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When we consider that there are seventy billion land animals being raised for food at any given time (compared to seven billion humans) it's not too hard to work out who most of the plants are being killed for. Around half of the grain grown globally is fed not to humans (despite the millions who are starving) but to livestock, with forty seven percent of soy and sixty percent of corn grown in the United States alone being fed to the animals we eat. And so when we consume diets of meat and other animal products we are indirectly causing many more plant deaths than if we simply ate them directly ourselves. We have to eat something of course, and as we have no biological need to eat animal products but we must eat plants to survive (we die without plants, we thrive without meat) then the single best way to avoid excess plant fatalities is through. a final point to consider is also the simple truth that if I took a kitten, a puppy, or even a piglet (an animal whose death most agree is fine) and proceeded to hack at their limbs, mutilate their bodies, or cut open their throats. Yet those very same people feel nothing at all when mowing their lawns, picking flowers, or plucking an apple from a tree - such acts are even considered pleasurable (it's almost as if we're naturally herbivores ). Cutting the head off a pig is not the same as cutting the head off a flower and pushing a knife into a cucumber is not the same as pushing one into a kitten.

So why would plants homework develop this trait when they are rooted to the ground? What would be the use of feeling pain if all you could do was remain stationary and suffer its awful consequences? Not to mention that many plants rely on some part of them being forcibly removed to ensure their reproduction. Whether you're down with evolution or prefer to believe plants were created by a god, what possible reason, what benefit, would plants have to gain by feeling pain? It's an argument that makes little sense. Either way, there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that plants feel pain and they have no brain or central nervous system with which to register. I think one reason the idea sometimes gains traction is through websites and news pages using 'Plants feel pain' and 'sorry vegans' headlines as click bait when reporting on scientific studies on the subject - studies that do sometimes show how we might not have. Which leads to my second point: If plants do feel pain and we want to reduce their suffering, a vegan diet is the best way to. The misconception that more plants are killed for vegans than for non-vegans is an understandable one (we do eat a plant-based diet after all) but the fact is the opposite is true. Because we are so disconnected from the animals we kill for food, those making the 'plants feel pain' argument seem to forget that farm animals also need to eat and that they're fed a constant diet of plants. Lots and lots of plants. .

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It's time we recognize the Plants have feelings, too! Argument for what it is: a feckless attempt to undermine the ethical basis of veganism with pseudo-science and bad logic. Your argument is invalid. This is definitely one of the more unusual reasons given as an excuse to hurt and kill animals but it's also surprisingly common. Below are two equally important reasons why this claim is absurd. There is zero scientific evidence that plants feel pain - and why would they? Pain is something that both human and non-human animals have acquired through the evolutionary process as a way of keeping us from harm, danger or death. Our pain response causes us to flee or avoid things that could kill us - thus helping facilitate the continuation of our genes and the survival of our species.

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So now the essay angry meat-eater turns to their final argument, the one that always comes when everything else has failed: complaining about the ridiculous moralizing and self-righteousness of the irritating vegans, who keep bothering them with facts. I swear sometimes arguing with these people feels like trying to convince a fundamentalist Christian about the evidence for evolution, except that sadly many of the people foaming at the mouth about plant feelings are meat-loving liberals. So, in closing, if you think that eating animals is morally the same as eating plants, you're dreaming. And as Winston Churchill once said: "Facts are better than dreams.". We'll leave aside for the moment that these figures represent an egregious, immoral, and unsustainable misappropriation of the world's dwindling natural resources and we'll concentrate instead on the issue of suffering, which is of such great concern to the many meat-eaters who are convinced that. If one is legitimately concerned with mitigating the amount of suffering in the world, then there is simply no way to justify eating meat, especially if one believes that plants also suffer. The misery and suffering of the tens of billions of animals raised and slaughtered for food every year are multiplied by hundreds of orders of magnitude if one accepts the claim that plants, as well as animals, possess consciousness and therefore suffer when they are. That killing and eating animals causes them to suffer is undeniable. That eating plants causes them to suffer is a proposition that has never been demonstrated in a controlled scientific experiment, despite the numerous efforts of scientists to determine the legitimacy of so-called primary perception.

But if that most basic similarity were truly the only moral arbiter, there'd be no difference between picking a flower and cold-blooded murder; between genocide and mowing your lawn. You're just killing something that's alive, right? However, pointing out the fatal flaws of the argument isn't the end here. The vehement plant-defender now turns to the horrible environmental devastation caused by growing plants for food. And while that's not an irrelevant issue, using it here fails again. Because what do you think the animals you are eating were eating - air? In fact, animal agriculture uses far more land, water - and yes - plants, than all the plants cultivated for human consumption.

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plants have feeling too essay

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I suppose we can never be 100 percent certain. But here's what we do know - for sure - the animals we eat are goal conscious. And they do most certainly feel pain. Just like your dog. Also, when you trim a tree or a hedge, the plant regenerates.

And what about all those leaves changing color and falling off in autumn? Are we to believe that inside, while wintering, the trees are screaming in pain and horror? Alas, these points don't matter to the plants-have-feelings crowd. To best them, plants and animals are the same by the simple virtue that they're both alive. A statement they exclaim with the gusto of adherents to a new, all-absolving religion.

However, arguing that someone should cause more harm just because he or she is already doing something that causes some harm is absurd, and it is definitely not a principle we would like to see in other areas of human life. All vegans and vegetarians have heard it: "But what about the plants? What about their feelings? They feel pain, too. Don't you feel bad for the carrots?

