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Of course you know that all arrangements is to present you and your company as the bonafide contractor beneficiary of these funds, based oontract it is assumed you executed for the federal ministry of works and housing. The first stage of the modalities, already worked out is to legalise your company here in nigeria. The process entails the incorporation of your company with the nigerian corporate affairs commission aimitted liability company making iegal entity recognised by the federal government of nigeria. Thereafter, registered aategory "A" contractor with the federal ministry of works and housing where it is assumed you executed the contract on behalf of the government. We shall source for funds to pay all taxes for the company, for at leaseriod of three fiscal years. The funds for the taxes though not readily available, we have agreed that all nigerian partners will aatter of top priority either lease or outrightly sell their acquired properties to raise the funds for the taxes. All these processes are going to be backdated, to make it look like your company actually existed in nigeria, foertain period of time, carried out economic activities, of which they paid taxes, before winning and executing this contract of which they are about. And by extension legitimised the project/transaction.

It iod sent opportunity for us to bequeatasting legacy to ourselves, our children, and their generations to come. We must not fail. Based on this we would like to clarify some issues. Are you psychologically balanced to go on this transaction with us? Do you have the aku capacity to accommodate this transaction and see us through to the end? The challenges of this transaction from our assesment is enormous and fortunately, so also are the gains for these reasons so many sacrifices are to be made from both ends to make it work and we on our side are not leaving any stone unturned. Remember it is our life. Based on this, we would like to ask, would you give this project all the commitment/ sacrifice it deserves to make it happen? Surely you will understand most of these things better by the time we establish verbal communication via telephone and fax. Let us believe that you are capable of taking us to the promise end, hence giving you the breakdown of the master plan for the successful transfer of this funds into your nominated bank account with your bank.

letterheaded paper

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We are still working out moralities on how to get back at him. We hope you will not be like him. Anyway going by the tune of your response, we believe god has finally given us, the person we can trust. There is no need wasting time again. Work will start on this project immediately. Check my next mail there ipecimen of an application, retype it into your company letterheaded paper and send it back to us through attachment, to enable us start work on the preliminary stages of the project. Although your response indicates that you are fit for this transaction, but before we proceed we would like you to understand essay that this project is our life.

letterheaded paper

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We equally appreciate your openess. On the issues you raise, be informed that we have reviewed your intended approach on how you want to introduce us, as your contact in lagos, we believe that ierfect idea and give all our support homework to that effect. Anyway, we the members of this committee have delibrated extensively on your response and have decided to commence this transaction with you. However it is absolutely important for you to know that, this iompletely legal transaction devoid of any problems. All we want from you, is your total commitment to the course of the transaction. Initially, when we got your contact, we were worried leaving matters in the hands ootal stranger, but we were enbolden by the proved fact that, successful business all around the world is based on mutual trust, confidence and understanding, of all the participating partners. We got to know you through the nigerian chambers of commerce and industry, foriegn trade division, in our search, foeliable and trustworthy partner, who will not just bartner, buriend, brother and soul mate. If you go through my proposal well, you will understand that, we have successfully transfered the sum of usd5,000.000 tebanese businessman, who turned around to breedy man, and have refused to act as agreed.

However i am anxiously waiting for your call. I will be waiting to hear from you. Thanks and God bless. Yours, kola simon(Dr) Date: Sat, 23:40:15 0200 From: subject: details of the modalities and further instructions to: chief (DR)kola simon,. 14, queens court Towers, victoria island Lagos - nigeria tel: date: 29th may 2004. Attention:simon templar thank you for your swift response to our mutually benefiting proposal. We have been very busy trying to put things in order. We really appreciate your message which was patiently written.

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letterheaded paper

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Therefore henceforth all email messages to me, must be sent through this new address. Believing that you have gone through the proposal thoroughly, understood and assimilate the import of its content. Let us inform you that having indicated your interest to be part of this transaction, be informed that if at all you are really women's interested in this transaction, you still have to pray fervently, for God, to see you through, as we are now deliberating. If we are convinced of your ability and capability to handle the situation we shall communicate back to you, with further informations/instructions, also if we have a contrary view, we shall also let you know, so that you understand our position. Which ever way it goes, you will hear from us in the next few hours.

Nevertheless, it is very important that you understand that the confidentiality and secrecy of this transaction cannot be over emphasised. Therefore for security reasons, like i mentioned earlier we have secured radiation a hotmail email account, specifically for email communication between you and i, until success is achieved. Henceforth then, all email communication to me, must be sent to this new address thus. Please take note of this and send a message to that address immediately acknowledging this message, pending the outcome of our delibration. You can also call me on my private number, through which we are going to be communicating throughout the duration of this transaction. Furthermore you are to forward to this new address your full data, like the following informations:.your full names and address.your age.your marital status(married or single) so send as email attachmenopy of your recent photograph as soon as we are through with the.

Simon Templar, (called the "Saint" on account of my initials) Sales Executive at Pilsbury Electronics Ltd, 1108. Phone xxxxxxx Fax xxxxxxx Just two random numbers. He sends me forms to fill up, stuff he has copied from his format. Scroll right past the italics. Date: Sat, 23:33:40 0200 From: subject: Thanks for Finding time to respond. To: dear Templar, calvary greetings in the name of the lord most high.

