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The three great European empires are, at the time of writing, in a state of septic dissolution. . The victors have sprung to the welcome conclusion that democracy is everywhere triumphant, and that before long no other type of civilised state will exist. . The amazing provincialism of American political thought accepts this conclusion without demur; and our public men, some of whom doubtless know better, have served the needs of the moment by effusions of political nonsense which almost surpass the orations delivered every year on the fourth. But no historian can suppose that one of the most widespread and successful forms of human association has been permanently extinguished because the central Empires were not quite strong enough to conquer Europe, an attempt which has always failed, and probably will always fail. . The issue is not fully decided, even for our own generation. . The ascendancy will belong to that nation which is the best organised, the most strenuous, the most intelligent, the most united. .

This seems to be the truth of the matter. . no doubt, a romantic imperialism, with dreams of restoring the empire of Charlemagne, was a factor in the criminal enterprise. . no doubt the natural ambitions of officers, and the greed of contractors and speculators, played their part in promoting. . But when we consider that Germany held all the winning cards in a game of peaceful penetration and economic competition, we should attribute to the Imperial government a strange recklessness if we did not conclude that the political condition of Germany itself, and the automatic. There is, in fact, abundant evidence that it was. . The scheme failed writing only because germany was foolish enough to threaten England before settling accounts with Russia. . But this, again, was the result of internal pressure. . Hamburg, and all the interests which the name stands for, cared less for expansion in the east than for the capture of markets overseas. . For this important section of conservative germany, england was the enemy. So the gauntlet was thrown down to the whole civilised world at once, and the odds against Germany were too great. For the time being, the world has no example of a strong monarchy. .

outspoken essays

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As Sir Charles Walston has shown, it was for some years doubtful whether the democratic movement would obtain control before the bureaucracy and army chiefs succeeded in precipitating a war. . There was a kind of race between the two forces. . This was the situation which Lord Haldane found still existing in his famous visit to germany. In the event, the conservative powers were able to strike and to rush public opinion. . Perhaps the bureaucracy was carried along by its own momentum. Two or three years before the war a german publicist, replying to an eminent Englishman, who asked him who really directed the policy of Germany, answered: It is a difficult question. . Nominally, of course, the Emperor is responsible; but he is a man of moods, not a strong man. . In reality, the machine runs itself. . Whither it is carrying us we none of us know; I fear towards shakespeare some great disaster.

outspoken essays

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Germany was a curious combination of seventeenth century theory and very modern practice. . An Emperor ruling by divine right was the head of the most scientific state that the world has seen. . In many ways Germany, with an intelligent, economical, and uncorrupt government, was a model to the rest of the world. . But the whole structure was menaced by that form of individualistic materialism which calls itself social democracy, and which in practice is at once the copy of organic materialism and the reaction against. . The motives for drilling a whole nation in the pursuit of purely national and purely materialistic aims are not strong enough to prevent disintegration. . The german Kriegsstaat was falling to pieces through internal help fissures. A successful war might give the empire a new lease of life; otherwise, the rising tide of revolution was certain to sweep it away. .

It was, in a sense, a war of capital; but capitalism is no accretion upon the body politic; it is the creator of the modern world and an essential part of a living organism. . The germans unquestionably made a deep-laid plot to capture all markets and cripple or ruin all competitors. . Their aims and methods were very like those of the Standard Oil Trust on a still larger scale. . The other nations had not followed the logic of competition in the same ruthless manner; there were several things which they were not willing. . But war to the knife cannot be confined to one of the combatants; the alternative, weltmacht oder niedergang, was thrust by germany upon the Allies when she chose that motto for herself. If the modern man were as much dominated by economic motives as is sometimes supposed, the suicidal results of such a conflict would have been apparent to all; but the poetry and idealism of human nature, no longer centred, as formerly, in religion, had gathered. like other idealisms, patriotism varies from a noble devotion to a moral lunacy. But there was another cause which led to the war.

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outspoken essays

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The doctrinaire democrat still vapours about democracy, though representative government has obviously lost both its power and its prestige. The labour party still hugs its comprehensive assortment of economic heresies. . Organised religion remains as impotent as it was before the war. . But one fact has emerged with startling clearness. . Human nature has not been changed by civilisation. It has neither been levelled up nor levelled down to an average mediocrity. .

Beneath the dingy uniformity of international fashions in dress, man remains what he has always been—a splendid fighting animal, a self-sacrificing hero, and a bloodthirsty savage. . Human nature is at once sublime and horrible, holy and satanic. . Apart from the accumulation of knowledge and experience, which are external and precarious acquisitions, there is no proof that we have changed much since the first stone age. The war itself, as we shall soon be compelled to recognise, had its roots deep in the political and social structure of Europe. . The growth of wealth and population, and the law of diminishing returns, led to a scramble for unappropriated lands producing the raw materials of industry. .

