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Our High court case against govt, needs fund. We hspa members are contributing and asking many of our contacts and other parents to join. Can you please donate too? If you don't want to donate as Aamir khan ( for not to get target of media. You seems to get attention of media even when you sneeze ), can you please get your donation by other means? Donation is possible through our facebook page - /hspaindia ( m/hspai. You have enough by god/nature and some (anonymous) generosity would get you many blessings from parents all over hyderabad and India.

We have decided to take govt. We have filed pil ( Public interest litigation ) on govt of Telengana for their inaction to curb "indecent" school fee hike and hope to put huge pressure on govt to act and listen to our woes. Bhopal parents association also did that recently. I have heard many other states this prt. School menace is making life hell for parents and causing them so much of financial burden. Infact recent movie of Juhi chawla also highlighted this issue. We need some help from you - you being social conscience person. A movie which highlight the huge profitability of schools - to spread awareness. If you say, the whole world listens. You have given master pieces before - shaken up beliefs and am sure in that position - we review would love to make you hit this huge problem head on with a relevant movie on the subject.

old age home essay

What Old Age Is really like

In this way you will move forward jai hind replyShare avatar Satwinder Setia a month ago hi aamir, have been writing you again after few months. Last time i wrote on this forum was few months back - on the day to defend your stand on intolerance. I must have written 10 messages that day, if I remember correctly. ) i, infact, we need your help. I have been part of hspa ( Hyderabad School Parents Association ) and among all states, hyderabad private school education is on top - in terms of greed and arbitrary and absolutely unjustified fee hike year after in private schools. We are fighting tooth and nail and trying to put pressure on schools and govt and asking parents to join. Our efforts are making a difference, but not much that we want. Ministers in Hyderabad love private schools more than public and they love to inaugurate new schools opening every now and then. I am sure lots of monies resume are exchanging hand when they show up for a new school branch opening.

old age home essay

The, age of the, essay - paul Graham

I would like to thank. Aamir Khan for bringing such a wonderful show to viewers around the world. My suggestion is that if we want to bring changes to the society then first we have to get rid of the cast system and dowry system in India as this is only practiced in India. It clearly shows the bad image of India to the world in recent times the high number of corruption in government departments in India. Unavailability of basic things such as medicines / water / electricity in India. To tell you the true facts that we in Fiji import almost all the medicines from India because it is the cheapest in the world and also for medical treatments our first priority is India even though countries like australia and New zealand are our. I just cannot image that, if we in Fiji can get these medicines from India at a cheap price in our country then why the ordinary citizens of India cannot get these medicines at a reasonable price in India as it is manufactured there. To all those who have been criticizing. Aamir Khan my suggestion to you all if you are a true indian then do something positive for your country that will change the mind set of others.

The, age of the earth

old age home essay

Old Age Psychiatry - royal College

Donation link at our facebook page - /hspaindia satwinder replyShare avatar maitri a month ago hi, i really appreciate your efforts to bring change in the country. I have been observing from many years education is becoming a business these days. For teachers only money matters and not the quality of education they are imparting to the children. I think that if education is not received by a child, who is the future of this country, india cannot prosper. Even school's are using books which are very costly instead of the state board books. And in return school's get commission from the book publisher.

These books don't contain any qualitative knowledge. I hope you consider this subject in the upcoming season of satyamev jayate. replyShare avatar ravneel a month ago hi i would like to share my view about this show satyamev jayate. First of all i have enjoyed every episode of season 3 shown in Fiji Islands on fbc. We are about to witness the season finale of the show "When Masculinity shredder harms Men" on Thursday.

You don't want to be like that. You are better than that. Again, my plea - we represent Hyderabad School parents association and we are in the middle of hc case against schools and govt to fight the ever increasing menace of unjustified profiteering and school fee hike in double digits for last so many years. The idea of filing a case against govt. Gives us kick as it shows how determined we are to even (try to ) move a giant elephant called India politics. We are asking for what you have abundant.

We, the common people helped you amass insanely huge amount of money. Too much of anything is bad for health - not only yours, but also others. Don't you want to give something back? The act of kindness and gratitude have ripple effects and it sure comes back sooner or later. Do good karma and donate. Remember - there is enough in the world for man's need; but not enough for man's greed.

