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Bill: Wow, that was very interesting. Ok, when you were ruining the lives of Indians by killing them and herding them off their land, like cows, into unknown and uncharted reservations didnt you feel any pity? Did you not have a heart!?! Custer: I dont feel any pity for the Indians, not one bit. None of this was necessary if they listened. It was because of their ignorance that all this started. They were a backwards culture and we were a prospering one. They were holding us back and that was counter productive so we did what was in the best interest of our growing nation.

Ok, it started a impressions long time ago when I was a young lad. I did not work hard at my studies. I graduated at the bottom of my class fro the. Military Academy at West point in 1861, and joined the Union Forces in the civil War. I can honestly say that I was and still am very smart but I never accerted myself, i guess you could say that I was lazy. Well, during the war I served with General McClellan in Virginia. In 1863 I was assigned to the cavalry and soon revealed daring and brilliance as an officer. As a result I was promoted quickly. When the war ended, i was made a lieutenant colonel and sent to kansas to fight Indians. After that I did whatever I could to help the country and I soon became general. Well that was a lot to swallow I hope that you got it all.

talk about myself essay

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Bill: That is a very harsh statement that you have stated. Can you back up that remark? Custer: Well of course i can, one that pops into my mind is their use of the bow and Arrow compared to our more advanced fire power, rifles. How could they even stand a chance against us? For such ignorance they deserved what they received! Bill: Lets back up a little and go a little off the topic trunk for a second, if you dont mind, can you summarize to us how you became what you were and are today? I would like to know and i am sure a lot of the viewers would like to know also. Custer: Ohh boy, thats going back a long way but give me a minute.

talk about myself essay

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Bill: I was just kidding, i was just trying to break the ice between us because we will be bordering on some very touchy matters. Ok then lets get straight to the point. What are were your personal feelings towards the Indians? Custer: I believed then and I believe now that they were uncivilized and just couldnt keep up with us Americans. They were also very dark due to the fact that they were squalid. They refused to wear normal clothing and walked around half naked. They were inferior to us in more ways than others.

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talk about myself essay

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You are looking very good today. I am glad you took time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with us and our loyal viewers today. Custer: Thank you for the compliment Bill, you are looking good yourself. I myself have been on a nutri system diet and have lost 15 pounds, i feel like a new man. Bill: ok we have a very short time slot here gift so lets get the most out of this once in a lifetime interview. Custer: I was born ready bill. Wait dont fire, i meant start asking your questions when your ready.

All I have to do is answer them, you have the tough half in asking the questions. Bill: ok, here goes, Are Those bugle boy jeans that you are wearing?!? Custer: Why yes, as a matter of fact they are. I bought them just for this show. I didnt seem to understand that question.

Talk with Custer Essay, research Paper. Hello and Welcome to Channel 7 news at 11:00. Today we have a special Broadcast coming to us live from Washington. We are going to join Bill beutel in a couple of seconds. Ok we are now sending you live to washington. Bill: Custers Last Standthis rings a bell in the minds of many as you will see in tonights segmentsCuster Stands Again.

Tonight we will have a one on one, first time interview with General george Armstrong Custer. His death stirred up bitter controversy. Well he is with us today for one last chance to get to the bottom of everything. Let me introduce general george Armstrong Custer. Custer: Hello bill, how are you doing? Bill: Fine, and how are you?

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A s i told you before, i 'm an easy-going person, but i'm not going to tell you that i'm perfect. Nobody's perfect after all. S ometime s, i'm a lazy person like other teenages, but I'm still responsible when it comes to my essay work. My ambition is be a rich business woman and the lawyer at the same time, so i need to study hard and be more mature. I hope that my life will be better and better, and I hope that my stay in America will be a rewarding experience with no trouble. Finally, i hope all my dreams will come true and I will be very happy if I succeed in my studies and in my life. I've put corrections in red, and stylistic suggestion in blue. If you're going to send a letter, then I would keep it more formal. If you are going to email them, then feel free to be a bit less formal, and in the bits where you say things like ( * Big Smile on face) or crying on her face with a wistful eyes), use the smileys instead.

talk about myself essay

I mostly love to listen to the safety music. I like r b and some hiphop songs. I don't like sad songs though, because it's make me feel blue. W ow I think i 've writ ten too much about music. B ack to myself, i am interested in other languages, including S panish, p olish, g erman, as well as the cultures and social lives in these countries. In my free time i like to play on the computer, sleep, listen to music, and read about philo so phy. When I was young my mom always bought me philo so phy books, so i familiar with lots of philo so phy. I don't like to read a comic book s like other teenage.

it would snow one day in the future. Oh and not just sport, i also love music. I can say music is my life. I can play piano, guitar (just a little and some t hai music. W ell, actually i can play more than I have wrote, but I haven't learned the entire song yet. Is this what you meant?

I meet my father every weekend, or add 2 -3 times a week. W e go out for dinner almost every week. I don't have any brother s or sister s so that's a bit boring sometimes but, i am not sad about it because, i 'm not that kind of person. I'm an active, easy-going and talkative person and. I love to talk with new people. T hat 's why i think i different from other student s, but sometimes i have too much confiden ce and it's not good for. I love sport s like b asketball, b a d minton and v olleyball.

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A lot of it seems quite informal, so i'm not sure exactly how you want it to sound. I've tried to stick to proper grammar, so let me know if that's not what you want. Dear., hello, my name. But most people call. I was born on March 25, 1993. I live review in Chiangmai, northern Thailand, with my big family. I live with my mother and other relative s (grandmom, uncle, aunt.). M y father not living with us, because he is busy with his job. H e is a politician, s o me and my mother understand him.

talk about myself essay
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  4. Sometimes we stay at the university after classes to prepare our homework for the next day or just to talk about our student life. When my blindfold was removed, i found myself in a dark hut. Essay topic: Talk about your experience in riding.

  5. Can you please correct my essay. People often have a lot to say whenever they are given a chance to talk or write about themselves, and this. How to conclude an essay about myself.

  6. Related Post of The sociology of leopard man essay about myself. Talk, about, talk, shows, essay. I can honestly say that I was and still am very smart but I never accerted myself, i guess you could. Wow i think i have write too much about music haha (back to myself ) i interested in other languages spanish polish.

  7. In quiet days in Malibu, the last essay in joan Didions The White Album collection, didion meditates on her familys move. I talk to myself about. Dissertation tu wien essay occupy wall street can you talk about personal experience.

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