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Wherefore let us steer our own ship, ess2-21 to marcia on consolation,. 3 and not allow this power to sweep us from the course! . he is a sorry steersman who lets the waves tear the helm from his hands, who has left the sails to the mercy of the winds, and abandoned the ship to the storm; but he deserves praise, even amid shipwreck, whom the sea overwhelms still. "But you say, "Nature bids us grieve for our dear ones."  Who denies it, so long as grief is tempered? . For not only the loss of those who are dearest to us, but a mere parting, brings an inevitable pang and wrings even the stoutest heart. . But false opinion has added something more to our grief than Nature has prescribed. . Observe how passionate and yet how brief is the sorrow of dumb animals. . The lowing of cows is heard, for one or two days only, and that wild and frantic running about of mares lasts no longer; wild beasts, after following the tracks of their stolen cubs, after wandering through the forests and returning over and over.

you do not turn your thought to the pleasant intercourse and the meetings you had with Ess2-19 to marcia on consolation,. 2 your son, nor to his fond and boyish caresses, nor to the progress of his studies; you dwell only on that last appearance of fortune, and just as if it were not horrible enough in itself, you add to it all the horror you. do not, i pray you, covet that most perverse distinction - that of being considered the most unhappy of women! . Reflect, too, that it is no great thing to show one's self brave in the midst of prosperity, when life glides on in a tranquil course; a quiet sea and a favouring wind do not show the skill of a pilot either - some hardship. Accordingly, do not be bowed down - nay, on the contrary, plant your feet firmly, and, terrified only at first by the din, support whatever burden may fall from above. . Nothing casts so much contempt on Fortune as an unruffled spirit." After this he directed her to the son that was still alive, he directed her to the children story of the son she had lost. It was your trouble, marcia, that was dealt with there, it was at your side that Areus sat; change the role - it was you that he tried to comfort. . But suppose, marcia, more was snatched from you than any mother has ever lost - i am not trying to soothe you or to minimize your calamity. . If tears can vanquish fate, let us marshal vayner tears; let every day be passed in grief, let every night be sleepless and consumed with sorrow; let hands rain blows on a bleeding breast, nor spare even the face from their assault; if sorrow will help. But if no wailing can recall the dead, if no distress can alter a destiny that is immutable and fixed for all eternity, and if death holds fast whatever it has once carried off, then let grief, which is futile, cease. .

151 supreme essays

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Noblesse_oblige and so in this matter also you must still hold to your practice tree of doing nothing that you could wish undone, or done otherwise. "Furthermore, i beg and beseech of you, do not make yourself unapproachable and difficult to your friends. . For surely you must be aware that none of them know how to conduct themselves - whether they should speak of Drusus in your presence or not - wishing neither to wrong so distinguished a youth by forgetting him, or to hurt you by mentioning. When we have withdrawn from your company and are gathered together, we extol his deeds and words with all the veneration he deserved; in your presence there is deep silence about him. . And so you are missing a very great pleasure in not hearing the praises of your son, which I doubt not, you would be glad, if you should be given the opportunity, to prolong to all time even at the cost of your life. . Wherefore submit to conversation about your son, nay encourage it, and let your ears be open to his name and memory; and do not consider this burdensome, after the fashion of some others, who in a calamity of this sort count it an added misfortune. As it is, you have tended wholly to the other extreme, and, forgetting the better aspects of your fortune, you gaze only upon its worse side. .

151 supreme essays

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4 comes before his mother as the same merry and joyous son that he used to be when he was alive. Nor shall I direct your mind to precepts of the sterner sort, a so essay as to bid you bear a human fortune in inhuman fashion, so as to dry a mother's eyes on the very day of burial. . But I shall come with you before an arbiter, and this will be the question at issue between us - whether grief ought to be deep or neverending. . I doubt not that the example of Julia augusta, b whom you regarded as an intimate friend, will seem more to your taste than the other; she summons you to follow her. . She, during the first passion of grief, when its victims are most unsubmissive and most violent, made herself accessible to the philosopher Areus, the friend of her husband, and later confessed that she had gained much help from that source - more than from the. It was thus, i fancy, that Areus approached her, it was thus he commenced to address a woman who clung most tenaciously to her own opinion: "Up to this day, julia, at least so far as i am aware - and, as the constant companion. 4 larger matters, but in the smallest trifles, you have been on your guard not to do anything that you could wish public opinion, that most frank judge of princes, to excuse. . And nothing, i think, is more admirable than the rule that those who have been placed in high position should bestow pardon for many things, should seek pardon for none.

