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Tableau desktop reports every eight hours while running with the count of hours beginning when you start a properly configured instance of Tableau desktop. If Tableau desktop is not still running when the eight hour time is reached, a report is sent the next time tableau desktop is started. Wait a minimum of eight hours after Tableau desktop instances are configured before you look for those licenses in the desktop License reporting views. The following events force an immediate report from a properly configured Tableau desktop instance to tableau server: Activating Tableau desktop version.0 or later. Deactivating Tableau desktop version.0 or later. Renewing maintenance on a license for Tableau desktop version.0 or later. Tableau desktop has not been restarted since license reporting was configured If Tableau desktop was already running when license reporting was configured with a server address to report to, tableau desktop must be restarted.

The sections below can help you troubleshoot the cause. For information about how to configure tableau desktop reporting, see configure tableau desktop Reporting. Administrative views aren't available The desktop License reporting administrative views are available only to tableau server administrators. If you don't see links to the desktop License Usage and Desktop License Expiration views on the server Status page (select Manage All Sites from the sites menu verify the following: you are signed in as a tableau server administrator. You are running a version of Tableau responsible server.0 or later, and users are running Tableau desktop version.0 or later. Tableau desktop license reporting is available beginning with version.0 of Tableau server and Tableau desktop. License reporting is enabled in Tableau server. (The feature is disabled by default.) For more information, see the procedure for enabling license reporting on Tableau server in the configure tableau desktop Reporting article in this guide. Administrative views don't include expected content If you aren't seeing the data you expect, it could be for one of the reasons listed here. Tableau desktop was configured less than eight hours ago by default Tableau desktop reports licensing data at an eight hour interval. You might not see usage data in the administrative views if it has been less than eight hours since instances of Tableau desktop were configured for reporting.

drill down reports in tableau

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The licensing process requests offline activation. Map views appear blank in Tableau desktop. Web homework pages in dashboards fail to load. The online map can't be loaded. For information about how to configure internet access for Tableau desktop, see internet Access Requirements. Troubleshoot license reporting When Tableau server and Tableau desktop instances are properly configured, tableau desktop license usage information is available in two administrative views, desktop License Usage and Desktop License Expiration. If you can't see these views, or if there's no data in them, there might be a problem with license reporting.

drill down reports in tableau

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your trial for this version has ended. The product key is expired. your product keys could not be synchronized. An error occurred during product registration. An unknown error occurred during licensing operations. ( Back to top ) Troubleshoot internet errors Tableau desktop requires certain firewall and proxy settings to load map views, to load web pages, and to process resume license requests. If you encounter one of the following errors, the administrator for the organization's network needs to make changes to the network web proxy and firewall configuration settings.

Activation failed, please try again. Unable to complete offline activation. An error was returned from the license server. Check the tableau log file for more information. failed to deactivate the license because you have reached the limit of deactivations for this license. An unknown error occurred during the unlicensing operation. Check your product key or contact support. Only expired product keys were found.

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drill down reports in tableau

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If the essay repair is not successful, contact Customer Support and include the licResults. ( Back to top ) Troubleshoot activation errors using activation exit codes When you start Tableau and include the -activate option, the activation process returns status information by setting the errorlevel environment variable to an exit code. If activation was successful, the tableau application exit code is 0 (zero). The table below lists exit codes from the activation process and what they mean. If activation fails, you can also find error information in the tableau log file. Log files are located in the logs folder in the my tableau repository folder under the current users Documents folder.

For example: /Users/ user /Documents/my tableau repository/Logs The following example script shows how to activate tableau desktop islam for Windows and check for specific errors, such as an invalid product key (536871018) and general licensing issues (536871012). @echo off start/wait tableau. Exe -activate product_key if errorlevel equ (echo if errorlevel equ (echo if errorlevel equ 0 (echo success) Exit Code message value an unknown error occurred during the licensing operation. The product is unable to start due to an internal licensing error. Tableau_error_licensing_setup the product is unable to start due to an internal licensing error. An error occurred contacting the tableau license server. An error occurred while activating the asr.

