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Head of a r nigel Grainge came up to our Strawberry Studio, heard the album and freaked. He said "This is a masterpiece, it's a done deal!". We did a five-year deal with them for five albums and they paid us a serious amount of money. It was Grainge's idea to release 'life Is a minestrone' as the first single holding back the big one to give us more longevity for the album. 22 Speaking in the bbc four documentary i'm Not In love: The Story of 10cc in 2015, Stewart explained that the band, three years into a five-year contract with King were earning a mere 4 of royalties. Creme made it clear that the band had fully intended to sign with Richard Branson 's fledgling Virgin label, with the band's records to be released in the us through Atlantic. Stewart and Creme were about to go on holiday, however, and had left their manager Harvey lisberg with power of attorney to accept the Branson offer.

Although their second single, a similarly 1950s-influenced song called "Johnny don't do it was not a major chart success, " Rubber Bullets a catchy satirical take on the " jailhouse rock " concept, became a hit internationally and gave 10cc their first British.1 single. They consolidated their success a few months superior later with " The dean and i which peaked.10 in September. They released two singles, "Headline hustler" (in the us) and the self-mocking "The worst Band in the world" (in the uk) and launched a uk tour on, joined by second drummer paul Burgess, before returning to Strawberry Studios in november to record the remainder. The band also performed live for the bbc in Concert series, with both Burgess and Godley on drums and Burgess also playing moog. Citation needed In February 1975, the band announced they were splitting with Jonathan King and that they had signed with Mercury records for US1 million. 21 The catalyst for the deal was one song " I'm Not in love ". Stewart recalled: At that point in time we were still on Jonathan King's label, but struggling. We were absolutely skint, the lot of us, we were really struggling seriously, and Philips Phonogram wanted to do a deal with. They wanted to buy jonathan's contract. Our manager Ric Dixon invited them to listen to what we've done.

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197276: Original line-up edit Undeterred by Apple's rejection, the group decided to plug another song which had been written as a possible b-side to "Waterfall a godley/Creme composition entitled " Donna ". The song was a frank zappa -influenced 1950s doo-wop parody, a sharp mix of commercial pop and irony with a chorus sung in falsetto. Stewart said: "we knew it had something. We only knew of one person who was mad enough to release it, and that was Jonathan King." Stewart called King, a flamboyant entrepreneur, producer and recording artist, who drove to Strawberry, listened writing to the track and "fell about laughing declaring: "It's fabulous, it's. By his own account, king chose the name after having a dream in which he was standing in front of the hammersmith Odeon in London where the boarding read "10cc The best Band in the world". A widely repeated claim, disputed by king 17 and Godley, 18 but confirmed in a 1988 interview by Creme, 19 and also on the webpage of gouldman's current line-up, 20 is that the band name represented a volume of semen that was more than the. "Donna released as the first 10cc single, was chosen by bbc radio 1 disc jockey tony Blackburn as his Record of the week, helping to launch it into the top. The song peaked. . 2 in the uk in October 1972.

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The experience of working on Solitaire, which became a success for Sedaka, was enough to prompt the band to seek recognition on their own merits. Gouldman—who by 1972 was back at Strawberry Studios—said: It was neil Sedaka's success that did it, i think. We'd just been accepting any job we were offered and were getting really frustrated. We knew that we were worth more than that, but it needed something to prod us into facing that. We were a bit choked to think that we'd done the whole of neil's first album with him just for flat session fees when we could have been recording our own material. 16 Stewart said the decision was made over a meal in a chinese restaurant: "we asked ourselves whether we shouldn't pool our creative talents and try to do something with the songs that each of us was working on at the time." 11 Once again. Stewart offered the acetate to Apple records. He oliver waited months before receiving a note from the label saying the song was not commercial enough to release as a single.

They then recalled gouldman for a short tour supporting The moody Blues, before releasing a follow-up single "Lady sadie" b/w "The loser". Philips reworked their sole album, removed "Neanderthal Man" and added "Today" and issued it as Song. Stewart, Creme and Godley released another single in February 1971 under yet another name, the new wave band, this time with former Herman's Hermits member Derek "Lek" Leckenby on guitar. The song, a cover version of paul Simon 's " Cecilia was one of the few tracks the band released that they had not written. It also failed to chart. 15 The band also continued outside production work at Strawberry, working with dave berry, wayne fontana, peter Cowap and Herman's Hermits, and doing original compositions for various uk football (soccer) teams. In 1971 they produced and played on Space hymns, an album by new Age musician Ramases ; in 197273 they co-produced and played on two neil Sedaka albums, solitaire and The Tra-la days Are over.

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We used to do the voices, rezny everything it saved 'em money. We even did the female backing vocals. The three-month project resulted in a number of tracks that appeared under various band names owned by kasenetz-katz, including "There ain't no umbopo" by Crazy elephant, "When he comes" by fighter Squadron and "Come on Plane" by silver Fleet (all three with lead vocals. 10 Lol Creme remembered: "Singles kept coming out under strange names that had really been recorded. I've no idea how many there were, or what happened to them all." But Stewart described the kasenetz-katz deal as a breakthrough: "That allowed us to get the extra equipment to turn it into a real studio. To begin with they were interested in Graham's songwriting and when they heard that he was involved in a studio i think they thought the most economical thing for them to do would be to book his studio and then put him to work there. With gouldman absent, godley, creme and Stewart continued recording singles.

The first, " neanderthal Man released under the name hotlegs, began life as a test of drum layering at the new Strawberry Studios mixing desk, 11 but when released as a single by fontana records in July 1970, climbed. . 2 in the uk charts and became a worldwide hit, selling more than two million copies. Around the same time, the trio released "Umbopo" under the name of Doctor Father. The song, a slower, longer and more melancholic version of the track earlier released under the name of Crazy elephant, failed to chart. Reverting to the successful band name hotlegs, in early 1971 Godley, essay creme and Stewart recorded the album Thinks: School Stinks, which included "Neanderthal Man".

