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Someone may have graduated from Cornell (besides Andy bernard) yet have no idea how to handle writing about video games in a real world setting. Our staff have been through the trenches, around for years or even decades writing about video games not because theyre trying to be the next personality, but because they simply love games. Theres a reason why our writers have gone onto things like co-hosting television shows or running ign. Simply put, if youre obsessed with games and are a great writer looking for a soapbox, hit us up with a resumé at writewithus at hardcoregamer dot com. The worst we can say is youre awful, dont quit your day job. Share your story with the world and empower others to live better every day. Why write for the green tribe? We connect empower all you gorgeous health heroes green goddesses, grant you a beautiful space to share your stories and beam out a positive change-making message to the world honouring body, mind and soul.

On most sites, you're either a full-fledged member of the staff, or at best, you resume can blog independently amongst the community. The staff are all great at Gameskinny. I got a lot of helpful feedback from everyone, and I still love the approach Gameskinny has taken to games journalism. There's no other site where you can write up an idea and within the day, get free editorial feedback and helpful suggestions, and maybe even end up on the front page. So you want to join Hardcore gamer? Cool, but hold your Eponas. While were always looking for talented gamers and journalists to join the team, we actually value your gaming knowledge more than your Twitter followers. Played Mario with your brother growing up and now write about video games after quitting a music blog? Loved rez enough that you imported a trance vibrator from Japan? If youre a strong, passionate writer with a unique voice and were a gamer before you even thought about being a journalist, well get together like chocolate and peanut butter. In the over ten years weve been in publication, weve had every conceivable type of writer come through and have learned one thing: resumé appearance can be deceiving.

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Lauren Puga, writer at ign, designer at AdRoll. Its a essay pretty great feeling to see something youve written published on Gameskinny. Its an even better feeling when you are on the front page. You'll gain so many lucrative skills you wouldnt have learned otherwise. Who knew my experience using google Analytics and mastering seo would land me a job in digital media. Elijah beahm, gs contributor, thank god for Gameskinny, because i couldn't have found a better place to help me improve my writing and get a new start. Contributing to gameskinny was like a breath of fresh air.

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Our editorial team chooses the best content to be promoted to the full Gameskinny community (homepage, newsletters, social, etc.). If your content isn't selected for the homepage it is still eligible for our bounty program and still fully visible by our community. Ultimately, you can write whatever youd like! If youre aiming for the most views, the most engagement, a dedicated fanbase and a coveted spot on the gameskinny home page, heres what has done well in the past: News, guides, tips tricks. Top Lists or Listicles (best mods, best weapons, hardest bosses, etc.). Reviews, exploration of Gaming Topics and Culture (Gamergate, diversity in gaming, trends and hot topics). Videos (trailers, walkthroughs, etc.) 7 thousand writers 3 million readers 1 million dollars in bounty planned.

Our Training, our bounty Program. Get paid for your effort. Limitless upside and rates better than you'll ever get from Adsense on a personal blog! More Info, signup, write, congratulations! Youre writing with us! Everything you write goes into your Portfolio. Your Portfolio is your own personal space, displaying all of your Gameskinny writing. Anyone can see your Portfolio, and your writing, if they click on your profile. So share your Portfolio link on your Twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn - wherever youd like.

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If you are really good at writing, you can also start earning with us and be part of our editorial team. Are you a gamer? Do you want to share your essay opinions? Then you should write with. If youve struggled to build a following online or to find a platform that meets your needs, then you should write with. Not a gamer, but love to research topics and enjoy reasoned and rational writing? You should join us too.

As digital natives, we were born and raised with gaming. When we write about gaming, were writing from years of experience and a passion for playing. This is Native journalism. We have the inside scoop because we are the insiders. Our Audience, be heard by an established, and rapidly growing, audience of more than three million readers who are interested in what you have to say. Our Editors, theyre professionals with extensive experience in journalism (and gaming). They know what theyre about, and theyre here to help you produce the best possible content.

