole it would be compulsory for the given reason to deport Hitler as the soul of the entire nationalistic and racial movement in order to avoid the immediate danger to the bavarian State. In respect to this. I refer to my previous report of may 8, 1924 in which I fully explained the reasons of my request for Hitler's deportation from bavaria. The numerous movie riots committed by his followers, until the time of the putsch are to be accredited to his influence. The moment he is set free hitler will, because of his energy, become immediately again the generator of repeated heavy riotous disturbances of the public order. He will continuously endanger the security of the State. Hitler will resume his political activities, and the hope of the nationalists and racists that he will succeed in moving the present disunity and the disunion among the officials of the paramilitary troops will be fulfilled.

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Page 1, copy, bavarian state police, munich, munich, september 22, 1924. Iv.:2427, report to the bavarian State ministry of the Interior, munich. The State police department has already expressed its opinion in the report of may 8, 1924 to the effect that, in consideration of the temperament and energy, with which Hitler pursues his political ambitions, it is to be definitely assumed that he would not give. Until the present time, no reason has been found which could have led the police department to a change of its former opinion. If the police department takes the stand that Hitler and. Weber should not be released on October 1, 1924, this decision is based on the following reasons: even during the trial the three defendants have repeatedly declared that immediately upon their release they will again promote the national Socialist movement and that they will continue. Hitler, Kriebel, and. Weber are now add as before the leaders of the dissolved paramilitary troops and the spiritual leaders of its now existing camouflaged front organizations. Therefore a release of the three named persons, even on conditional parole, page 2 should not be considered.

among the betrayed book report
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  6. The, cia, as a foreign intelligence agency, does not engage in us domestic law enforcement. In respect to this I refer to my previous report of may 8, 1924 in which I fully explained the reasons of my request for Hitler s deportation from bavaria. Report from bavarian state police. Thank you for considering becoming a book reviewer for brit press!

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