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One option is to hire an outside caregiver, either privately on your own or through a home care agency. There are pros and cons to both. Before you hire anyone, assess what kind of care your loved one needs. Does your family member need help with bathing, dressing, and other hands-on care and activities such as shopping and cleaning? Does he or she have cognitive problems that pose a safety risk? The answers to these questions will help you find a caregiver who meets the needs of your loved one. For some families, hiring an independent caregiver may be a workable solution. You can hire someone based on your judgment, said Kathy obrien, senior gerontologist at the metLife mature market Institute.

"In this environment I would take every requirement you have and add a little to it he explains. "If you said applicants need to have three years of experience, look for those with four years or more. And start eliminating people - at least initially - who only have three. Because what you're going to find today are lots of overqualified people.". But whether you're just writing up your job description, making the last cuts from the resume pile or going through the actual interviews, Fry says the untrained hirer's mantra should remain the same. "The less experienced you are, the more disciplined you need to be he says. "Because the people who aren't used to buzzing through resumes and take forever just to narrow a pile of 500 down to 200, those are the same people who spend an dissertation hour-and-a-half during interviews telling candidates about themselves, how great they are, how great the. And then they wonder why they can never hire anyone.". Most seniors i know want to age in place and stay in their home, even when their health deteriorates. That can be challenging for family members whose jobs and responsibilities to their own families prevent them from staying with their loved one all the time.

hire people to do homework

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More ways to Identify qualified Candidates. Fry also reminds employers not to ignore cover letters, which he says can indicate glimmers from great candidates who might otherwise go unnoticed. "If you get a cover letter where the person clearly knows your industry, knows your competitors and refers to things about your company that show they've taken the time to do their homework, that's a big plus he says. "If I see a cover letter like that, i set it aside and it's in on the first round just because of that.". Whatever methods you use, a first-pass should be focused and speedy, fry says, and within a couple of hours should rule out between 70-80 percent of the applicants. Fry suggests that you take more time in your second pass of reviewing resumes. In fact, he notes that during this process some employers may even want to narrow their job description prerequisites.

hire people to do homework

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Yes or no?' by setting up these filters she says, "you tend to generate a better, smaller pool of candidates, which will mean less time spent prescreening later.". Even after narrowing your pool, you're still likely to be knee-deep in applicants. One recommended strategy for weeding out the chaff is to skim your resume stack for the following red flags: Spelling and grammatical errors, lack of relevant experience, long or involved descriptions. Another traditional resume red flag that can be downgraded to "pink" status is lengthy employment gaps. With today's high unemployment levels, says Renee bucklin, founder of the Rhode Island-based. Bucklin Human administration Services, long stretches between jobs should not be an instant disqualifier. Otherwise, she suggests scanning resumes for job-specific keywords. Refer back to that carefully thought-out, comprehensive job description you wrote, she says, and then prioritize more important keywords or phrases to help divide that big stack into separate "Yes "No" and "Maybe" piles. Employers looking to automate this process may want to consider " semantic search " applications, which use combinations of terms and meanings to highlight resumes that include words specifically related to your identified search terms.

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hire people to do homework

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Creating a well-Defined Job Posting, ron Fry, author of, ask the right questions, hire the best people, agrees. He describes vague job descriptions as the biggest problem with how many employers, particularly smaller companies, tend to shipping approach announcing a job opening. "Larger companies are used to saying, 'you must have x, y and.' They set out exact job requirements and they don't deviate, he says. But entrepreneurs and people who have less experience hiring might say, 'well, i kind of want this, and I want that, and maybe this other thing.' Then someone charming comes along who doesn't meet the requirements, and they're suddenly finding a new spot for the. Fry says that the operative term is "discipline" - set down precisely what you're looking for, he says, and don't deviate. "If they have to know Excel, they have to know Excel, period he says.

"They've got to be able to use a cad/Cam, period. Which makes life much simpler. If they've never used a cad/Cam, they're out.". Fine-tuning your Job Description Parameters, raveresumes Inskeep also recommends making the job description even more explicit by including a short list of filtering "yes or no" homework questions. do you have x number of years' experience? Do you have this particular certification?

Storyline, a story of an estimated 15,000 children in Africa's Niger Delta being denounced by Christian pastors as witches and wizards and then killed, tortured or abandoned by their own families. Two-and-a-half-year-old Ellin is one such child. Found at the side of the road, her body having been severely burnt with boiling water. Nwanakwo, eight years old, had acid poured over him after being labeled a wizard, and later died. Return to Africa's Witch Children is a documentary that follows the work of Gary foxcroft, an Englishman whose charity, stepping Stones, raises funds to help care for more than 150 children accused of witchcraft, and blamed for catastrophes, death and famine.