You are killing them, you know.". Sorry, but the above represent the dumbest set of excuses i've ever heard as to why some people claim eating animals is morally equivalent to eating plants. Tellingly, these people's concern for plant feelings has not reared its head over eating a baked potato with steak, or seeing capers in chicken piccata. No, it's arisen because the conversation has turned to cruelty toward the animals we eat, something that's difficult to swallow. If you're one of those plant feelings people, it's time we had a chat. Remember elementary school biology? Even a cursory review tells us that plants and animals are different. For example: Plants have neither brains nor nervous systems with which to feel pain. Does this mean that we can say with absolute certainty that plants cannot have a consciousness or feel pain?

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Tip: see my list of the, most Common Mistakes in English. It will teach you how to avoid mistakes with commas, prepositions, irregular verbs, and much more (. Every time i see a discussion about veganism (note that i am not a vegan myself someone tries to argue that scientists discovered that plants also feel pain, so it is stupid for veg(etari)ans to avoid meat for ethical reasons. It is true that plants do have some primitive form of cognition (but they do not possess any needed known form of higher cognition, and they cannot feel pain in the scientific sense of the word, because pain is defined as stimulation of certain nervous cells. The argument, however, is utter nonsense, irrespective of whether plants do feel some pain or not. Heres why: Telling vegans they should eat meat because plants feel pain too makes sense just about like telling thieves they should commit a murder because stealing is also against the law. Vegans try to minimize suffering. Is it reasonable to draw the line exactly at we can do whatever we want with plants, but hurting any animal in any way is wrong?

plants have feeling too essay

We know that we don't need to kill animals to live and we know that animals are more like us than plants because we are animals too. If we had to pick and choose, it's incredibly obvious that animals suffer immensely more from negative stimuli than plants. Even if plants were feeling something, we need to eat them to survive. The same cannot be said for the consumption of animals. In conclusion, we can see that the position that plants suffer too still does not justify the consumption of animals. In fact, we now know that if we were really concerned about plants, we'd be vegans anyway because we kill more plants by eating animals. Do a bit of research for yourself and consider the many other ways and in which this claim can be disproved.

nervous system, so they respond much more slowly to stimuli than. There may be some interesting studies that conclude that plants are more complex than we once thought, but there's no evidence that plants are on an equal level with animals in their response to stimuli. Think about it this way; do you feel the same way about kicking a dog as you do about stomping on a patch of grass? We need to consume plants to survive. Vegans can survive and thrive healthfully without eating animals, because humans have no biological need to consume animal products. Science has indicated that we do not need animal products to develop and live normally. What we do know is that we need to eat plants to survive.

Let's just pretend that plants and animals respond to stimuli equally, which would give one a valid concern for consuming plants. In order to reduce the most amount of plant suffering, you would need to become a vegan because you inevitably kill more plants by eating animals. This is simple to understand, because we know essay that the animals we eat ultimately derive their energy from plants. Think about how many pounds of plant foods a cow must eat before it's ready to be slaughtered or milked. By the time you're enjoying that hamburger, the cow that provided it had eaten hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds of plant food. Now you're killing plants to make the cow, you're killing the cow, and you're probably killing more plants with those fries you're enjoying. Imagine how many plants we would save if we cut out the middle-cow and went straight to the source- plants. Plants lack a central nervous system. Unlike animals, plants do not have a central nervous system.

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Ed Coffin, Philadelphia vegan Examiner, december 2009, in fact, we now know that if we were really concerned about plants, we'd be vegans anyway because we kill more plants by eating a bit of research for yourself and consider the many other ways in which. You will discover that this argument is only ever used in the context of supporting the consumption of animals and is never used in sincere regard to the feelings of plants. There's a common argument that's often used in an attempt to belittle vegans by making them seem inconsistent in their ethics. It's the idea that plants have feelings too. Surprisingly, the new York times recently published an article entitled, "Sorry, vegans: Brussels Sprouts summary like to live, too." It's surprising because with just a dose of critical thinking, we can easily come to understand that this argument is irrelevant, irrational, and frankly nonsensical. We can logically debunk this contention in several ways, but there are three articles of reason that immediately dispel. You kill more plants by eating animals than by eating plants directly.

plants have feeling too essay
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  2. It s the idea that plants have feelings too. Surprisingly, the new York times recently published an article entitled, sorry, vegans: Brussels Sprouts like to live).

  3. They feel pain, too. Don t you feel bad for the. Every time i see a discussion about veganism (note that i am not a vegan myself someone tries to argue that scientists discovered that plants also feel pain.

  4. Plants have feelings too. All vegans and vegetarians have heard it: But what about the pl ants? What about their feelings?

  5. Answers and respo nses to questions about veganism and common arguments against. An imperishable favorite marshaled by otherwise rational people who wish to defend the carnist world-view goes like this: Plants have feelings, too! Because plants do not have nervous systems and cannot run away from predators, it has generally been assumed that they do not experience pain and suffering. But the most transparently disingenuous comment of all is any vari ation on this theme: What about plants?

  6. Just like us, plants have skin that reacts to the environment arou nd them. Seem passive, plants have their own complex sensory systems too. It s time for our fellow vegans to face the truth of their choi ces: there really is no difference between eating plants and animals. The skool of Vegan q a page: plants have feelings.

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