12 In October 1968, the studio was moved to bigger premises and renamed Strawberry Studios, after The beatles ' " Strawberry fields Forever ". 13 In 1969, gouldman also began using Strawberry to record demos of songs he was writing for Marmalade. He had become much more in demand as a songwriter than as a performer. By the end of the year, he too was a financial partner in the studios. 10 by 1969, all four members of the original 10cc line-up were working together regularly at Strawberry Studios.

Around the same time, noted American bubblegum pop writer-producers Jerry kasenetz and Jeff Katz of Super k productions came to England and commissioned gouldman to write and produce formula bubblegum songs, many of which were recorded at Strawberry Studios, and were either augmented or performed. Among the recordings from this period was "Sausalito. . 86 us hit credited to Ohio express and released in July 1969. In fact the song featured gouldman on lead vocal, and vocal and instrumental backing by the other three future 10cc members. In December 1969, kasenetz and Katz agreed to a proposal by gouldman that he work solely at Strawberry, rather than move constantly between Stockport, london and New York. Gouldman convinced the pair that these throwaway two-minute songs could all be written, performed and produced by him and his three colleagues, Stewart, godley and Creme, at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside session musicians. Kasenetz and Katz booked the studio for three months. Kevin Godley recalled: 14 we did a lot of tracks in a very short time it was really like a machine. Twenty tracks in about two weeks a lot of crap really really shit.

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When Fontana left the band in October 1965, the group became known simply as The mindbenders, with Stewart as their lead vocalist. The band scored a hit with " a groovy kind of love " (released December 1965) and made an appearance in the 1967 film to sir, with love with "It's Getting Harder All the time" and "Off and Running." In March 1968, gouldman joined Stewart. Gouldman wrote two of the band's last three singles, "Schoolgirl" (released november 1967) and "Uncle joe the Ice Cream Man" (August 1968). Those shakespeare singles did not chart and The mindbenders broke up after a short tour of England in november. Birth of Strawberry Studios; the bubblegum era edit In the dying days of The mindbenders, Stewart began recording demos of new material at Inner City Studios, a stockport studio then owned by peter Tattersall, a former road manager for Billy. Kramer and the dakotas. In July 1968, Stewart joined Tattersall as a partner in the studio, where he could further hone his skills as a recording engineer.

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Gomelsky (an ex-manager essays of The yardbirds ) planned to market Godley creme as a duo, in the vein of Simon garfunkel. 10 Plans for an album by Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon faltered, however, when Marmalade ran out of funds. 10 Solo tracks by godley and gouldman, however—both involved Stewart and Creme—were released in a 1969 Marmalade records music sample album, 100 Proof. Gouldman's track was "The late. Late a year later, godley's song "to fly Away" reappeared as "Fly Away in the debut Hotlegs album, Thinks: School Stinks. Gouldman, meanwhile, had made a name for himself as a hit songwriter, penning " heart Full of soul " evil hearted you " and " For your love " for The yardbirds, " look through Any window " and " Bus Stop " for The. 196568: The mindbenders edit meanwhile, the fourth future member of 10cc was also tasting significant pop music success: guitarist Eric Stewart was a member of wayne fontana and the mindbenders, a group that hit.1 with " The game of love and scored a number.

guitarist in both The Whirlwinds and The mockingbirds was Stephen Jacobson, brother of well-known writer. 7, in June 1967, godley and Creme reunited and recorded a solitary single seeing Things Green" b/w "Easy life" on uk cbs) under the name "The yellow Bellow room boom". 8, in 1969, gouldman took them. Marmalade records recording session. The boss, giorgio gomelsky was impressed with Godley's falsetto voice and offered them a recording contract. In September 1969, godley creme recorded some basic tracks at Strawberry Studios, with Stewart on guitar and gouldman on bass. 9 The song, "I'm Beside myself" b/w "Animal Song was issued as a single, credited to Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon.

Most of the band's albums were recorded at their own. Strawberry Studios (North) in, stockport and wood Strawberry Studios (South) in, dorking, with most of those engineered by Stewart. 10cc was co-managed by ric Dixon and. Harvey lisberg at Kennedy Street, who had represented the individual members of the band since the mid-1960s. Contents, first collaborations edit, three of the founding members of 10cc were childhood friends in the. As boys, godley and Creme knew each other; gouldman and Godley attended the same secondary school; their musical enthusiasm led to playing at the local. 196469: Early bands edit, their first recorded collaboration was in 1964, when gouldman's band The Whirlwinds recorded the lol Creme composition, "Baby not like you as the b-side of their only single, "look at Me".

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10cc are an English rock band founded in, stockport, england, who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. The band initially consisted of four musicians. Graham gouldman, eric Stewart, kevin Godley, and, lol Creme who had written and recorded together for some three years, before assuming the name "10cc" in 1972. 10cc featured two songwriting teams, one "commercial" and one "artistic". Stewart and gouldman were predominantly pop-songwriters, who created most of the band's accessible songs. By way of contrast, oliver godley and Creme were the predominantly experimental half of 10cc, featuring an Art School sensibility and cinematically inspired writing. 5, every member of 10cc was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer, and the writing teams frequently switched partners, so that Godley/Gouldman or Creme/Stewart compositions were not uncommon. After Godley and Creme left the band in 1976, gouldman and Stewart were the main creative forces behind 10cc. Stewart left the band after 1995 and gouldman continues to lead a touring version of 10cc.

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