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Catholy's volumes on the Shrovetide performances, titled Das Fastnachtspiel des Spätmittelalters and simply fastnachtspiel, are thorough examinations of the plays; dubruck's more recent monograph includes some analysis of audience expectations. Lenk's monograph examines the same phenomenon, but from the standpoint of a century earlier. Petra herrmann's study goes back even further, inquiring into the obscene "Sir neidhart" tradition, which remained a part of the Shrovetide festivities well into the late 16th century. Das Jesuitendrama in Österreich. Ludus de decem virginibus : Recovery of the sung Liturgical Core of the Thuringian Zehnjungfrauenspiel. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2002. Volksstück : Vom Hanswurstspiel zum sozialen Drama der Gegenwart.

Theater in vienna : a critical History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. Origins through the 17th century among the most comprehensive studies of all the german theater that covers the first part of this period is Brandt and Hogendoorn's German and Dutch Theatre. It provides an overview of German and some dutch theater history based on imperial edicts, municipal contracts with touring troupes, architectural descriptions, playbills, stage directions, and actors' correspondence. Catholy's examination of comedy from the middle Ages through the baroque period is likewise valuable, though perhaps not so comprehensive. The numerous Flemming editions are commendable for essay the wide variety of the essays contained in them covering the baroque, while kindermann's Das Theaterpublikum des Mittelalters contains intriguing examinations of medieval reception among the germans. As such, it follows in the precedent of Walter French's rather slim volume mediaeval civilization as Illustrated by the fastnachtspiele of Hans Sachs. Readers interested in the numerous Eastertide productions, as well as the long tradition of the less frequently staged passion plays in the german-speaking world, should consult pe-tersen's Ritual und Theater. For a discussion of staging techniques, stage structures, settings, and scenery in use during the period, michael's Frühformen der deutschen Bühne is an excellent starting point. Among the several studies of Hans Sachs and the entire nuremberg tradition, no single volume stands out. Aylett's edition contains several essays, including one by john West about performances during Shrovetide.

preliminary bibliography

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Munich: deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1996. Trilse, christoph,. Geschichte der Theater deutschlands. wiese, benno von,. Shakespeare way on the german Stage, vol. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1990. Berlin: deutsche verlags-Anstalt, 1925.

preliminary bibliography

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Berlin: Gesellschaft für Theatergeschichte, 1902. The cambridge companion to goethe. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Theatergeschichte in einem Band. Theaterlexikon 1 : Autoren, regisseure, schauspieler, Dramaturgen, bühnenbildner, Kritiker. Munich: deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1999. Theaterlexikon 2 : Epochen, Ensembles, figuren, Spielformen, begriffe, dissertation theorien.

Geschichte des deutschen Theaters. Geschichte der dramatischen Literatur und Kunst in deutschland. Vorlesungen über die geschichte des deutschen Theaters. Berlin: Duncker humblot, 1847. robertson, ritchie, and Edward Timms, eds. Theatre and Performance in Austria : mozart to jelinek. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1993. Unsterblichkeit des Theaters : Kulturgeschichte der deutschen Bühne. Chronologie des deutschen Theaters.

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preliminary bibliography

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Essays on German Theater. New York: Continuum, 1992. Die deutsche komödie : plan Vom Mittelalter proposal bis zur Gegenwart. Düsseldorf: Bagel, 1977.,. Handbuch des deutschen Dramas. Das deutsche Theater und Drama seit Schillers Tod.

Leipzig: vier quellen, 1924. kosch, wilhelm, and Ingrid Bigler-Marshall. Geschichte des deutschen Dramas. A history of Theatrical Art. New York: Peter Smith, 1937. michael, Friedrich, and Hans daiber.

Geschichte des Theaters : Daten und dokumente. Munich: kiepenheuer und Witsch, 1979. East Berlin: Argon, 1988. garland, henry, and Mary garland. Oxford Companion to german Literature.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986. Geschichte des österreichischen Theaters von seinen Ursprüngen bis zum Ende der ersten Republik. Gröning, karl,. Velber bei hannover: Friedrich, 1969. Vienna: Jugend und Volk, 1988. Berlin : Culture and Metropolis. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1990. The german Theatre : a symposium.

