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Just for the sake of the argument, and despite the fact that any expert in mathematical logic would immediately begin yelling at us, lets assume that such a theory can exist. As the last point of this essay i want to give an example to argue that this metaphysical assumption is intrinsically sterile and useless for any philosophical discussion. The example goes as follows. Suppose that I get a flash of inspiration, and manage to mathematically formulate a theory of everything. Arguably, it will contain the specification of the most elementary building blocks of matter, the specification of all their interactions, the specification of all possible phenomena that can emerge from complexity, and the specification of, indulge me, eight uncomputable functions that provide the input interface. The uncomputable functions are coupled to the rest of the theory in such a way that these eight Gods can influence any outcome of any physical process, as they see fit. For the sake of the argument, imagine that I can authoritatively claim that this is the ultimate theory of everything, describing our real world and all phenomena.

I have described in what sense one theory can be said to be reducible to another and I have argued that both the zuny effective and the structure theory must be well-defined as quantitative mathematical models which are not in contradiction with experiments within their respective. I have given examples of angels cases where reductionism can and cases where it cannot be established, both with respect to quality, quantity and complexity. I have argued that the burden of proof lies with the claim of reduction — any phenomenon must be considered strongly emergent until proved otherwise. I have demonstrated that Gödels first incompleteness theorem excludes the existence of a theory of everything, and allows only for an epistemologically incomplete theory of everything so far. While we may try to keep redefining the fundamental theory by including each newly-discovered Gödel-statement again and again, this process does not converge, and therefore no well-defined theory of everything can exist. Finally, i have outlined a formal axiomatic treatment for all of the above. As far as epistemological reductionism is concerned, the whole analysis has one final message: the program of establishing reductionism across all sciences is completely hopeless. Moreover, gödels theorem guarantees that it will remain hopeless in perpetuity, regardless of the level of mathematical proficiency we may ever reach in the future. All that said, there is one more important issue to be addressed — the possible ontological validity of reductionism. Namely, one could argue that the futility of epistemological reductionism does not imply the absence of ontological reductionism. In particular, one can claim that, despite gödels theorem, one could in principle imagine a theory containing the collection of all (infinitely many) Gödel-statements as axioms, thereby covering all phenomena that could ever exist in Nature, strongly emergent or otherwise.

burden of proof essay

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So-called Gödel-statements correspond to what we have described as strongly emergent phenomena — if such a statement is added to the set of axioms of an effective theory, the latter becomes non-reducible to the structure theory, unless we add the same axiom to the structure. One writing can rephrase these conclusions as follows: given that we have epistemological access to only a finite set of phenomena in Nature, there is no way we can construct a theory of everything. At best, we can construct a theory of everything so far, which is fundamentally incomplete in the sense that there will always exist strongly-emergent phenomena in Nature that have not been accounted for by the theory, and therefore are not reducible to our fundamental theory. The prime example of such a strongly-emergent phenomenon is the arrow of time, as discussed in part. It cannot be reduced to the behavior of individual elementary particles, and one must consider it as an additional axiom in a fundamental theory. One can postulate it as it stands, or through an initial condition at the big Bang, or through the fine-tuning of the inflaton potential in some suitable inflationary model, but one way or another it has to be postulated. And this is just one of an infinitely many such strongly emergent phenomena, as guaranteed by gödels theorem. Ontological reductionism, so far we have discussed the topic of epistemological reductionism.

burden of proof essay

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This is popularly phrased as the statement that a reductionist must walk the walk,. E., explicitly provide the proof for each pair of theories, before reductionism can be considered to hold. One more useful aspect of the axiomatic definition of reductionism is the proof that a theory of everything cannot exist. Given the axiomatic structure (1)-(5) outlined above, summary this is a straight consequence of Gödels first incompleteness theorem. In short, the theorem states that, given a set of axioms that defines some theory, if this theory meets some general requirements 19, there will always exist statements which are simultaneously both true and unprovable as theorems within that theory. These statements can be incorporated into the theory only as additional independent axioms, and there is infinitely many of them, which makes any set of axioms forever incomplete, loosely speaking. This is guaranteed already at the level of logic and set theory, and the existence of additional independent-but-true laws of physics (like the arrow of time) only provides additional source for this incompleteness.

