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Miller and Brad. Winner, first place in the "Personal Productivity" category in the acm quest for Windows ce applications, 1999. Listed in Marquis Who's Who in America, 2007, 2009, marquis Who's Who in Finance and Industry, marquis Who's Who in the east, marquis Who's Who in the world, 1996, marquis Who's Who in the media and Communications, and Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering. Included in 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, international biographical Centre, cambridge, england. PhD thesis nominated for acm annual best dissertation contest. Selected to join Eta kappa nu and tau beta. Ieee student Paper contest winner 19Awarded University of Toronto Open Fellowship. Graduated First Honor Student from Isadore newman High School, 1975.

Wobbrock and Brad. Designated an acm fellow, 2005. (citation) and (press release) Elected to the chi academy, april, 2004, as one of unix the top 25 " principal leaders of the field " of hci. Distinguished Paper Award at the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering (icse'05) for "Eliciting Design Requirements for maintenance-Oriented ides: a detailed Study of Corrective and Perfective maintenance tasks" by Andrew. Ko, htet Htet Aung, and Brad. Elected to the grade of Senior Member, ieee (September, 2004). First place in the nish national Scholar Awards for Workplace Innovation design, to jacob Wobbrock, supervised by Brad myers. Press release as pdf Best Paper Award at the acm sigaccess conference on Computers and Accessibility (assets '04) for "Text Entry from Power Wheelchairs: EdgeWrite for joysticks and touchpads" by jacob. Myers, Htet Htet Aung, and Edmund. Best Student Paper award at usenix 2000 Annual Technical Conference for "Integrating a command Shell business into a web Browser" by robert Miller and Brad myers. Outstanding Paper Award at usenix 1999 Annual Technical Conference for "Lightweight Structured Text Processing" by robert.

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First place in the "Yahoo! Undergraduate research Awards" competition at Carnegie mellon University, may 6, 2009, for Daniel. Eisenberg, jeffrey stylos, and Brad myers, "Apatite: An Associative search tool for Exploring the java api". Best Research wallpaper Award, non-Physician Category at ishlt: The International Society for heart lung Transplantation, April 9-12, 2008, for:. "a randomized Controlled Pilot Trial of Pocketpath on Early self-Care behaviors and hrqol after Lung Transplant." acm sigsoft distinguished Paper Award at the 30th International Conference on Software Engineering (icse'2008) for "Debugging, reinvented: Asking and Answering Why and Why not questions about Program Behavior". University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing's Nursing Excellence in teaching and Technology (nett) Award for 2007 to pocketpath, by Annette de vito dabbs, Brad. McCurry, jacqueline dunbar-Jacob, robert. Hawkins, mary Amanda dew. Chi 2006 Best Paper, awarded by sigchi, for "Trackball Text Entry for people with Motor Impairments by jacob.

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Ieee fellow, 2013, "for development of software tools for human-computer interaction." ieee 2013 List, and the cmu press release. Most Influential Paper Award for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2012, for "Using hci techniques to design a more usable programming system pane,. A., and Miller,. Nominated for Most Influential Paper Award for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2012, for "development and evaluation of a model of programming errors ko,. A., from hcc 2003. Nominated for Most Influential Paper Award for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2011, for "Tabular and textual methods for selecting objects from a group pane,. A., from vl'2000 Honorable mention Award in the best Paper Contest at the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (iui 2010) internet for: Andrew faulring, Brad myers, ken Mohnkern, Bradley schmerl, aaron Steinfeld, john Zimmerman, Asim Smailagic, jeffery hansen, and Daniel siewiorek. "Agent-Assisted Task management that Reduces Email overload hong Kong, China.

Acm sigchi lifetime Achievement Award in Research, 2017, for outstanding fundamental and influential research contributions to the study of human-computer interaction. See sigchi citation, video of the talk (1:18:12 slides, advisee tree, abstract and Steven feiner's introduction. Best Paper Honorable mention Award from the chi 2017 conference for: Variolite: Supporting Exploratory Programming by data Scientists, mary beth Kery, amber Horvath, and Brad myers. Best Paper Honorable mention Award from the chi 2017 conference for: sugilite: Creating Multimodal Smartphone automation by demonstration, toby li, amos azaria, and Brad myers. Most Influential Paper Award for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2014, for "Estimating the numbers of End Users and End User Programmers Christopher Scaffidi, mary Shaw, and. ( Only person to win three times!) Most Influential Paper Award for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2013, for "Six learning Barriers in End-User Programming Systems Andrew. Myers, and Htet Htet Aung, from VL/hcc'04. ( 1st person to win twice! See list of all winners ) Best Paper Honorable mention Award from the chi 2013 conference for: In search of learning: Facilitating Data Analysis in Educational Games, Erik harpstead, Brad myers, vincent Aleven.

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Received Master of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering in 1980. Did Master's thesis on Incense while an intern at Xerox parc. Worked at mit architecture machine Group. Final grade point average:.0 out.0 (A) Most Influential Paper at The 30th International Conference on Software Engineering - icse'2018, for "Debugging, reinvented: Asking and Answering Why and Why not questions about Program Behavior" by Andrew. Ko and Brad.

Myers, from icse 2008. Announcement, andy's blog post, picture, and 26 min presentation. Most Influential Paper winner for important influences on VL/hcc research or commerce over the last 10/-1 years by the ieee symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in 2017, for. Myers: "Mica: a web-search tool for Finding api components and Examples" from VL/hcc'2006. ( Only person to win four times!) Best Paper Award from the sixth administration International Symposium on End User development (is-eud 2017) for: "Programming iot devices by demonstration on Mobile Apps toby jia-jun li, yuanchun li, fanglin Chen and Brad.

