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Tools and languages use : html/CSS/jQuery, heo (medical software notpad. meetings with doctors to know requirements. create form model. porposing upgrade for the layout of the form. Développement of prescription forms. creation of the form using html.

meetings with employees concernedby carrying out the specification of the indicator. write the specification of the indicator. create unit test to validate each indicator using the software quality center. create uml diagram before start to programming each indicators resume using the software dia. Develop new indicators using python object (50) and php (50). possibility to visualize the differents indicators with several views (global, for each cluster and graphic). using python to get the informations in the log files generated by the application opti. using php/html/CSS/jQuery to display the indicators on the screen. See more details chru (hospital) Brest April 2013 to august 2013 : 5 months Project : Computerization of the care process to improve the managing of the patients. My contribution : develop new prescriptions forms.

person resume

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This application help to manage the cost, the time limit and the disponibility of all the important projects in the naval base (repair of boat or submarin). My contribution : Continue to develop some new performance indicators to simplify the detection of anomalies on the application : opti. Tools and languages use : php/html/CSS/jQuery, python, dia, quality center,. Os : Windows and Unix Create a documentation of the architecture of the current program. uderstand the architecture of the current programm. create diagram of the architecture of the application with the software dia. create a developement documentation of the application Temporaris. create a manage documentation of the application Temporaris. Prepare the indicator before the programming.

person resume

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programming of a service Provider. use the writing service Provider to create automatic connexion on the application Temporaris. installation of the service Provider in place of the customer in Paris. Make the application responsive. training on bootstrap. integrate bootstrap on the application Temporaris. make the application responsive by using bootstrap. improve the design of the menu. See more details dcns brest September 2013 to september 2014 : 12 months Project : develop a maintenance application for another application : opti.

Tools and languages use : php/html/CSS/jquery, phpMyAdmin, simpleSamlphp, bootstrap. Develop new modules or upgrade some modules. understand the architecture of Temporaris. develop the new module. integrate the new modul to the application. Instal of a service provider in place of the customer (in a banking environement). traning on SimpleSamlPhp. configuration of an Identity Provider to realize tests.

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person resume

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Tools and languages uses : java, j2ee, html/css, mysql, jquery, sql, bootstrap, svn, eclipse, workbench. understand the requirements (reading of argumentative the specification, meeting with the customers). develop the modules. Correc of the anomalies of the application. reproduct the anomaly. find why this abnormalities existed.

correct the anomaly. explain the correction in a document. Programming of some spondylolisthesis asynchronus attachements. study of the AsynchronusUploadHandler library. creation of the attachement at the different places of the multiloc application. See more details Alten rennes January 2015 to september 2018 : 9 months Customer : Seres Project : Further programming the web-platform in purposefor some companies to find employeesto realize defined missions : Temporaris. My contribution : Continue the programming of the web-plateform : Temporaris.

Correction of the actual system. test the differents parts of the software. identify and correct the bug that could appear during the verification. add some informations to collect on the pool of each pmu machins. use these new informations to create new kind of alert.

Develop the the user interface. develop a simple web-interface to show the differents datas collected on the pmu machin at each pool. develop some graphs to get a better vision of the status of the differents pmu machins (on a week, a month, a year,.). See more details, néosoft rennes (Avril 20 : 3 months). Customer : Atos, project : development of the web-based management platform to help decreas the sustainable housing vacuum in Paris: Multiloc. My contribution : develop new modules and correction of the differents anomalies that i could find on the application.

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Customer : Atos, project : development of a software to collect every 2 minutes different informations about the pmu machins of France and verify if there is no main technical problem. If it's the case : send an needed immediate alert to the people concerned. My contribution : develop the alarm module, correction of the actual system, develop new indicators, develop the user interface of this application. Tools and languages used : Python, c, perl, html/CSS/javascript, mysql, jquery, sql. Os : Unix and Windows. Develop the alarm module. collect the informations to create a simple file in json easily to modify with the name of the different contacts in case of a technical problem. develop different alert systems according to the status of the pmu machin. develop different alert system follow the status of the pmu machin.

person resume

Resume template free download. Sample business analyst resume. High school resumes for college. Category : Resume, resume templates that stand out. Skills for teacher resume. Sample law enforcement resume. Best fonts for resumes. In this part I will explain my work during my differents experiences in the different companiesive worked. Néosoft rennes, august 2016 to february 2017 : 7 months.

invoice maker. Sample nursing cover letters. Category : Resume, printable expense report. Feedback form template free. Word cover letter template.

Category : Resume, free general ledger template. Format for credit note. Sample cover letters for administrative assistant. Category : Resume, strong communication skills resume examples. Birthday wishes templates word. Include resume photo in resume. Contract template microsoft word. Examples of medical assistant resumes.

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Category : Resume, free bill of sale template word. Good words for dissertation resumes. How to make a good resume for a job. Category : Resume, education section resume. Free food menu template. Resume for teaching assistant. Entry level job resume. Agent agreement template free. Free resume samples online.

person resume
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  2. Resume (third- person singular simple present resumes, present participle resuming, simple past and past participle resumed. Call Sheet Template Excel. Blank time card Template. Skills to put In a, resume.

  3. You include information of how the employer can contact you and also for them to get to know the person the resume is talking about. What will make your resume be chosen over another person s resume will come down to the appearance of the resume. To conclude with this part, i see myself as an easygoing person who knows when it's time to be serious but also when it's time to have fun.

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