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Child care, spinning and weaving were the most important activities in the daily routine of the good wife. They were not allowed to watch the Olympic Games, as the participants did not wear clothes, Chariot racing was the only exception game that women could win in Atheans. Unlike the Athenian woman The roman woman was free to enter and leave her house and travel along the streets and she was also allowed to attend the public baths and the games at the arena whereas the Greek woman could not. They were regularly attended Roman public baths. Because bathing was a amusement activity enjoyed by people of all ages, sexes, and social classes. There were often separate baths for women and men. Org) This was an integral part of the lives of most Romans, and for the upper classes, so were dinner parties. Women were able to accompany their husbands to these affairs, which could vary from quite ordinary functions to wildly fantastic ones.

(roman empire 4) Girls married very young and often died in childbirth or because they were weakened from having too many children without interval. However not all babies survived and life expectancy for women was 35-40 years old, because they were dead from childbearing. Mason, Ancient Roman Women: a look at their lives) Secondly, infertility was very important for divorce, and women would often offer a divorce so that their husbands would have the opportunity to have children with someone else. In addition to those inequalities, if she wants to divorce, she could not sea her children again. So it is evident that women had certain prescribed roles to play within Roman and Atehenian society: child bearer, mother, daughter, and wife. Lastly, they had no rights to vote or take part in the operation of the state. (Clark, 13 and roman empire 4) The rights which are mentioned upper design sight are very similar between Roman and Athens woman; on the other hand there are notable and fundamental differences as Roman rules were better than Athens. In Athens woman had limited access to society and the activities that took place there. They could only participate to weddings, funerals and state religious festivals in which women were expected to play prominent public roles. A woman seen outside on her own was assumed to be a slave, prostitute, concubine or a woman so poor that she had to work.

women and work essay

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Woman had not tree right to reject her husband. She had to marry with him or devote herself to gods. (Clark 17) After marriage, man wants to children because families wanted male children to carry on the family name, because women were not allowed to have personal names. Therefore none of the women really had their own identities. After a woman had a baby, she would show it to her husband. If the husband accepted it, it would live, but if he refused it, it would die. Babies would often be rejected if they were illegitimate, unhealthy or deformed, too great a burden on the family or female. Women did not have a choice between having children or not, and they could not overrule the husband if he chose to reject a newborn. Many female children were exposed, which is called female infanticide, by their families because they could not carry on the family name and they also required a dowry at the time of their marriage.

women and work essay

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When womens boys grew up, the mother allowed spent her money and time to advance their political carrier. However, except this event, woman could not spend her money on what ever she wants. According to their thought, the reason of the marriage is that; the management and preservation of property and production of children as future care-givers and heirs. Marriage was the most important event in womans life. Girls got married in their teens, often to a man in his 30's. Her father would choose her husband homework for most Athenians and Romans. The girl did not know or meet her husband until the dowry had been agreed together. In addition it was important that the ancient girls were virgins.

Unlike the Athenian woman, the roman woman had more freedom than Athens. Athenian and Roman woman could have very little rights. They were controlled by men at all stages of their lives. Their father controlled them before they were married. When they married complete control went their husband. If they divorced, control and rights over any property went back to their father or nearest male relative. Mason, Ancient Roman Women: a look at their lives) They thought that; a woman can not manage her money except one event in Roma.

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women and work essay

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Article name: Can Women And Men Just be friends essay, research paper, dissertation. Ancient Roman And Athenian Women, equality in the ancient republic Rome burden and dissertation Athens, where was most famous city state of Ancient Greece was not the same as it is today. In ancient Rome (1.2) and Athenian women (1.1) were not looked upon as equals. By comparison today woman rights, Athenian and Roman woman only a small step above slaves. They could have very little rights. They were considered to be secondary in relation to men.

They were always controlled by man and their duties defined as to bear children and to manage to house hold. There are a lot of similarities between two societies, because roman society borrowed heavilly from that of the Greeks. Before rome was founded, there were a number of Greek colonies in Sicily and southern Italy. As a result of this close contact with the Greeks, the early romans picked up a great amount of ideas of the Greek language and traditions. Although there are similarities between the roman and Athenian woman, there are notable and fundamental differences. Their civil and economic rights are different from each other.

Now that i am 19 and he is 20, i know that our friendship will always be true. When you know someone like i have for this long you know everything about them and i know that no matter what happens he will always be there to support me and help me out. I can honestly say that my best friend is almost like a brother. When you have been friends with someone as long as I have been a friend with my friend they almost become a brother like figure. I know that if I were ever in a bad situation my friend would be there in a heartbeat to help me out. We do everything for each other and without my best friend I would probably be lost.

If I were to compare my friendship with a man to what I have researched above, nothing would match. I could never imagine being more than friends with this person. I feel that since we have known each other so long and have become so close that we could never possible be more than just friends. I feel that in some cases my friendship with this man has lasted longer than any friendship with my female friends because he is easier for me to confide in and there is never any cattiness involved in anything as there would be. I will say that this is my only cross-sex relationship it definitely is a true platonic friendship with no hope or want of anything oss-sex relationships do exist for a large part of our population, but it does require a lot of extra work were. Cross-sex relationships have a lot of speed bumps that you have to maneuver over, but in the end as long as it comes into being honest and everyone pulling their own weights the relationship should be able to succeed. Romantic relationships usually know what they want out of the relationship and their honesty is what helps them through their lasting relationship. This is the same to be said out of a cross-sex relationship, honesty is always a huge factor in almost every relationship, no matter what type of relationship. When it comes down to the big question of can men and women just be friends, it obviously depends on whom you ask to find out what the true answer.

