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In this notation, an operation and its parameters is surrounded by parentheses; the operation to be performed is identified first, and each parameter afterwards is separated by whitespace. So 23 is written as ( 2 3). As noted in the may 2006 wikipedia, this syntax is extremely regular, which facilitates manipulation by computer. The reliance on s-expressions gives the language great flexibility. Because lisp functions are themselves written as lists, they can be processed exactly like data: allowing easy writing of programs which manipulate other programs (metaprogramming). In short, s-expressions are a powerful and regular way to represent programs and other data. Ive written a lot of Lisp code, so ive learned to read s-expressions fairly well. (I wrote a lot of Lisp code in the late 1980s on a 120,000 system.) But i am never the only one who reads my programs - i need to make sure others can read my programs too.

with no whitespace before are interpreted as (name. If its content is an infix expression, it's considered one parameter. Optionally, expressions are automatically interpreted as infix if their second parameter is an infix operator (by matching an infix operator pattern of symbols the first parameter is not an infix operator, and management it has at least three parameters. Otherwise, expressions are interpreted as normal function first prefix notation. Infix expressions must have an odd number of parameters with the even ones being binary infix operators. You must separate each infix operator with whitespace on both sides. You can chain the same infix operator, so (2 3 4) is fine; to mix infix operators, use parentheses. Thus "2 (y * -(x is a valid expression, equivalent to ( 2 y (- x). Infix operators must match this pattern (and in Scheme cannot be - pSm1-4: For more information, see my website at m/readable. This paper describes the rationale behind the older sweet-expressions version.1; see sweet-expressions: Version.2 for information on the changes made to sweet-expressions since this paper. S-expression notation is a very simple notation for programs, and programs in variants of the lisp programming language have traditionally been written using s-expressions.

fix my paper

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N * factorial(n - 1) ; Function(.) notation supported. Sweet-expressions add the following abilities: Indentation. Indentation may be used instead of parentheses to start and end expressions: needed any indented line is a parameter of its parent, later terms on a line are parameters of the first term, lists of lists are marked with group, and a function call with. A ( disables indentation until its matching ). Blank lines at the beginning of a new expression are ignored. A term that begins at the left edge and is immediately followed by newline is immediately executed, to make interactive use pleasant. Terms of the form name(x.

fix my paper

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This paper discusses various ways to extend/modify s-expressions so they can be more readable without losing their power (such as quas"ng, macros, and easily-manipulated program fragments). The goal is a notation that can be trivially translated to and from traditional s-expression notation (both by computer and in peoples heads and isn't dependent on a particular underlying semantic. The paper identifies and discusses three approaches that seem particularly promising: indentation, name-prefixing (so func(x y) is the same as (func x y and infix support. It then defines a particular way of combining these approaches, called sweet-expressions, that can be viewed as an essentially backward-compatible extension of s-expressions. A sweet-expression reader can accept typical cleanly-formatted s-expressions without change, but it also supports various extensions (optional syntactic sugar) that make much clearer code possible. This is purely a matter of screen presentation; underlying systems can continue to use s-expressions, unchanged. For example, heres a trivial Common Lisp program that takes advantage of sweet-expressions formatting extensions (the Scheme version is similar defun factorial (n) ; Parameters can be indented, but need not be if (n 1) ; Supports infix, prefix, function (n 1) 1 ; This.

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fix my paper

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The essence of the post-foundational thesis is that democracy is necessarily a place of conflict and struggle. In my summary paper, i transform Lefort's thesis towards the level of the city. My proposal is to elaborate and to discuss the unoccupied city as a post-foundational perspective in the field of urbanism. My thesis is that in democracy the city is a place of antagonism, a place where the struggles towards a hegemonic position are inevitably and unavoidably. My paper is part of my ongoing research project "The Unoccupied City where i bring together critical urban studies and political theory.

(1990) New reflections on the revolution of our time. (1988) Democracy and Political Theory. (2007) Post-foundational political thought. Political difference in Nancy, lefort, badiou and Laclau. Wrapping Paper, sand, sandy, natural sand, beach, desert, backdrop, tan, beige, customizable, all Products simple sand background, sand, sandy, natural sand, beach, desert, backdrop, tan, beige, customizable. Readable s-expressions and sweet-expressions: Getting the infix fix and fewer parentheses in Lisp-like languages by, david. Wheeler, (revised many people find Lisp s-expressions hard to read as a programming notation.