Let me inform you that,we really appreciate your taking time out to respond to our mutually benefitting proposal, which we know must have come to you as a surprise. We must seize this opportunity to apologise, for maybe breaking into your privacy. But know it that the intention certainly was not and can never be to embarrass you or cause any form of pain for you. We came in good faith and to establish a mutual personal,social and above all business relationship,which will definitely help us pull all resources together,to execute a business deal of this magnitude,which in actual sense, was why we contacted you. Before i go on,let me inform you that the email addresses through which i contacted you, that is is my official email address. We have secured this new email address thus specifically for this transaction.

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As an associate of ours, we will be free to carry on the financial transactions which you mentioned in your original letter. Please call the phone number below only in an urgency. If i am not in office, it is because i am away travelling on a sales assignment. In that case you might leave a message for me or contact my manager,. I have a cellular phone but since as all conversations through it are recorded by order of the company it is not safe to be used. I shall have to call you on a public telephone should that need arise. Please do write again so that we can work out the details of the transaction.

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letterheaded paper

However, as it happens, i might be in a position to help you. You see, i am in a senior sales position in my company which manufactures certain electronics goods, mainly for sale to other companies who will eventually sell to the government and military. In order to preserve the secrecy and confidentiality of certain designs of Microwave equipment we have been asked to split up our operations geographically. I am on the lookout for persons able resume to setup Electronics Assembly facilities in other countries. Your projected business fits in with mine. My contact details have been provided below, but let us keep it to email for the present, for, should this business come before the scrutiny of the company's lawyers they will veto it immediately without hesistation. However, with your co operation I would be able to introduce you as our contact in Lagos helping us to establish our Elecctronics Assembly operations in Nigeria.

stages of this transaction. We therefore offer the amount of 20 of the entire sum in return for services/assistance rendered in successfully carrying out this project. We trust that you appreciate the sensitive nature of this matter and the need for initial caution on our part, but when a relationship is confidently established and operations commence you will be provided with all relevant information. I remain at your disposal to entertain any questions/enquiries relating to this proposition and you may contact me as a matter of urgency via e-mail, for further information on the procedures and requirements of this transaction. In your reply, remember to indicate a safe telephone number where i can always reach you. Hope to hear from you soon. Please treat with the strictest confidentiality and expediency. Yours faithfully, kola simon I reply, asking him where he found my email address. Koala simon, i was wondering how you came by my email address because i have not made it public in any directory. Perhaps you will enlighten me on that account?

We, as holders of sensitive positions in our various parastatals, were mandated by the federal government to scrutinise all payments mattress made to certain foreign contractors and we discovered that some of the contractors have not been paid their contractual entitlement which collectively left the sum. Thousand us dollars) lying in a suspended Account. However, from our investigations, we discovered that the foreign beneficiary companies have since been liquidated, and to all intents and purposes no longer exist in Nigeria, thus providing us with this opportunity, provided that we have a capable partner, to execute a transaction of this. We agreed that the said amount would be transferred into an overseas Bank Account to be provided by a reliable foreign firm/associate. This is because as serving government workers the civil Service code does not allow us to operate foreign. In our initial attempt to do this, we succeeded in transferring part of this amount US5m (five million Dollars) into a united States Dollar Account in beirut, lebanon, but our foreign associate failed to honour our mutual agreement insisting instead that the total amount. As a result, we have lost confidence in the ability of our. Lebanese partner to see this matter to its logical conclusion, and until the initial transaction is satisfactorily resolved, we have cancelled further transactions with him.

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I've said "nice site" on a few guestbooks, and one guy even hippie wrote back to thank me for my kind comments. The first email - standard line about surplus cash lying around in sealed coffers and inviting my help to transfer. Date: Thu, 12:04:28 0200. From: subject: reply asap, reply-to: kola simon, lagos-Africa 27th of may 2004, dear Friend, i, on behalf of my colleagues from different Federal. Government of Nigeria owned parastatals decided to solicit your assistance as regards transfer of US10,500,000.00 (Ten. Million, five hundred Thousand us dollars) into your bank account. These funds emanated from unclaimed contractual proceeds of foreign contracting firms who could not meet their financial obligations to their creditors.

letterheaded paper
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  3. (Use letterheaded paper showing home/business address and phone number) I m afraid that the enclosed (xyz) product doesn t work. Access to learning Fund Postgraduate. This should be on letterheaded paper and state clearly the date of your assessment appointment). Reference letters from Russian business partners(at least two letters written in free format on letterheaded paper with companys details, signed by an authorized person and sealed with companys seal).

  4. Homepage der Staatsbibliothek zu berlin. A letterheaded paper of your institution / corporation, The names of up to three authorised signatories with their respective signatures, and. Find and request a" for Printing from companies that specialise in the field of: Printing we produce letterheaded paper.

  5. Figure 10-3 Instruction to use letterheaded paper. Reference letters from Russian business partners (at least two letters written in free format on letterheaded paper with companys details, signed by the heads and sealed with companys seal). Check my next mail there ipecimen of an application, retype it into your company. Letterheaded, paper, and send it back to us through attachment, to enable us start.

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