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Perhaps I cannot change the world in one day, but the experience definitely inspired me to make a difference in my community. In addition to enjoying my community, i work hard to keep it clean. Heal the bay often holds creek restoration projects at Malibu Creek state park. In the past, i have joined these projects to aid in preserving the sanctuary that i often enjoy. These projects involve planting native species and removing unnecessary and harmful waste from the creek area and park. I have also been involved with projects in The sepulveda basin Wildlife reserve and the city of Reseda which were aimed at cleaning up the environment. Volunteering my time and effort to the environment has taught me the importance of a clean planet.

I want to be able to answer these questions and use my knowledge in real-life situations. I can learn to protect myself and others from the destruction that I saw on the day of the northridge earthquake. During high school, i was lucky enough to travel to seattle, washington where i witnessed something unforgettable. There are many exciting attractions in this city, but the most captivating is the view of mount rainier. This vast stratovolcano was a sight I could not look away from. It made me wonder how a structure of this enormous size could form on earth. This was another moment that encouraged me to study how and why the earth forms such fascinating structures. I started to inquire about my curiosity in high school. In a competitive student club called Envirothon, i learned about soil horizons, the several different cycles within our planet, as well as many important current events. This club pushed me to learn and apply my knowledge to the outdoors. My proudest achievement of being part of this student organization was improving the environment.

our planet essay

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Several buildings were flattened, complete walls had vanished, and there were only crumbles left of the apartments that were once whole. This view frightened me, especially at such a young age. However, even now when book I look at photographs of that day, which was more than fifteen years ago, the fear comes back. Despite my fear, this incident changed the way i look at my life on earth. I understand the seriousness that is involved when the earth moves, but what fascinates me is its unpredictability. What is going on deep inside the earth when an earthquake strikes? How can we protect ourselves and the structures we have built?

our planet essay

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The subject has inspired me to make changes to the world and how we live. After only three and a half years of my life, i experienced my first tremble in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. My family was living in a small townhouse bordering the los Angeles river in Reseda, california. Considering that we were only a few miles from the epicenter, i remember a massive shake. I can recall the fear on my parents' faces as they rushed to rescue me from my bed. But what I remember most of all, is the frightening damage that was caused. As I looked just across the. River from my house, i could see that a large apartment complex was completely destroyed.

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our planet essay

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A more technical approach to great these problems is in the development of alternate sources of energy and alternate techniques for disposal of wastes. The best solution would be to combine our efforts into a technique of energy and biomass recovery from wastewater. Wastewater can also be used to grow plants while itself is being treated through hydroponics treatment. Here plants provide support for growth of biofilms, we provide aeration to the system, then eutrophic nutrients will be removed by assimilation and in some cases both anaerobic and aerobic will occur enhancing biodegradation (80-90 bod removed, 60 ss removed, 84 of influent NH3 oxidized. Phytoremediation is also available for removal of metals, pesticides, solvents, crude oil, landfill leachates and hydrocarbons, with the use of trees that have roots that reach to the water table, thus cleaning groundwater supplies.

Finally in the immediate future, where fossil fuels are still being used, we need continue to prevent some of these emissions by modifying combustion processes or by practicing end-of-pipe removal by such devices as catalytic converter on cars and scrubbers on power plants. We must understand that although these problems may be presented separately they are all linked; air pollution cannot be considered separately from water pollution because air pollutants wash out of the air in rainfall, polluting water. The realization that human societies have a severe and pervasive effect on the environment must come soon, and if we are to avoid catastrophe, everyone needs to learn to operate in a manner that our environment can sustain. Uc prompt 1 (Transfer Students What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field - such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities - and what you have gained from your involvement. My essay: At a young age, i knew there was something about our planet that was special. From experiencing.7-magnitude quake, to seeing stunning views of mount rainier, i have realized that studying geology will be of great interest.

Deforestation of both old growth forests and rain forests have contributed to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere because this means that there are less trees that can recycle this carbon dioxide to oxygen, thus the impact of the natural carbon cycle is limited. This mass clear cutting of forests also destroys the habitat of many species that are unique only to those environments, not to mention the possibilities for medical cures that could be found in the plants themselves (25 of prescription drugs in the us contain plant. Then of course we have just developed just about all economically feasible areas, if not destroying the environment, severely damaging it and making it virtually uninhabitable for many species. Finally, our water systems have become dumping areas. In rivers at least the pollutants are washed away and diluted more by converging flows, but in ground water it sits stagnate because the movement of ground water is so slow it is not purified. Groundwater is a major source of municipal drinking water because of its relative abundance in areas in which there is little other alternatives, like in Los Angeles.