Navigate to the FlexNet directory: cd verify that the FlexNet Licensing Service is running, then use the following command to save the output to a file on your desktop:./custactutil -view. Repair trusted storage If FlexNet Licensing Services is installed and running but you're still seeing an error, there might be a problem with the tableau product key information. To resolve this issue, complete the following steps to repair the key information that is located and saved in trusted storage. Note: you will need access to the customer Activation Utility located in the bin folder to perform these steps. Windows Open a command window and navigate to the directory where the customer Activation Utility. For example: cd "C:Program FilesTableautableau version bin" where version is the tableau product version that you installed.

Type the following command: custactutil localrepair launch Tableau. If the repair is not successful, type the following command to create a licResults. Txt file: custactutil -view licResults. Txt Contact Customer Support and include the licResults. Txt file that you created. Navigate to the FlexNet directory: cd Enter the following command:./custactutil -localrepair launch Tableau.

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Verify that the FlexNet Licensing Service report is running If you have verified that the FlexNet Licensing Service is installed, verify that the licensing service is running. If it isn't, you might need to manually start the service. To start the service, complete the steps below based on your operating system, and then restart Tableau desktop. Windows From the windows Start menu, open. In the services dialog box, verify that the status for the FlexNet Licensing Service is Started. If the Start option is grayed out, right-click FlexNet Licensing Service in the list and select Properties. On the general tab, click Start, then click ok to close the dialog box. Mac Start the terminal application.

drill down reports in tableau

Tableau requires this service to run. When you install Tableau desktop on the beauty mac, you might be prompted to enter your password to give the installer permission to install FlexNet. For Windows, permission to install FlexNet is implied from the user account settings. To check whether the licensing service is properly installed on your computer, complete the following steps: Windows, navigate to the following folder: C:Program FilesCommon FilesMacrovision SharedFlexNet Publisher, verify that the fnplicensingService application is in the folder. If the FlexNet licensing Service is not installed, try reinstalling Tableau desktop or check your user account permissions settings. Start the terminal application. Type the following command to list the contents of the FlexNet directory: ls /Library/Application Support/flexnet if the command doesn't return anything, or if it returns the message no such file or directory, the licensing service isn't installed. For information about how to manually install the FlexNet Licensing Service, see. Error: "The FlexNet licensing service is not present on the system" Activating on Mac in the tableau knowledgebase.

example: /log resolve flexNet licensing errors when activating or opening Tableau desktop. If the tableau licensing service can't read or access the product key, you might see one of the following errors: no license found for 'tableaudesktop unable to add license, function returned error 50030, 71521,. To troubleshoot the error and resolve it, try the steps in this section in the order shown. Verify the system date and time. Verify that the date and time on your computer is set to the current date. If the clock on your computer is set to a date prior to the current date, tableau can't be activated. Verify that the FlexNet Licensing Service is installed. When you install Tableau desktop, the FlexNet Licensing Service is installed automatically.

It's a good idea to keep the log files for the installation process to help you troubleshoot in case anything goes wrong. If so, you can review the log file and search for entries that include Error or fail to help you spot the problem. If you want to change the location or name of the log files, or if you're not sure if logging is enabled, hippie complete the following steps. Logging must be turned on before you start installation. Download the tableau desktop installer (.exe file). Open a command window as an administrator. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the installer file.

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Was this page helpful? Yes no, have a comment? Please leave it here. Thanks for your feedback! Tableau help tableau desktop and Tableau prep Deployment guide overview applies to: Tableau desktop, when you install Tableau desktop, the installation might not always go exactly as planned. In this article you can find information about how to create a log file to help you troubleshoot, as well as a list of issues you might encounter and suggestions for how to resolve them. Create an installation log, tableau desktop can keep a log of the installation process. Logging is mom on by default for the tableau desktop installer for both Windows and Mac. By default, the log files are stored in the user's temporary folder (the location specified in the temp environment variable) for Windows and in /private/var/log for the mac.

drill down reports in tableau
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  2. Drag both sheets into dashboard and select floating object and drag blank object into header area of first sheet. Tableau reader is one way to view, tableau workbooks for free. To view workbooks in Tableau, online or Server, contact your administrator for a viewer license.

  3. Drill action in Power bi reports. From now on were able to navigate through different levels of data. Jun 08, 2018 hi santhosh, yes we can do this in tableau. First create sheets and increase the header area.

  4. Oct 13, 2015 hi prashant, the problem with the advance action filtering is that u can only setup an action from one report(worksheet) to another. To enable drill down within the same report. Microsoft newly added some new exiting features like.

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