Terms conditions, piece of content you want to write with us should be unique, free of plagiarism,  free from grammatical mistakes and its never shared on internet. If you provide the content which is already shared on internet well reject your article. As Copyright is very important in online world therefore avoid Copyrighted content. Articles must not have any affiliate links or any other advertisement within and they must not point to irrelevant sites. We have the rights to not share the submitted articles. We have the rights to edit, modify or make changes in your submitted articles but you will own the copyrights.

Also include your bio and description in the Article which will help us to keep the records of submitted articles. Articles should be either in pdf format or in Doc format. Please upload your article and click send. Make sure you see the successful Send Message before leaving. Your Name (required your Email (required). Subject (required your Message (required). Are you are good at programming and would like to start writing also about the topics that you know the best. . Here at m, we are looking for good writers for our site. If you want to write with us, please fill the below contact form.

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Were so glad to have you on make easy money. Theres always room for improvement and we are always looking for new authors to write with. If you think writing you have valuable knowledge in same domain of make easy money then we would love to share your words with the rest of world. If you have an idea which is not already on make easy money then you can write with us, even if you dont have an idea but you think your knowledge will be valuable for the world then just aim to your topic and try. As we receive a lot of articles to publish on make easy money henceforth, you need to make sure following things. Types of Articles, mini Articles word range is from 400-500 words. Articles word range is from 500-1000. Article should be formal and interesting.

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Its super easy to use. Once you are registered and essays logged in, youll notice a new button at the top of every page. Hover over this and click new Post. Now youre in the wordPress article editor area. Articles are called Posts. All you need to do is choose a title, write your text, optionally include an image or two and click submit for review. If you have any questions at all, mail us at and one of us will get back to you with help. If you think any of your friends would like to write, remember to share this page with them too. Looking forward to hearing from you.

to write about it in general, or you can make it specific. A blog post is often easier to write and more interesting to read, if you get really specific and also share something of yourself. Theres a blizzard of general comment out there. The best read articles tend to be personal and specific. Readers are more likely to be interested in how personal experience shapes your opinion of Stuart Hoggs red card in Scotlands Six Nations match with Wales, than in your review of Scotlands tournament as a whole. If youre ever short of ideas, just mail us at with any kind of thinking you have and one of us will get back to you with a few suggestions. How to submit Articles, we use wordPress, the most popular blogging system in the world.

Register for an account, what should you write about? The short answer is — anything related to rugby. Heres a fairly random list of possible topics. Teams, moments in matches or moments in time. Countries, tournaments, players, playing positions, grounds, shirts. History, traditions (like the haka, for example). Team dominance, scoring systems, kicking technique, moves (e.g.

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Would you like to inspire others with your writing? Interested in connecting with other rugby twist fans around the world? Do you love writing? Maybe you would like to build your twitter profile or gain traffic for your own rugby website? Would you like to gain experience using the worlds leading blogging platform WordPress? Were looking for rugby bloggers from all corners of the world to join our community and write engaging rugby content. Well provide you with coaching to use wordPress to upload your content, cool Rugbydata widgets to prove your point and awesome author promotion (promote your Twitter profile and/or your own website). To get started, register for an account and you will receive a contributor account to allow you to start writing blog articles immediately.

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Share your story with the world and empower others to live better every day. Why write for the green tribe?

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  1. We want to invite you to share your story or best article here on myfamilyOnABudget! So you want to join Hardcore gamer? Played Mario with your brother growing up and now write about video games after quitting a music blog?

  2. Have you got an article, guide or perhaps a tool that you would like to publish? At Ristika we can help your content get the audience it deserves and help you get the best revenue. So whenever you want to blog with us as a way of self expression, to polish your writing skills or just to network and socialize with other medical students around Italy. We are so excited that you are here!

  3. You can write an article and it will be published on our site that can be read by thousands of our daily unique visitors. If you are passionate about tax and would like to share your expertise with tax professionals around the globe, we welcome you to join our network of international contributors. Then you should write with. If youve struggled to build a following online or to find a platform that meets your needs, then you should write with.

  4. Write with Us is a place for writers to collaborate on stories. Pick a story, and start reading. What happens next is up to you! If yes, then write with.

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