Do you choose, therefore, which of these two examples you think the more laudable. . If you prefer to follow the former, you will remove yourself from the number of the living; you will turn away your eyes both from other people's children and from your own, even from him whom you mourn; mothers will regard you as an unhappy. If, on the other hand, you appropriate the example of the other most exalted lady, showing thus a more restrained and more gentle spirit, you will not dwell in sorrow, nor rack yourself with anguish. . For what madness it is -how monstrous! to punish one's self for misfortune and add new ill to present ills! . That correctness of character and self- restraint which you have maintained all your life, you will exhibit in this matter also; for there is such a thing as moderation even in grieving. . And as to the youth himself, who so richly deserved that the mention of his name and your thought of him should always bring you joy, you will set him in a more fitting place, if he ess2-15 to marcia on consolation, iii.

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151 supreme essays

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B Companioned ever by darkness and solitude, giving no thought even to her brother, she spurned the poemsc that were written to glorify the memory of Marcellus and all other literary honours, and closed her ears to every form of consolation. Withdrawing from all her accustomed duties and hating Ess2-11 to marcia on consolation,. 2 even the good fortune that her brother's greatness shed all too brightly around her, she buried herself in deep seclusion. . Surrounded by children and grandchildren, she would not lay aside her garb of mourning, and, putting a slight on all her nearest, accounted herself utterly bereft though they still lived. And livia lost her son Drusus, who would have made a great emperor, and had already shown himself a great leader. For he had penetrated far into germany, and had planted the roman standards in a region where it was scarcely known that any romans existed. . he had died on the campaign, and his very foes had reverently honoured his sick-bed by maintaining peace along with us; nor did they dare to desire what their interests demanded. .

And to these circumstances of his death, which he had met in the service of his country, there was added the unbounded sorrow of his fellow-citizens, of the provinces, and of all Italy, through the length of which crowds poured forth from the towns and. His mother had not been permitted to receive her son's last kisses and drink in the fond words of his dying lips. . On the long journey a through which she accompanied the remains of her dear Drusus, her heart was harrowed by the countless pyres that flamed throughout all Italy - for on each she seemed to be losing her son afresh, yet as soon as she. And lastly, she never ceased national from proclaiming the name of her Ess2-13 to marcia on consolation, iii. She had him pictured everywhere, in private and in public places, and it was her greatest pleasure to talk about him and to listen to the talk of others - she lived with his memory. . But no one can cherish and cling to a memory that he has rendered an affliction to himself.

When they have festered and turned into a wicked sore, then they must be cauterized and, opened up to the very bottom, must submit to probing fingers. . As it is, i cannot possibly be a match for such hardened grief by being considerate and gentle; it must be crushed. . i am aware that all those who wish to give anyone admonition commonly begin with precepts, and end with examples. But it is desirable at times to alter this practice; for different people must be dealt with differently. . Some are guided by reason, some must be confronted with famous names and an authority that does not leave a man's mind free, dazzled as he is by showy deeds. . I shall place before your eyes but two examples - the greatest of your sex and century -one, of a woman who allowed herself to be swept away by grief, the other, of a woman who, though she suffered a like misfortune and even greater.

Octavia and livia, the one the ess2-9 to marcia on consolation,. 3-4 sister of Augustus, the other his wife, had lost their sons - both of them young men with the well-assured hope of becoming emperor. Octavia losta marcellus, upon whom Augustus, at once his uncle and his father-in-law, had begun to lean, upon whom he had begun to rest the burden of empire - a young man of keen mind, of commanding ability, yet withal marked by a frugality and. Through all the rest of her life Octavia set no bounds to her tears and moans, and closed her ears to all words that offered wholesome advice; with her whole mind fixed and centred upon one single thing, she did not allow herself even. Such she remained during her whole life as she was at the funeral - i do not say lacking the courage to rise, but refusing to be uplifted, counting any loss of tears a second bereavement. Not a single portrait would she have of her darling son, not one mention of his name in her hearing. . She hated all mothers, and was inflamed nost of all against livia, because it seemed that the happiness which had once been held out to herself had passed to the other woman's son.

