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According to the. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of RNs will grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012, due largely to growing demand in settings such as health maintenance organizations, community health centers, home care, and long-term care. Despite major changes in hospital structures, the ranks of registered nurses in hospitals increased nearly 5 percent between 19, according to figures from the division of Nursing of the. Department of health and Human Services. While rn employment fell by 6 percent in hospital in-patient units, it grew by 25 percent in outpatient and labor and delivery departments and increased by more than 15 percent in emergency rooms. Between 19, however, total nurse employment grew.2 percent in states with high managed-care penetration, with a significant portion of this growth in hospital settings. The increased complexity of health problems and increased management of health problems out of the hospitals require highly educated and well-prepared nurses at the baccalaureate and graduate levels.

The nurse will be asked to take on a broader and more diverse role in this system. Unlimited Opportunities, Expanded Responsibilities The four-year baccalaureate programs in today's nursing colleges provide the educational and experiential base not only for entry-level professional practice but also as the platform on which to build a career through graduate-level study for roles as advanced practice nurses, such. Nurses at this level can be expected to specialize in oncology, pediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology, critical care, infection control, psychiatry, women's health, community health, and neuroscience. The potential at this level is great, but so are the responsibilities. Increasingly, many families use the nurse practitioner for all their health-care needs. In almost all states, the nurse practitioner can prescribe medications ireland and provide health care for the management of chronic non-acute illnesses and preventive care. The health-care system is demanding more from nurses. The education of a nurse must transcend the traditional areas, such as chemistry and anatomy, to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of health promotion, disease prevention, screening, genetic counseling, and immunization. Nurses will have to understand how health problems may have a social cause, such as poverty and environmental contamination, as well as have insight into human psychology, behavior, cultural mores, and values. The transformation of the health-care system offers unlimited opportunities for nurses at the baccalaureate and graduate levels as care in urban and rural settings becomes more accessible.

nursing values essay

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In this area, nurses will be able to provide care over great distances. In some areas, care is being managed by the strange nurse via tele-home health over the Internet. Internet and other computer-oriented systems are now an integral part of the tools used by nurses. Nurses of the future, therefore, will have to become aware of worldwide standards of care. Yet despite this growth of technology, the essential function of the nurse's role will remain that of making sure that the right person is providing the right care for the patient at the right cost. This will be accomplished as the industry turns away from the hospital as the center of the operation. Nurses will work in a broad array of locations, such as clinics, outpatient facilities, community centers, schools, and even places of business. Hospitals are now places only for the very sick, and the name itself may be changed to acute-care center. Much of the emphasis in health care will be shifted toward preventive care and the promotion of health.

nursing values essay

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Through participation in the e-verify program, we electronically verify the employment eligibility and Social Security number validity of all new hires. Review the documents below for more information. Find a program, the health-care industry has continued to change dramatically over the past few years, transforming the roles and escalating opportunities for nurses. The current shortage of nurses is caused by an increased number of hospitalized patients who are older and more acutely ill, a growing elderly population with multiple chronic health problems, and expanded opportunities in hmos, home care, occupational health, surgical centers, and other primary-care settings. Expanding technological advances prolonging life require more highly skilled personnel. The increasing scope of nursing opportunities will grow immensely as nurses become the frontline providers of health care. They are assuming important roles in the provision of managed care, and they will be responsible for coordinating and continuing the care outside traditional health-care facilities. Nurses will play a big role in educating the public and addressing the social and economic causes of health issues. Worldwide Standards, the nursing student of the future will be given much more information and, thus, knowledge of the technology used to manage that information will be essential to tracking and assessing care.

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nursing values essay

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Queens University of Charlotte is an equal opportunity employer and is firmly committed to supporting and celebrating all forms of diversity. Queens does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, reaper sex (including pregnancy, child birth and conditions related to pregnancy or child birth sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, national origin, disability, political beliefs, veteran status, genetic information or any characteristic protected. Any applicant for employment who needs any reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the director of Human Resources. In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, employment is contingent upon new employees providing documents verifying. Citizenship or documents verifying legal permission to work pdf in the United States.

After an offer has been extended and accepted, queens conducts confidential background investigations on new employees as part of the hiring process. Employment is contingent upon satisfactory results of the background check. Queens annual Security report discloses our campus crime statistics and details or security policies. E-verify, federal law requires all employers to verify that newly hired individuals are authorized to work in the United States and to complete an Employment Verification (Form I-9) for each new employee. Newly hired employees are required to provide original documents that confirm legally acceptable proof of their identity and authorization to work in the us within 3 business days of their first day. E-verify is an internet-based system operated by the department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the social Security Administration (SSA) that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers. .