This means that the two theories are in fact equivalent, which establishes antisymmetry. Finally, if some effective theory is reducible to some intermediate structure theory, which is in turn reducible to another structure theory, it follows that the first theory is also reducible to the third theory, given that its axioms can be proved by appealing to the. Another aspect that can be usefully discussed in the axiomatic context is the issue of burden of proof for reductionism. Namely, given two sets of axioms, describing the effective and the structure theory, one cannot simply claim that the effective theory a priori must be reducible to the structure theory. It is not valid to just assume (or even worse, postulate as some metaphysical principle) that the axioms of the effective theory must always be theorems of the structure theory. This can hold only if one manages to prove that the axioms of the former are theorems of the latter. Moreover, this proof must be mathematically rigorous, or otherwise there might be substantial loopholes, as exemplified by the solar neutrino problem discussed earlier. Therefore, the burden of proof is clearly on the one who claims that reduction holds, the criteria for such a proof are very high, and a priori one must always start from the assumption that reduction does not hold between the two theories.

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burden of proof essay

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Group (3) represents the set of axioms concerning the kinematics of the theory, the properties of the basic physical quantities,. E., the variables characterizing the theory, their postulated observability, and the experimental concepts necessary to observe them. Group (4) postulates what is the range of applicability of the theory, and introduces fundamental error bar estimates for the variables. Finally, group (5) are obamas axioms about dynamics, the meat of the theory — statements about the laws which Nature is supposed to uphold, in the context of all previous axioms. Given the above structure for both an effective and its corresponding structure theory, one can reformulate reductionism as a simple formal statement: the effective theory is reducible to the structure theory if and only if all axioms of the effective theory are theorems in the. Axiom sets (1) and (2) are most often identical in both theories, so they are automatically theorems of the structure theory. The axioms in (3) tend to be different between the effective and the structure theory, and establishing the former as theorems of the latter amounts to specifying a consistent vocabulary between the two sets of variables, as I have discussed in part.

Proving that axioms (4) of the effective theory are theorems in the structure theory amounts to specifying a consistent approximation scheme and the choice of a set of parameters which can be considered suitable for asymptotic expansions. Finally, proving that axioms (5) of the effective theory are theorems in the structure theory (under the suitable constraints of the established approximation scheme) establishes that the dynamics of the effective theory is a rigorous consequence of the dynamics of the structure theory. This establishes the reductionism between the effective and the structure theory. Such axiomatic description of reductionism can be useful to discuss some of its properties. For example, it is easy to see that reductionism can be regarded as a relation of partial order among theories. First, every theory is reducible to itself, since all its axioms are also theorems by definition. Second, if the effective theory is reducible to the structure theory, and in addition the structure theory is reducible to the effective theory as well, this means that both sets of axioms can be proved to be theorems of each other.

Australia aborigine's and Stalin's 5 year plan. My2ndfavsubject SeniorYearNextYear Essays ap language and composition argument essay ppt file opstilling essay essay textiles direct narrative essay about being a doctor research paper on importance of sleep philosophy of education essay conclusion i was like "hi i go to uc berkeley and take classes. I know what i'm talking about" Rated.5/5 based on 8432 customer reviews. By marko vojinovic, in part i of this essay i have introduced and discussed the idea of reductionism from an epistemological point of view. In what follows we will go one step further, and discuss the idea of ontological reductionism. However, much of what follows will be actually devoted to rewriting the discussion of part i in a more formal framework, since this will provide us with a clearer picture of reductionism and allow us to discuss the idea of an ultimate fundamental theory, the.

The formal axiomatic framework will enable us to invoke gödels first incompleteness theorem to argue that such a theory cannot exist, thereby defeating any concept of ontological reductionism. Axiomatic structure, the axiomatic structure of any scientific theory is very complex, so complex that all axioms are virtually never spelled out explicitly. The reason for this is that there are too many of them, and that it is not always easy to figure out what is the minimal set of independent axioms underpinning any given theory. Nevertheless, any quantitative theory has the following gross axiomatic structure, with axioms classified into several groups: (1) axioms of logic (2) axioms of set theory (3) axioms about correspondence of basic theoretical quantities to experiment (4) axioms about theorys range of validity (5) axioms about. Group (1) is typically the set of axioms of the first-order predicate calculus 16, establishing a formal language and rules which define what is meant by deductive reasoning within the theory. Group (2) typically consists of the axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. Together with (1 these axioms establish the base for the rest of mathematics, necessary for the quantitative description of any theory.

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burden of proof essay

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burden of proof essay
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