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even time, nature's great healer, that lays even our most grievous sorrows, in your case only has lost its dream power. . Three whole years have now passed, and yet the first violence of your sorrow has in no way abated. Your grief is renewed and grows stronger every day - by lingering Ess2-7 to marcia on consolation,. 3 it has established its right to stay, and has now reached the point that it is ashamed to make an end, just as all vices become deep-rooted unless they are crushed when they spring up, so, too, such a state of sadness and wretchedness. And so homework i should have liked to approach your cure in the first stages of your sorrow. . While it was still young, a gentler remedy might have been used to check its violence; against inveterate evils the fight must be more vehement. . This is likewise true of wounds - they are easy to heal while they are still fresh and bloody. .

151 supreme essays

i am not stealing upon you with stealth, nor am I planning to filch from you any of your sufferings. . I have recalled to your memory old misfortunes, and, that you may know that even this deep-cut wound will surely heal, i have shown you the scar of an old wound that was not less severe. . And so let others deal with you gently and ply soft monsoon words. . I myself have determined to battle with your grief, and your eyes that are wearied and worn - weeping now, if I may speak the truth, more from habit than from sorrow - shall be checked by measures that, if so it may be, you. Else what end shall it have? Every means has been tried in vain. The consolations of your friends, the influence of great men who were your relatives have been exhausted. . books, your love for which was a boon bequeathed by your father, now void of comfort and scarcely serving for brief distraction, make their appeal to unheeding ears. .

long as you could; after it became clear that, surrounded as he was by the minions of Sejanus, he had no other way of escape from servitude, favour his plan you did not, but you acknowledged defeat. B When, however, changed times gave you an opportunity, you recovered for the benefit of men that genius of your father which had brought him to his end, and thus saved him from the only real death, and the books which that bravest hero had. you have done a very great service to roman scholarship, for a large part of his writings had been burned; a very great service to posterity, for history will come to them as an uncorrupted record whose honesty cost its author dear and a very. A great loss, in very truth, the state had suffered, had you not rescued this man who had been thrust into oblivion for the sake of two of the noblest things - eloquence and freedom. . But he is now read, he lives, and ensconced in the hands and Ess2-5 to marcia on consolation,. 4-7 hearts of men he fears no passing of the years; but, those cutthroats - even their crimes, by which alone they deserved to be remembered, will soon be heard of no more. . This evidence of the greatness of your mind forbade me to pay heed to your sex, forbade me to pay heed to your face, which, since sorrow once clouded it, unbroken sadness holds for all these years.

A slash followed by a small letter or a number indicates a footnote at the bottom of the page. Only notes of historical, philosophical, or literary interest to a general reader have been included. I have allowed Greek passages to stand as the scanner read them, in unintelligible strings of characters. Table of Contents: de consolatione ad, marciam. De vita, beata, de, otio, dE, tranquillitate. De brevitate, vitae, de consolatione ad, polybium. De consolatione ad, helviam, hippie index: adfectus (1) anger (1) benefactions (1 caliban (1) chance (1) cheer (1) common (7) common_property (1) commonwealths (1) constantia_integrity (1) courageous (1) courtesy (1) cupidatium (1) desire (1) donne_death (1) effeminacy (2) Emerson (1) eve_evil (1) fallen (1) fate (1). But your strength of mind has been already so tested and your courage, after a severe trial, so approved that they have given me confidence. How you bore yourself in relation to your father is common knowledge; for you loved him not less dearly than your children, save only that you did not wish him to outlive you. .

Essays, moral and Political (1741-42, 1777)

Seneca's, essays, volume, ii, source: Lucius Annasus Seneca. Translated by john. The loeb Classical Library. 3 vols.: Volume. Before using any portion essay of this text in any theme, essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation, please read the disclaimer. Transcription conventions: Page numbers in angle brackets refer to the edition cited as the source. The latin text, which appears on even-numbered pages, is not included here. Words or phrases singled out for indexing are marked by plus signs. In the index, numbers in parentheses indicate how many times the item appears.

151 supreme essays
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  1. Edition used: Joseph Addison, cato: a tragedy and Selected Essays,. By Christine dunn Henderson and Mark. Yellin, with a foreword by forrest McDonald (Indianapolis: Liberty fund, 2004).

  2. Sarah Grimké and Angelina Grimké weld, sisters from a south Carolina slave-holding family, were active abolitionist public speakers and pioneer womens rights advocates in a time when American women rarely occupied the public stage. Their personal stories about the horrors of slavery made them. The copytext for the following essays is the 1777 edition of the Essays and Treatises on several e essays themselves all appeared in this 1741 collection, and in this order, but the actual text (and in some cases the titles) changed over time, and.

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