Are you about to graduate from nursing school and need help with the job search process? Or maybe you already work as a nurse, and youd like some stunning resume templates and a short guide to help you make the most of your job search. If so, youll want to check out this new guide. Page titled, nursing Resume: a job guide for Nurses. This short ebook is designed to guide you through the job search process, and gives tips on everything from creating a resume, how to conduct yourself in an interview, how to resign your current job, and more. Youll even receive some beautifully designed resume and cover letters.

Click the ebook to learn more. Need More help on Creating your Nursing Portfolio? If you need more help on creating your nursing portfolio check out a book called. Making Sense of Nursing Portfolios: a guide for Students by fiona timmins sold. . It is a book that will further explain and show detailed information on how to create a nursing portfolio. Here is what is looks like. Job Postings, staff, full-time faculty/Leadership, adjunct Faculty, only candidates who best match requirements of the job will be contacted. We respectfully request no calls or emails to inquire about the status of your submission. Queens values campus diversity and demonstrates this in campus initiatives; we encourage members of historically under-represented groups to apply for positions, and we seek candidates who will contribute to the climate and body of diversity at the university.

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It is good practice to place the make resume at the beginning of the portfolio because this has your name and contact information. Try to organize your documentation in chronological order, if possible. For example, organize in-services based on the date they were completed and. However, there is no correct way on how to organize your documentation. Try to organize it in a way that will make sense to the reader. To help your portfolio look professional be sure to label each section with binder tabs that can be purchased at Walmart. In addition, a table of contents needs to be created and placed in the front of the portfolio. Your nursing portfolio is yours and should reflect who you are so have fun with it! Need Help Finding a job or Preparing a resume?

nursing values essay

Certifications essay with renewal dates, samples of Academic Work such as research. Professional Conferences Attended with Supporting Documentation. In-services Attended with Supporting Documentation, references and Recommendation Letters, peer/Manager evaluations. Lists of Committees you are on and type of work you have contributed. Educational Projects you have done such as in-services. Awards you have received, tips on How to Organize a nursing Portfolio. Once you have compiled all of the proper paperwork you need for your nursing portfolio you need to place it into a three ring binder.

essay on what your personal values and beliefs are on the nursing profession. An outline of your plan for professional development with supporting documentation of activities and learning outcomes. Health records which includes immunizations and current physical. List of Volunteer Positions with Supporting Documentation. List of Professional Organization you are in with Supporting Documentation. Your Job Description, performance evaluations, competency Checklists, copy of your Nursing License.

The portfolio is the supporting documentation of that information. Most nursing schools require nursing students to create a nursing portfolio. This is a great way to help the new nurse get started with creating their portfolio. However, wallpaper some nurses have never created one. Remember that if you are a new nurse your portfolio will not be as in depth when compared to a nurse who has been in the field for several years. Before you start creating your nursing portfolio you need to compile supporting documents. There is no right or wrong way to compile your supporting documents.

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Most nursing students and nurses create a nursing portfolio to report help them keep track of their professional goals, accomplishments, competencies, and skills. For example, an artist creates a portfolio to show their work and accomplishments to future clients. Nurses in a sense keep a portfolio to show future employers who they are and what they have done. A nursing portfolio is a tool used by nurses to help them secure a nursing job. When trying to wrap your mind around a nursing portfolio, think of it as a scrapbook that contains everything you have done up to that current moment in your nursing career. A nursing portfolio does not need to be confused with a resume. A resume is a piece of paper that shows the employer a summary of the nurses education, other job experiences, references, and certifications.

nursing values essay
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  2. Lee university is a great place to work, learn and grow. Starting to write an essay worth 80 per cent of my grade on "american gangster" who wants to help me research by watching the movie? Balanced diet essay in english cpt code 77370 descriptive essay confucianism essay zaptms how to write essay favourite movie pk essay essay the year 2050. Explore job openings at queens University.

  3. How to create a nursing portfolio? Documentation to include in your nursing portfolio. Welcome to human Resources.

  4. Let us answer those questions. Most nursing students and nurses create a nursing portfolio to help them keep track of their professional goals, accomplishments, competencies, and skills. What is a nursing portfolio?

  5. Aacn works to establish quality standards for nursing education; assists schools in implementing those standards; influences the nursing profession to improve health care; and promotes public support for professional nursing education, research, and practice. How hard is nursing school. The questions we all asked prior to starting. Was it worth it?

  6. J'me dit que c'est en essayant de le preserver de tout ca, que je l'ai perdu, skeletal essay mahatma gandhi essay you inspire me? Essays essay on emotional eating catch 22 essay update text encoding initiative manuscript descriptive essay dissertation sur le mandat apparent project. Nursing Prerequisites for Entry level Trainings Students who seek to establish a career in nursingneed to have at least ahigh school diploma or ged. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (aacn) is the national voice for baccalaureate and graduate nursing education.

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