Short essay on monsoon

Short essay on the monsoon season

Snowfall is common in middle and high latitude. (5) hail :-, the roundest pellets of ice that fall from esdense cumulus clouds of immense vertical height are called hail or hailstones. Hailstones range from 5 mm to 5 cm in diameter. These are formed when there are strong vertical currents of air. Condensation then occurs at very high altitudes at very low temperatures. The pellets of ice formed within the clouds repeatedly rise and fail with draughts.

Rainfall in fine raindrops of less than 0-5 mm diameter is called drizzle. The fine droplets of drizzle appear to for float following the lightest movement of air. The Drizzle falls continuously from law, thin - layered clouds. It is often associated with fog and poor visibility. (3) Sleet :-, rain that is Frozen or partially frozen is called sleet. It is produced when rainfalls through a cold layer of air near the earth's surface. (4) Snowfall :-, precipitation in the form of minute ice crystals is called snowfall. It occurs when water vapor condenses at temperatures below. And the lower atmosphere is sufficiently cool. These conditions are essential for ice crystals to reach the ground without melting.

short essay on monsoon

The summer season English Essay for School Students

Cyclonic rainfall :-, this type of rainfall is also called frontal rainfall. It is associated with the hippie passage of a cyclone. It occurs when a warm air mass overrides a damson mass of cold air along a front condensation takes place, with cloud formation and rainfall ahead of the front. Orographic rainfall :-, this type of rainfall is caused by mountains standing in the path of moisture- laden air the air is forced to rise and is thereby cooled. Clouds form and rain fall on the wind ward slaps of the mountain. The air is almost free of moisture when it descends over the other side of the mountain. This side, called the leeward slope, receives relatively light rain, or no rain. It is, therefore, an area of dry climate and is often called a rain shadow area.

short essay on monsoon

Short Essay on rainy season

Corresponding to these there are three main types of rainfall : Convectional, cyclonic and orographic. (a) Convectional help rainfall. Convectional rainfall is caused by the process of convection in the atmosphere the sun reads the earths surface which, in turn heats air near the ground. The warm cur rises in fast convection currents. The rising air is cooled till it's dew point is reached now the water vapor condenser I clouds form, and rainfall occurs. Convectional rainfall is common in equations region. It occurs as heavy downpour, often accompanied by thunder.

The rainfall in the northern plains goes on decreasing from east to west During this particular season Calcutta receive about 120 cm, patna 102 cm, Allahabad 91 cm and Delhi. Forms of Precipitation, common forms of precipitation are rainfall, drizzle, snow fall, sleet, and hail. (1)  rainfall, this is the most common form of precipitation. It consists of water falling in drops from the clouds. The size of rain-drops varies from 0-5 mm to 6 mm in diameter. The ascent of large masses of air is essential for rainfall to occur. The ascent may be brought about in three ways.

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short essay on monsoon

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Thereafter they enter the and ganga-plains and mingle with the bay of Bengal branch. Another part of the Arabian sea branch strikes the saurashtra peninsula and the kachchh. It then passes over west Rajasthan and along the Araballis, causing only a scanty rainfall. In Punjab and Haryana, it too joins the bay of Bengal branch. The bay of Bengal branch is naturally directed towards the coast of myaninsar and part of south-east Bangladesh. But the Arabian Hills along the coast of myamar are good enough to defect a big chunk of this branch, enabling it to enter the Indian subcontinent. The monsoon, there fore enter west Bengal and Bangladesh from south and south east instead of the south westerly direction.

There after this branch splits into two under the influence of the one branch moves west ward along the ganga plains reaching as far as the punjab plains. The other branch moves up the Brahmaputra vally in the north and north east coursing widespread rains in the north eastern India. Its sub-branch strikes the garoand Khasi hills of Meghalaya mawsyntain located on the crest of the sough tern range of khasi hills, receives the highest average annual rainfall in the world. Cherapunji, located 16 km east of Mawsynrain holds some other rainfall records. Distribution of rainfall received from south west monsoon is very largely review governed by the relief or orography for instance, the wind ward side of the western Ghats registers a rainfall of over 250 centimeters. On the other hand the leeward side of these ghats is hardly able to receive. Again the heavy rainfall in the north eastern states can be attributed to their hilly ranges and the eastern Himalayas.

Thus the north east-trades of winter, originating on the land are replaced by diametrically opposite south west monsoons laden with a moisture. The monsoon unlike the trades are not steady winds. They are essentially pulsating in nature. The rain bearing winds are strong. They blow at an average speed of 30 km per hour barring the extreme north west they over run the country in a month's time the sudden approach of the moisture - laden winds is associated with violent thunder the lighting.

This us known as 'break' or 'burst' of the monsoon. It is of interest to note that these monsoon winds follows a south-westerly direction. But as they approach the land their direction is modified by the relief and thermal low pressure over north-west India. To begin with, the Indian peninsula divides the monsoon into two braches. They are the Arabian sea branch and the bay of Bengal branch. The Arabian sea branch of the monsoon is obstructed by the western glades. The wind are side of the sahyadris receive very heavy rains. Crossing the ghats they overrun the ocean bateau and Madhya pradesh causing fair amount of rainfall.

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Between three-fourths and nine-tenths of the total rain fall is concentrated over his period. This may gives us an idea of how unevenly it is distributed over the year. The low pressure conditions over the north - essay western plains get further intensified by early june they are powerful enough to attract the trade winds of southern Hemisphere. These south-east trade winds are of oceanic origin coming from the Indian ocean they cross the equator and enter the bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea, only to be caught up in the air circulation over India. Passing over the equatorial worth currents they bring with them moisture in abundance. After crossing the equator they follow a south - westerly direction. This is why they are known as south west monsoon.

short essay on monsoon

Monsoons season in winter is dreaded by all. Then we are remained of saying. 'lay writing by something for a rainy days. Except for ultimately or excessive rains a monsoon season in India are greeted Is equally useful to animal and plant life. It is important to men life also. The four months namely june, july, august, september form the core of the rainy season almost all over India. This duration of the rainy season. However goes on decreasing from south to north and from east to west. In the extreme north west it is barely two months.

is a blessing if it rains in time. It gives peace and pleasure to all. Monsoon season in summer gives us great relief. It lessens the heat the temperature comes down. The air becomes cool. Men, animals and birds all feel refreshed. The leaves of trees have a glistening shire. The gardens look charming.

C over most part of North India during may. During the cold weather season. Low temperature conditions brevaid in the northern plains. This result hippie in the formation of a high pressure in the northern plains. Cold and dry winds blow out from this high pressure. North east trade winds prevail over the bay of Bengal and the peninsula most parts of India have fine weather with clear skies. India are affected by western disturbances which originate in the medi terranesn sea.

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My whats App :, introduction, this. Project movie Report/Essay on Monsoon of India - our country is a land of great diversity in climate. There are wide seasonal variations as well as variations between day and night. These variations are observed in temperature. A word of monsoon use derived from the Arabic word 'mousam' which means season. There are four season of Monsoon in India. Cold weather season, weather season - monsoon season, retreating monsoon season. The zone of high temperature shift north words owing to the apparent north word movement of sun. Minimum temperature exceeds.

short essay on monsoon
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