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I have been called Shannon rae lynn before, mostly by my mom when she was mad, but regardless it is a name i have been called. It is a name that is me without the baggage my other names carry. As Shannon raelynn I can compartmentalize without feeling inauthentic. I have always been Shannon raelynn. I am just more so now. As a writer, ive struggled with my personal process for quite some time now. Those who know me well enough to be privy to my process can attest to the fact that I have plagued by perfectionism and over-planning for my entire writing career up to this point. So, since ive been working on streamlining and minimizing in my home life, i decided to go for it in my writing life, too!

She whines too much. The deadline to making the decision approached and I had sonnet no choice but to ask for other opinions. I asked family and friends and i asked my writers group. Almost every response was the same, whats your middle name? It was such an obvious choice i could not believe i did not think of it myself. Shannon the mom must have been trying to complete this task. I have two middle names: rae and Lynn. These two names together were perfect. Shannon raelynn has always been a part of who. She is jesse not someone newly created.

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Just, writing, my, name

Shannon is who. I tried it out on a cover design and, i have to admit, it looked unprofessional. Shannon on its own, looked a bit like i was hiding, or did not take my writing seriously. This was not the writing impression I wanted to give. I also was convinced a second name had to be used so i could create a public persona. Although I dont spend nights losing sleep over the thought, i would not want everyone who meets me at a book signing, to have access to my private family pictures on Facebook. I do not think in todays digital world you can be out there and still retain complete control and privacy, but I do not want everyone who wants to connect with Shannon the writer to have immediate access to Shannon the mother and wife.

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Shannon the writer is the most personal private part of me, and other than loving my family, i believe it could be one of the most important contributions I make to this world. I need to honor this aspect of myself. I need to distinguish this aspect. I want that distinction symbolically reflected in the name i use. My original thought was to use just my first name. I love the idea of publishing absolutely everything as simply Shannon. But I saw quickly hippie it would be construed as trying to be like cher or Madonna. That was not my intent. I am simply Shannon.

Writing is the most personal thing I do for. It is on the same level as spirituality, exercise and self-care. It is an activity i need. It replenishes me but it makes no money. I feel selfish devoting time, energy, and resources to something that is at best now, just a feel good activity for. Everything else comes first. I want my writing name to be a reminder that writing is a necessary part of who i have become. My inner writer is truly and deeply connected and rooted to Shannon at her most authentic, most spiritual, most human.

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I look back on that young girl with fondness, but she was the daughter of my parents; she belonged to them. She is who bill i was. I dvorak am not interested in going backwards. Evolving into a writer has been a struggle. I have had to fight and claw for every moment of writing time.

I have spent years trying to make writing a greater priority. My biggest obstacle has been myself. Sure other people can be a distraction. Life events cause disruptions. But i am my own worst enemy. I get in my way.

When i am uncertain, when my inner compass is directionless, committing to a choice isnt easy. It seems silly now, but one of the most angst filled decisions for me was the name i was going to publish my work under. I have no problem with someone else using a pen name. I think its a smart choice in many cases, but for me it felt inauthentic. When I rolled names around in my head, they felt strange.

They were disembodied entities meaning nothing. But I did not want to publish with my legal, married name. That Shannon belongs to other people. She is married to a man named Denis and is the mother of two beautiful daughters. She often works in opposition to Shannon the writer. I wanted a symbolic separation of Shannon the mom and wife from Shannon the writer. I wanted the name to reflect that separation. So why not used my maiden name?

Just writing my name

Most choices happen for a reason, and i writing usually end up where i should. I am also comfortable making decisions because i believe a bad choice can be easily changed. It is as simple as making a different choice and moving. There are times however where decisions are not so easily untangled. Some choices require more work than its worth to change them. Some decisions become mistakes. These kinds of decisions cause dark me pause. This is especially so if the direction I should take is not clear or immediately self-evident.

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Posted in, site Updates, tagged album reviews, exams, holiday, internet, slow club, writing leave a reply). Ostrov štvanice, praha 7, live: Jeremy (cz, slow Motion (cz dJs: Djrum (uk chris quadrant (uk dave brooks (Mantis, uk e-love (San Francisco groof, kel quadrant (uk large, lillou (cz rob and Steve (Smokescreen, uk tris kayo (uk dj o (ger faith in sound DJs. Hip-hop, funk, jazz, house, breakz, jungle, live bands, reggae, začátek:.00 info: m/events/). One of the great things about self-publishing, is you get to make the decisions, and everything is in your control. One of the bad things about self-publishing is you get to make the decisions and everything is in your control. When i am confident I will resume dash off a decision, and I will rarely look back. I see little point to regret.

gaps in my busy social life, so in the end, Ill only be able to write for about.9 of that time. I have a massive list of albums to review, and more keep getting released each week. I shall try to get all of them written, but seeing as my list extends back a few months, Im not sure how many i can. I also have a slow Club review to finish, i think that will be the next post I will publish. Last night, i manage to write about 500 words on very little. I think it probably coincides with my internet being turned off. The blog post is here.

Whilst driving to london last weekend, i decided I was going to set up an online magazine, written by teenagers, for teenagers. That was when Whippersnapper was born. I have a good team already, and we are looking at homework getting more writers. We will be launching as soon as possible, although we have yet to buy the domain. The magazine will have a lot of different content, not just music, so i will get a chance to write about other topics. I will still be writing reviews and news for the magazine. I will post a link once everything is in place. I am sorry for more reasons for my lack of writing, but youll be able to find my work in other places, and I will try to update this blog with my progress. Advertisements, posted in, site Updates, tagged altsounds, facebook, journalism, magazine, reviews, teenagers, writing 2, replies.

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Posted on, june 9, 2012 by, jacob 2, i did say that when I was off, i would start writing a lot more, and would be publishing a lot of reviews. In that time, two things have happened, and thats why this blog has stayed relatively dead. Last Monday, i had an email from. AltSounds, letting me know I had a place as an intern writer for them (I had been writing in contact with them for a few months). AltSounds have about 2800 likes on Facebook (This blog has 3 so they have a lot larger audience and I prioritise them over my own writing. You can see what I publish on Altsounds here. The second thing to happen was an idea.

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Currently, i spend my time trying to get out. dont care just releasing my demons like i'm writing in a mirror If I cross your name out that means your gonna get murked you better. Just creating a tag and updating the readme.

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  2. Posts about, writing written by Graham Lawrence graham is just my name, writing, photography and more time to regain my writing habits. My name is Petra. Let's talk about books for children, love, travels, life, fairy tales. So, since ive been working on streamlining and minimizing in my home life, i decided to go for it in my writing life, too!

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