The following sections, if they exist, are offprint from beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction: "Social Concerns "Thematic overview "Techniques "Literary Precedents "key questions "Related Titles "Adaptations "Related Web Sites". (c)1994-2005, by walton beacham. The following sections, if they exist, are offprint from beacham's guide to literature for young Adults: "About the author "Overview "Setting "Literary qualities "Social Sensitivity "Topics for Discussion "Ideas for Reports and Papers". All other sections in this Literature Study guide are owned and copyrighted by bookrags, Inc. I, our present discontents (august, 1919 the Essays in this volume were written at various times before and during the Great War. . In reading them through for republication, i have to ask myself whether my opinions on social science and on the state of religion, the two subjects which are mainly dealt with in this collection, have been modified by the greatest calamity which has ever befallen.

I find very little that I should now wish to alter. . The war has caused events to move faster, but in the same direction as before. . The social revolution has been hurried on; the inevitable counter-revolution has equally been brought nearer. . For if there is one safe generalisation in human affairs, it is that revolutions always destroy themselves. . How often have fanatics proclaimed the year one! But no revolutionary era has yet reached year twenty-five. . As regards the national character, there is no sign, i fear, that much wisdom has been learnt. . we are more wasteful and reckless than ever. .

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Json, reverted spam, edited without comment. Import new book, linked existing covers to the work. Outspoken Essays ebook, outspoken Essays by william Ralph Inge. The following sections of this bookrags Literature Study guide is offprint from Gale's For Students Series: Presenting Analysis, context, and Criticism on Commonly Studied Works: Introduction, author biography, plot Summary, characters, Themes, Style, historical Context, Critical overview, Criticism and Critical Essays, media adaptations, topics for. (c)1998-2002; best (c)2002 by gale. Gale is an imprint of The gale Group, Inc., a division of Thomson learning, Inc. Gale and Design and Thomson learning are trademarks used herein under license.

outspoken essays

See obp copyright and licenses). 16 editions First published in 1919. Edition, read, borrow, buy 1919, longmans, Green, and. Outspoken essays in English - 3d impression. 1920, longmans, Green, and. Outspoken essays - 5th impression., yourself february 8, 2007, bibliobazaar. Outspoken, essays, paperback in English, february 27, 2007, Echo library, outspoken, essays, paperback in English, history Created December 9, 2009 6 revisions, download catalog record: rdf /.

link: page images at HathiTrust, stable link here: subject: Religion and sociology, subject: Religion and state, subject: Great Britain - colonies. Subject: National characteristics, British, subject: Eugenics, call number : AC8.I52 1922, other copies: look for editions of this book at your library, or elsewhere. Help with reading books. Report a bad link, suggest a new listing, home, search. New Listings, authors, titles, subjects - serials books - news - features - archives - the Inside Story Edited by john Mark Ockerbloom data for this curated collection listing is CC0.

Politics, professional, psychological, reference reincarnation Religion Romance School Life School Stories Sci-fi seinen Short Stories Shotacon Shoujo Shoujo ai shounen Shounen ai slice Of Life Smut Social Science Spirituality Sports Supernatural teaser Technical Technology Tragedy virtual reality wuxia xianxia xuanhuan. Outspoken, essays (Second, series)by, william Ralph Inge, download. Read, excerpt, it is always difficult to choose a title for a book of essays, and it seemed most convenient to repeat the name of the little volume which was published three years ago. Those essays were in part a challenge to certain idols of the market-place and theatre, and I thought dissertation it legitimate to mark the purpose or tendency of the book on the title page. But I have no wish to pose as a prophet crying in the wilderness. The events of the last few years have, it is to be hoped, taught something both to my critics and to myself they have perhaps even brought us nearer together. In any case, the present volume contains nothing very daring or unconventional, and if it had stood alone i should have chosen a less provocative title. Book details, pibn 10061563, isbn, isbn (Cloth). Language, english, category, spiritual, pages 299, words 105098, vocabulary 4603.

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outspoken essays
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  3. Index Reprint Series) (Saint-saens, camille) (1977) isbn: Hard cover, Unabridged. online books find Compare buy. Outspoken essays by Inge, william Ralph; 16 editions; First published in 1919; Subjects: Doctrines, Church of England, Christianity. Get this from a library!

  4. Outspoken Essays (Second Series) Author: Inge, william Ralph, : Note: London.: Longmans, Green and., 1922 : Link: multiple formats at archive. It is always difficult to choose a title for a book of essays, and it seemed most convenient to repeat the name of the little volume which was published three years ago. Those essays were in part a challenge to certain idols of the market-place and theatre, and I thought it legitimate to mark the. Outspoken Essays on Music, essay.

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