And in gastronomy the principles of nationalistic entertainment and hospitality were expressed. The hallmarks of the age were systematicity, militarism and veneration of the aesthetics of physique. The idea of a nation was revealed as the disappearance of the individual. People were as one, a single indivisible unit. Berlin resembled a city of straight lines and forms where the steady hand of life had unerringly left its mark. The eyes of the timewatcher open to see the kind of existential landscape where the bygone and the contemporary intersect: the has-been reaches out into the current, and the present moment stretches back and brushes with the past.

The result is a moment of timelessness which still holds within itself the hopeful anticipation of our own 1940 Olympic Games. Yet it was not the Olympics that arrived but contests of a very different kind the outbreak of the winter War. And in the skies of Europe, its fateful star Mars rises, glowing brightly and pulsing with an excess of bloody redness and bellicose barbarity. Translated by Glyn Hughes, the unoccupied city: towards a post-foundational urban theory. Nikolai roskamm (Berlin University of Technology, germany) "The unoccupied city" refers to the thesis of French philosopher Claude lefort that in democracy the "place of power is essential vacant" (1988, 293). Intrinsically at this place should be found the "final reason the deterministic fundament for all history. The post-foundational argument (elaborated by Ernesto laclau and Oliver Marchart) is that such a final reason and such a basic fundament do not and cannot exist. Struggles and conflicts to occupy the essential vacant place cannot be successful in an enduring way. Equally it is impossible, to finish and to complete such struggles and conflicts.

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What kind of narrative is born when words and photographs each construct their own story around the same theme? Will what is then created be an interpretative wholeness where the winds of a essay bygone age waft amidst a plan new presence? And does that existential puff of air also mean a national day of reckoning? Who will sit in the confessional and with whom? As this time-window of word and image opens ever so slightly, the reader is given the opportunity to look into the essence of Finnishness in the 1930s: an airship cleaving the skies like the symbol of a technologized future. The sportsmen and women journeyed to berlin by ship. The essayist Olavi paavolainen wrote about his ecstatic glimpses of beauty. The philosophers Erik ahlman and Eino sormunen investigated the very nature of culture.

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Media frames tend to be defined relationally to the dynamic relationship between global flows of governance and the local norms, identities, values and banal practices of targeted markets. Through synthesizing a precise statistical study of semantics in large collections of news items and Michel foucaults History of Thought Methodology, we present an analytic approach for studying macro frames of representation in the global media over time and space that synthesizes quantitative and qualitative. We conduct our semantic study through use of machine learning software developed by the statnews. Org team at uc berkeley. Our approach examines how the assemblage of global flows of capital with pre-existing political rationalities and the historical, cultural contexts of local language markets inflect the formation of representational frames, and, in so treatment doing, isolate the dynamic relationship between space, regional language markets, and time. Berlin 1936 revisited: a finnish viewpoint. Matti Itkonen (University of jyväskylä, finland).

within those approaches. One of the few critical insights were Space is explicitly addressed is the Spatial Fix thesis. This paper aims to explain the epistemological and ontological approach of Space in Marxist human geography through the concept of Spatial Fix. In order to fulfil this aim, the paper describes david Harvey view of space and space-capital relations through his Marxist-rooted theoriessuch as crisis theory and capital circuits-with the idea of Spatial Fix. A second objective of the paper is to add some insights that may be useful to complement and develop new research lines from the Spatial Fix concept. These three different insights would consist in broadening the switching thesis, recognizing Space as an active source of surplus and acknowledging the role of real-estate in creating fixes not only within the third-cut theory of crisis, but also within the second-cut frame The paper finishes. Assemblage of Media frames through Linguistic Space. Luke barnesmoore (San Francisco State University / University of California, berkeley, usa).

Join our free rewards program for free deluxe samples, birthday gifts, and more. Join and agree to, bi terms conditions. By joining, you will automatically receive beauty Insider offers via email. 142 Theorisations of space, place and identity. Convenor(s stephanie wyse (royal geographical Society (with ibg uk). Chair(s catherine leyshon (University of Exeter, uk). Timetable, wednesday, session 4 (16:50 - 18:30). Room, sherfield building, room 8, contact the conference organisers to request a change to session or paper details: Theorising space through the analysis of the 'spatial Fix'.

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Griffin talks urban planning and the just city with Nelson Mandela foundation, harvard Crimson. This past June, when. This despite the fact that I can say (like everyone else on Harvard's campus in the fall of 2003) that i was there at Facebook's inception, and remember Facemash and the fuss it caused.

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  4. The fact that so many people are compelled to find a fix to lisp syntax indicates to me that there is a problem. The fact that so many efforts fail. Another problem I ran into was that I made the paste too wet when I began to paper, mache again so the animals began to crush; fix this by stopping. We can t move forward til you fix the errors below.

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