Sciconics, Inc., pittsburgh, pa, member of the Advisory board. Eizel Corporation, pittsburgh, pa, member of the Advisory board. Perq systems Corporation, pittsburgh, pa (formerly, three rivers Computer Corporation senior Software Engineer. Designed and implemented the sapphire window Manager, which was one of the first commercial window systems and featured full covered windows, a novel use of icons and percent-done progress indicators. Designed and implemented the perq directory structure for a hierarchical file system including a scavenger program to correct file system inconsistencies.

Also designed and implemented the perq's Pascal debugger, a comprehensive user interface package, various graphical editors, demonstration programs, and games. Xerox Palo Alto research Center, palo Alto, ca research Intern, summer 1977, summer 1978, and Summer/Fall 1979 developed a system called Incense which automatically created graphical, pictorial displays for data structures based on their types. Implemented Ethernet protocols in Smalltalk. University of Toronto, toronto, ontario, canada. PhD in Computer Science, may, 1987. Was a teaching Assistant for computer graphics courses. Grade point average for course work. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cambridge, massachusetts.

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Reports, depositions and trial testimony on claim construction, infringement, prior art, oliver and validity. A list of my testimony is in a separate document. Pixterity, (formerly PhotoByte Inc. Advisor, ui/ux, 2012-present, twist sachManya llc, sunnyvale, ca, strategic User Interface Advisor, web and Mobile, 2010-present. Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, manchester, uk, visiting Professor. Ekatetra corporation, (formerly Clarinet keyboard Corporation portland,. Technical Member of the Advisory committee, 2001-present. Helium Networks, pittsburgh, pa, member of the Scientific Advisory board.

An important focus is high-level graphical editors which allow the user interface designer to draw all graphical aspects of user interfaces, and to demonstrate most of the behavior of the user interface. Principal investigator for the demonstrational Interfaces project, funded by nsf and industry. In a hannibal "demonstrational interface the user gives an example of how the system should operate, and the system automatically generalizes from the example to produce a parameterized procedure. For instance, in the macintosh Finder, the user might move " and then " to the trash can. The system might notice that a similar operation was performed twice and automatically create a procedure to delete all the. We are developing a demonstrational visual shell (iconic desktop a text formatter, an editor for business charts, an editor for dynamic world-wide-web pages, and an architecture for programs that support demonstrational interfaces. MacGnome project (1987-1988 designed a system that creates visualizations for Pascal data structures. Intellectual property consulting for software and user interface patents.

how people perform their tasks and then designing languages and environments around people's natural tendencies. We focus on all kinds of programming, including professional programmers, novice programmers who are trying to learn to be experts, and end user programmers, who program to support other jobs or activities. Principal investigator for the pebbles pda project, funded by darpa, nsf, sei and industry, which is investigating the use of hand-held computers like android smartphones, pocket PC/Windows ce and PalmOS devices synchronously with PCs. By "synchronously we mean that one or more hand-helds will be connected to a computer or computerized device, so that the hand-helds will be in continuous two-way communication with the main computer and with each other. Principal investigator for the silver Project, funded as part of the second Digital Libraries Initiative, which investigated authoring with digital video. Principal investigator for the User Interface software Project, funded by darpa and industry, which developed sophisticated user interface development environments to help build graphical user interfaces. Garnet, our earlier system, is in Lisp, and introduced encapsulating mouse and keyboard behaviors into abstract "interactors." Amulet, the second system, is in c and runs on Unix, windows nt and 95, and Macintosh. Amulet is downloaded about 10,000 times a year, and incorporates novel object, constraint, input, output, undo, command and animation models to provide high-level support for highly-interactive, multi-media applications for one or multiple users.

Richard Hart "An activity guide packed with detail on everything from horseback riding and camping to fishing, cruising, hiking and more. Chapters are organized regionally and make it easy to look up local accommodations and eateries, inland and water adventures, and even small local maps for quick consultation." - midwest book review. User Interface software, programming Environments, End-User Software Engineering, api usability, smartphone User Interfaces, demonstrational Interfaces, User Interface design, window Managers, visual Programming. Human Computer writing Interaction Institute, professor, 2004 - present. Computer Science department, senior Research Computer Scientist. Research Computer Scientist, july. School of Computer Science, carnegie mellon University, pittsburgh,.

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Summary, upload the Scribd version here. Or buy the new Pocket Adventures version of this book (548 pages) at m? Or you can find a kindle ebook version of this guide at sr1-1. Written by a native new zealander, this guide covers every improve region and town, with in-depth information on the maori culture, the remarkable places to stay and eat, vineyard tours, cooking schools, thermal springs, albatross and whale encounters, scenic drives, and more. Canoe the Whanganui river, ride in a hot air balloon, hike the waikaremoana Track, explore Whirikana forest Park, take a glacier tour. There s even a section on how to talk kiwi English! "The book is great. I love the www references, the personal touches and for me the descriptions and comments make me feel like i am already there.".

ngr 600 101 resume
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Provided, unix (Solaris.0 Window nt, system, administration support for the nro (National Reconnaissance Operation). Words Essays, notes, Articles, debates, paragraphs & Speech in English.

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  4. Resume, information.Introduction to hazardous Materials (Certified) academic courses (noteworthy) safe 101 (iup 13) safe 111 (iup 14) safe 212, 215, 220 (Currently taking at iup- fall 14) chem 101. Human Computer Interaction Institute Professor, 2004 - present. Computer Science department Senior Research Computer Scientist.

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