Narrated by sophie okonedo. By: Malcolm Fleschner, with nationwide unemployment levels still high, today's employers undoubtedly enjoy a "buyer's market." One downside of this trend can be too many applicants, many of whom are not qualified for the position. So how can you deal with the crush of applications that's likely to result from a single job announcement? Raveresumes president leigh Inskeep, employers should create job descriptions designed to discourage unqualified candidates and keep the number of resumes manageable. "Preparation and thought need to go into making the job description specific she says. "That's what people are going to read when they decide they want to apply. The more detailed you are with your requirements, the better pool of candidates you're likely to receive.".

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Your first two engineers? Theyre just late founders. Treat them as such. Making those first engineers late cofounders will dramatically increase your chances of recruiting great people. This is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for getting the recruiting flywheel spinning where great people beget more mattress great people. As someone who personally programmed for 20 years including about 10 years professionally, i preferred to call myself a programmer. Some people prefer other words like hacker developer, engineer etc. . I think the difference is just uninteresting nomenclature but others seem to disagree. Share this Documentary:.7k.13, ratings:.13 /10from 104 users.

hire people to do homework

The next thing you need to do is convince them that your company work is one that values and takes care of employees. The best way to do this is to have a track record of treating people well and offer those past employees as references. A few things not to do: you will never beat, say, google on perks or job security so dont even bother to pitch those. Youll never beat Wall Street banks or rich big companies on cash salary so dont pitch that either. Youll never beat cofounding a company on the equity grant, but you can make a good case that, with the right equity grant, the risk/reward trade off of less equity with you is worth. Finally, ive long believed that early-stage, funded startups systematically under-grant equity to employees. Programmers shouldnt have to choose between owning a fraction of a percent of an early-stage funded company and owning 50 of an unfunded company theyve cofounded. Naval ravikant recently wrote a great post about this: Post-traction companies can use the old numbers you cant.

Have candidates meet and (bidirectionally) interview everyone theyll potentially be working with. If the candidate has enough free time try to do a trial project. There are also more procedural things that can be useful like code tests (although they need to be done in a respectful way and they are more about getting to know how each side thinks than actually testing whether the candidate knows how to program. convincing them to join you. This is the hardest part. Great programmers have tons of options, including cofounding their own company. The top thing you need to do is convince them what you hopefully already believe (and have been pitching investors, press etc that your company is doing something important and impactful.

Business people who dont understand this make the mistake of emphasizing mechanistic metrics like the number of hours in the office and the number of bugs fixed per week. This is demoralizing and counterproductive. Of course if you are running a company you need to have deadlines, but you can do so while also being very flexible about how people reach them. It is sometimes helpful to think of recruiting as 3 phases: finding candidates, screening candidates, and convincing candidates to join you. finding means making contact with good candidates. There are no shortcuts here. You need to show up to schools, hackathons, meetups wherever great programmers hang out. If your existing employees love their jobs they will refer friends. Try to generate inbound contacts essay by creating buzz around your company.

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Here are some things ive learned over the years about recruiting programmers* to startups. This is a big topic: many of the points I make briefly here could warrant their own blog posts, and Im sure ive omitted a lot. The most important thing to understand is what motivates programmers. This is where having been a programmer yourself can be very helpful. In my experience programmers care about 1) working on interesting technical problems, 2) working with other talented people, 3) working in a friendly, creative environment, 4) working on software that ends up getting used by lots of people. Like everyone, compensation matters, but for programmers it is often a threshold variable. They want enough to not have to spend time worrying about money, but once an offer passes their minimum compensation threshold theyll decide based on other factors. software development is a creative activity and needs to be treated as such. Sometimes a programmer can have an idea on, thank say, the subway that can save weeks of work or add some great new functionality.

hire people to do homework
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Do i look as Though i give a flip? And then they wonder why they can never hire anyone. how to hire passionate people : ceo jim Whitehurst.

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  1. How did you find the web designer you hired and why did you hire them? Finally, before you pitch Anyone, do, your, homework. Do they hire out golf clubs? Do, i know you.

  2. pastors for hire, got lots of em over here in America. Just ask pastor James. Here are 7 signs you definitely shouldnt hire that seo agency: If the people behind a service dont publicly represent themselves, you should never hire such an agency.

  3. Great programmers love to program and will have created lots of software that wasnt for their jobs or school homework. Pamela yip: do homework when hiring a caregiver for your loved one. Before you hire anyone, assess what kind of care your loved one needs. Some one should have done their homework.

  4. Homework,"s from Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. I do my homework ; I prepare myself for the experience of playing a particular character. You may be the brains of your business, but the people you hire will be your companys backbone. How to, hire, employees for your Startup Employees.

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