Another major problem is the eutrophication of lakes due to agricultural runoff, almost 10,000 lakes are effected. This causes algae growth, which can use up most or all of the oxygen, leaving none for fish and other organisms. The main solutions to all of these problems are alternate energy sources, more effective ways of waste disposal, with emphasis on recycling, and somehow putting a cap on the growing population. It doesnt sound impossible, but it involves changing peoples lifestyles, which is the hardest thing. If it doesnt affect that it is much easier to implement a change, but it is also more difficult to think of solutions. To begin any change, education must occur so that the general population understands what problems we are facing. General education is also the best combat against the growing population, countless studies have shown that educated women tend to have fewer children.

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The very air that we essay breathe in most major cities is considered unhealthy because of the contaminants that we put in the air through the burning of fossil fuels by hippie our cars and industrial power plants. The residence time of these pollutants is what determines their affect. Some pollutants are only around for days like nox with impacts that are largely local, when at levels above air-quality standard there are increases in the number of cases of respiratory disease. Others last a little longer, a few weeks, like so2, which then are eventually removed from the atmosphere in the form of acid rain. These pollutants are relatively insignificant in comparison with their affect on humanity, like co2 and cfcs who are around for centuries. These are the chemicals responsible for global warming and the ozone depletion. Also, coming from the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel is particulate matter, otherwise known as smog, when combined with any of the oxides they present a deadly combination for the health of all living organisms. Some of these chemicals, namely carbon dioxide, also is a result of our destruction of the land.

our planet essay

The destruction of Our Fragile Planet and the possibility of Reform. It is widely accepted that humans have been a major cause of environmental problems since we began creating our cities and especially since the Industrial revolution of the 20th century. All aspects of the earth have been affected by humans desire to conquer and dominate the planet. Our impact has gone beyond pollution to altering the functioning of many natural systems. These systems include our atmosphere, several land ecosystems and the complex water environments of which we get our drinking water and food sources. The effects have been universal ranging from ourselves to just every other living organism on this planet. Sure, it sounds like we have ruined everything and probably the best to do is just prepare for the worst of the consequences, but there is a possibility for improvement if we start correcting things now.

or majorly harm them. Not only that, but when plastic stays in the water, it breaks down into microscopic pieces and stays there for hundreds of years. A limited time offer! Get authentic custom, essay samplewritten strictly according to your requirements. Destruction Of Our Fragile Planet Essay, research Paper. Justin Greenwood, may 15, 2001, thinking like a mountain, environmental Issues Project.

Waste: we all know about pollution. How its bad and we need to do something about. Let me ask you something. Do we really know about pollution? How it affects the ecosystem? If you dropped a piece of rubbish on the ground because there wasnt a nearby rubbish bin, it wouldnt be that bad. But if every person in New zealand did shakespeare that, trash would be everywhere!

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What we should be doing to save our Planet - sample Essays 9 September 2016, fortunately many of us are concerned about the future of our planet and unless we can find a way of solving the problems the environment will suffer. I know this all sounds so impossible but we cant get overwhelmed. Every one of us can do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage we have all caused. We cant leave the responsibility of saving our planet entirely to the experts; we all have a responsibility to our environment. We will write a custom essay sample. What we should be doing to save our Planet or any similar topic specifically for you. As populations expand and lifestyles change we have to keep the world in a condition so that future generations will have the same add natural resources that we have today. Here i am going to list just a few examples of the threats to our environment as well as some ideas to help you do something about them.

our planet essay
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My essay : At a young age, i knew there was something about our planet that was special. From experiencing.7-magnitude quake, to seeing stunning views of mount rainier. Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has a all About Our Planet Earth Essay - 768 Words Free essay: The earth is a relatively small celestial object.

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  2. Without the thinking that this planet is ours and it is for us to save, nothing can change. It is the only planet known till date where living being including intelli creatures like man exists. Short essay on Administrative culture. Essay on the necessity for a common code in India.

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  4. The future of our planet is vague. At the same there are many down-to-earth predictions, which seem to work. Otherwise, our planet can turn into an uninhabited space. We just do not do enough to protect our planet.

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