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The part in this movie that shows a mom true example of cross-sex friendship was when Harry says, " you know, you may be the first attractive woman I have not wanted to sleep with in my entire life." This showed that men and women can. True relationships will only last if a bond of friendship is created in the first place and When Harry met Sally is a great movie to help describe this lasting experience with men and women being just friends is very stagnant. I feel that i agree with what most of my paper has said. Men and women have to work on their relationship together in order to make it work. Every relationship takes work; friendship in my opinion takes more time and more pressure on each person in order for it to follow out. The essay example that I will be using is about a friend of mine that I have known since i was born and in my case cross-sex friendship does work. My mom has a close friend that has two kids, a son my age and a daughter that is in 6th grade. Ever since we were little we use to play together and did everything as a group. Over the years we have counted on each other for things and know that we can trust one another whenever we needed something.

women and work essay

Newton states in her article that her relationship with this man started out when he was already in a relationship with someone else. When it comes to cross-sex relationships in the media it becomes trickier, one movie that fits in with cross-sex relationships is When Harry met Sally. This movie seems to be a very good example of how a man and a women could never be just friends. When Harry and Sally meet and begin their journey towards New York, harry admits he's attracted to sally and he says, " Men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way". Sally argues his statement by saying she has a number of man friends and sex has never gotten in the way of her relationships with them. As time progresses they bump into each other years later and as they start talking the cross-sex relationship argument surfaces again. What is funny about this movie is that when they meet for the first time she could hardly stand manager him and said they should try to be friends, while he on the other hand told her they never could be friends. Throughout most of the movie they never hid their true feelings for each other, but towards the end sexual tension comes between the two and you could tell their friendship was definitely turning into something more.

problems when it comes to cross-sex relationships, they have to almost prove to the world that the only thing they are trying to do is commit to a lasting friendship without any strings metimes these cross-sex relationships can give off. Pamela newton wrote in her article, "Can Men and Women be friends?" she states that she had a hard time with her boyfriend seeing his female friends. She states that their relationship started, as a long distance relationship and she hated it when he would call her up and tell her about how he saw a movie and went out to dinner with one of his female friends. "Of course he reassures me that these women are "just friends" and that he's not doing anything wrong. But then I remember that our relationship began while he was dating someone else, and that we, too, were once "just friends". " This was stated in her article. In this specific example a cross-sex relationship could end a romantic relationship between two people. Even though nothing romantic is going on between the "friends but jealousy sets in on the romantic partner of the friend and she ends the relationship on fear of getting hurt.

the author Camille Chatterjee starts off by saying "If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it may explain at least one of their shared beliefs: Men and women can't be real friends." She later goes on to saying that sexual tension. In this article she brings in a psychologist named Linda Spadin. Linda states the fact about how women use oliver to stay at home while the men worked, the only way that a man and a woman would ever be able to meet was if she was single looking for some type of a romantic relationship. Also in this article she talks about how the public may not be ready for cross-sex relationships, some say that when it comes to these type of friendship, simple things like nudging, winking, and skepticism can all be mistaken for a romantic relationship when. We all know that in every type of friendship there is always a great deal of work involved and in cross-sex relationship even more work is needed. Laura guerrero, author of the article "Relational maintenance in cross-sex friendships characterized by different types of romantic intent: an exploratory study" state that cross sex relationships come with a lot of responsibility. Both partners in the friendship have to overcome the fact that romantic relations cannot be found in their friendships. In this article it states that one partner could want the relationship to lean towards romance, but the other could strictly want to be just friends.

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When it comes to answering the question of whether or not men and women can just be friends it depends on whom you are asking. In research this write topic comes up as being a very tricky one, you can ask almost every living human being on this planet that question and they will either answer, yes they can or no that never works out. It comes as being a very interesting topic and always raises a large debate on the issue. Between researchers and personal experiences I can say that in some cases the right man and women can have a lasting relationship that only revolves around there friendship towards one another. This research paper will give me an opportunity to reveal several of the theories on whether or not men and women could ever last as just being friends or if sexual tension gets in the way every order for men and women to be friends. If their friendship is pure and true then we can try and answer the question of whether or not men and women can just be friends. In the article "Can Men and Women be friends?

women and work essay
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  1. If we look at women these days, women have become very successful in balancing between both work and family to build. Your essay should be: focused (.

  2. Barriers to the women Empowerment in India essay 1 (100 words). In todays world, no specific area of work has been fixed for men only and women has. Black women are less likely than white to become managers, are in lower grades within the same occupation, are more likely to do shift work and.

  3. You are in danger of writing a 'discussion' essay about what other people think rather than an opinion. Roles of ict in Empowering Girls and, women girls in ict essay. This might have been truer when work comprised of the traditional jobs like lifting.

  4. A woman seen outside on her own was assumed to be a slave, prostitute, concubine or a woman so poor that she had to work. Baths for women and men. Ielts writing Task 2: ' women and work ' topic.

  5. Article name: Can, women, and, men Just be friends essay, research paper, dissertation. Essay in Which you describe how the roles of Men and, women in the, work, force have changed in Recent years. The woman considers her position as worker transitory, to be thrown aside for the first. Prompt seems to adopt because most notable published work and.

  6. This essay will discuss both aspect before making any definitive conclusion. In my opinion, men and women can work in any field with the help of the. Men and women have to work on their relationship together in order.

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