Tolstoy or Dostoevsky: An Essay in the Old

So far my experience has been it is simply one way communication. We writing to you - that's. May be you / your team take cream of all you get and whatever suits you is followed. So, i think 90 of what's written here by countless people go waste. That's a lot of waste of their time. Bureaucrats and politicians in our country work like this fashion. Hard to approach, hard pdf to talk.

old age home essay

Avatar, akash Chopade 16 days ago. Avatar v 23 days ago, dont stop the show! If Aamir is busy, can you not find another anchor to keep the show going? India needs to discuss all the tough challenges we face to improve and grow. replyShare avatar Satwinder Setia a month ago dear Aamir Wrote you 8 days back about asking for financial donation. I am not sure if you did that or not. Didn't get system any mail / response. These forums are good if there is two way communication.

class people didn't understand Hindi. I think you make a team which work in all our states that's why i and many boys who want to work for our country they get a way of selfless work for India. I think you are the perfect inspiration for young boys ease sir I want to work with you. Avatar, rashmi Shingavi 12 days ago, just a thought came in mind seeing television/movies people learn so many things like love story, making girl friend-boy friend,running and marrying,murder, kidnapping, etc. If in these stories if we add the duty of every citizen like reading newspaper regularly discussing the problems of the nation thinking of solution writing to pm asking for what effective steps pm is taking why given solution which was in majority not taken. Start doing the same. If this happens India will soon change toward development of public the day will come when pm write laws as per public demand and not as per their wish which will increase them to earn money which help to reduce or nullify corruption. To start with this I have one solution every movie requires publicity so this can be started through fan movie(Im tweetting it even you tweet it) and also demand these actors to promote their movie they should go to school/colleges read newspaper discuss the main. Im tweeting it even you tweet the same and help Indian cinema to change good night. Avatar, aftab Shaikh 14 days ago, replyShare.

Sir there are many people who are unemployed they are educated people but they don't gpa have job. Why this happening I don't know, we are telling that our country is developing country, but still educated people don't have job. Please sir find solution for this problem. Avatar, credai clean City movement 6 days ago. Credai clean City movement Brochure Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail see more replyShare, avatar sunny b 9 days ago hey aamir sir, i also want to join your fight with satyamev z lemme knw. Avatar subhakantabiswal92@gmail 9 days ago, hi aamir,i am a student under graduation. I want to join in your team because i want change our society, our mentality and miss use of power in our society. About your show,it is so much different from other tv shows, its unique.

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Hello, fight is still on but the focus has shifted from issues to people. Satyamevajayate replyShare, avatar, dildara dildara 4 days ago, as my communication will not give that much worth gpa as yours, hence i am putting my thought before you on resolving water problem - government shall pass the resolution that every city, town and/or village (e.g. Like i'm living in ulhasnagar and ur living at Bandra) has it's own lake which will help at least at the time of summer season as in other seasons that much water is not required. For creation of lake's government may charge from every house depends on number of members living in the house. Please give a thought on this. Avatar rama ganga 4 days ago hai aamir sir. After a long time am talking with you, i was busy in my personal problem.

old age home essay
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It is a good to guarantee your life, but disadvantages of the resistance against making any changes far outweigh the benefits. In this essay i will discuss disadvantages of a stable life and try to suggest some solutions.

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  1. Not Sending Parents to Old Age homes. Essay on Old Age home.Old Age homes and Retirement Township in India life expectancy is steadily increasing, but cities are no longer safe nor friendly neighbors a certainty. Old Age homes Essay sample.

  2. The elderly population is rising globally and similar trends are being observed not only in Asia but also in pakistan. Hence it should not be the right thing to leave them in the oldage homes. It is the duty of every one to keep their old age parents with them and should be taken care by their children. Ederly parents Should live in Nursing Homes or Not?

  3. An old age home is usually the place, a home for those old. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Introduction: Old age home may be defined as "A retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens". Keyword: Essay myself, love myself"s,hate myself, English essay myself, introduce myself essay point wise tal 90 Words and more.

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