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Edited and annotated by rolf Kabel and Christoph Trilse. Die grossen des deutschen Schauspiels. Theater : Schauspieler, regisseure, intendanten. Ludwig Eisenbergs grosses biographisches Lexikon der deutschen Bühne im xix. Das deutsche Theater : Was es war, shakespeare was es ist, und was es werden muss. Berliner Theater. Berlin: Fannei und Walz, 1998. Kurze geschichte des deutschen Theaters.


preliminary bibliography

Henry and Mary garland's Oxford Companion to german Literature provides a wealth of information on German drama, but little on the german theater, the history of performances, or theater artists. Because goethe looms so large on the landscape of the german theater, Sharpe's The cambridge companion to goethe is included in the following bibliographical section. Das Jahrhundert des Theaters. Brauneck, manfred, and Gérard Schneilin. Theaterlexikon : plan Begriffe und Epochen, bühnen und Ensembles. Reinbek bei hamburg: Rowohlt, 1992. Geschichte der deutschen Schauspielkunst.

these martin Esslin's. Brecht : a choice of evils ranks among the most readable and informative. Brecht and Company and Patterson's, german Theatre today are extremely helpful, as are such editions as Henning Rischbieter's, german Theatre today, leroy shaw's, german Theatre today, and Schulze-reimpell's booklet, development and Structure of the Theatre in the federal Republic of Germany. General studies among the most comprehensive from the following list of general studies works are mantzius's a history of Theatrical Art (in six volumes) and Kindermann's Theatergeschichte europas (in 10 volumes). Both of these are standard works for theater history, yet both need updating. Rolf Kabel and Christoph Trilse revised devrient's Geschichte der deutschen Schauspielkunst, and a welcome, up-to-date addition to the literature of German theater history is Peter von Becker's Das Jahrhundert des Theaters, based on a popular German television series. Erika fischer-Lichte's Kurze geschichte des deutschen Theaters is likewise more current, though it (like knudsen's deutsche Theatergeschichte ) is not as comprehensive as one would like. The best of many lexicons on the german theater set forth below is the deutsches Theater-Lexikon begun by wilhelm Kosch and his staff, initially published in 1953 in two volumes, with alphabetical entries through "Max Pallenberg." Ingrid Bigler-Marshall has continued the work, beginning with volume. Eisenberg's lexicon of the 19th century is essentially a biographical dictionary—and an idiosyncratic one at that.

To these, one should add the following: Walter Bruford's. Theatre, drama, and Audience in goethe s, germany ; Betsy aikin-Sneath's, comedy in Germany in the first Half of the eighteenth Century ; Patterson's, the revolution in German Theatre, and. The first German Theatre ; Williams's, german Actors of the 18th and 19th Centuries, along with his, shakespeare on the german Stage, vol. 1; Ann Marie koller's. The Theater duke : georg ii of Saxe-meiningen ;. Styan's, max reinhardt ; all of the books by john Willett; Glenn cuomo's edition. National Socialist Cultural Policy ; and Glen Gadberry's edition, theatre in the Third reich. Hugh Garten's, modern German Drama was for movie many years a standard text for students interested in individual German playwrights.

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Published material on the german theater is both extensive and, as Prof. Simon Williams, one of the great historians of the german theater, once noted, it is "dauntingly vast." no bibliography as part of a volume such as this resume could even approximate sufficiency; there is, however, an altogether copious and valuable stand-alone bibliography on the german theater. Both Williams and Patterson are represented here, and readers desirous of further inquiries should without hesitation consult Patterson's. German Theatre : a bibliography from the beginning to 1995. In the meantime, there are other outstanding works available in English for anyone wishing to embark on a short course of introduction to the german theater. Among the most notable have been Marvin Carlson's. The german Stage of the 19th Century and his, goethe and the weimar Theatre.

preliminary bibliography
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  3. Updated bibliography of materials related to the history of the 147th ny volunteer regiment. Note: A preliminary bibliography was published as part. Preliminary, bibliography of German-Language Theatre Almanacs, yearbooks, calendars and journals of the 18th and 19th Centuries. The preliminary bibliography is not a contract in stone, but should get students started in order to make the best possible use of time in the fall.

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