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2013 burmese pythons in Florida. 2013 du Pre, jolie. burmese pythons: 8 Facts about the Exotic Pet Thats ruining the Florida everglades. Florida burmese python hunt begins with 11 catches in the everglades. 2013 Natural Resources Management Burmese pythons. South Florida natural Resources Center.

As of the 11th of January there has been 11 pythons caught in the everglades and are being kept at the University of Florida; until, the contest is over. There is a wallpaper prize for the longest and the biggest snake caught. According to the website, the hunt is being conducted to raise public awareness about Burmese pythons and how this invasive species is a threat to the everglades ecosystem, including native wildlife. (Surely, the appeal of saying that one has successfully captured and killed a gigantic invasive death snake should not be discounted, either. Although Burmese pythons are from southern and southeast Asia, they were brought here as a trade for exotic pets. They can live up to 25 years; grow to be 25 to 26 feet long; weigh up to 200 pounds or more. Most people see them as a threat to the everglades environment and others see them as a family pet. Those that see them as a pet do not realize the danger of the up keep. Those that see the pythons as a pest are only mad because the python killed their pet or tried. Even though the government tried to catch some of them there are still thousands of pythons in the everglades. Work cited burmese python.

burmese python essay

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With so many things that can kill the burmese python there should be more law to protect them from being killed due to the their size or that they hunt the pet of people. In early january of 2013 legislators came up with a very way of catching pythons that are loose and out of the national Park, it is called the 2013 Python Challenge. There is a hunt for Burmese pythons in the everglades, this contest started short in the later part of January and will end the 18th of February. Nearly 1,600 hunters from 38 states, washington. And Canada, took part in the challenge, which offered cash prizes (Tuffley). The Challenge lasted for a month in which 68 pythons were caught. A1500 reward was given to the hunter who caught the most pythons and 1000 for the hunter who caught the longest.

burmese python essay

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Imagine being in their shoes, after put their pet in their backyard and a five foot snake slowly squeezing their poor little pet to death and eat them. This is why they go to their congressman and ask that these snakes be removed to protect their animals. If a person were to want a burmese pythons they could be bought for as little as twenty dollars from a pet shop. Burmese pythons as exotic pets are in big business in the United States adding the number of snakes in captivity and being breed is over 112,0In 2007, there was nearly 250 snakes removed out of a national Park. Natural Resources) The burmese python can live fifteen to twenty-five years and females can lay one hundred eggs. The hatchlings are larger than native hatchlings snakes and grow quickly when there is enough food. Even though they are very deadly predators, but their most likely predator for the pythons in the everglades are alligators, American crocodiles, black bears and cougars (wikipedia).

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burmese python essay

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These snakes can get as big as 23 feet or more and weigh as much as 200 pounds; they are excellent swimmers and can stay under water for up to 20 minutes, according to the national geographic. The number of, burmese pythons in the Florida everglades could run into the tens of homework thousands. large amounts of raccoons, opossums, bobcats and other mammals have been eaten by the carnivorous reptiles, and scientists fear the situation will worsen. Burmese, pythons were first observed in the state of Florida since the 1979 in the everglades. Their ability to adapt aggressively to the south Florida environment has prompted authorities to name them as an invasive species (wikipedia). From 20, over 200.

Burmese, pythons have been observed in the parks boundaries. There are about 180,000 pythons in or around the everglades area; they have also been spotted in Big Cypress National Preserve and North of the parks boundaries. Burmese python are one of the four snakes that are not allowed to import into the United States. The burmese python has caused a lot of ruckus in communities surrounding the everglades and to the people who let them get out due to the snakes diet. The burmese python can eat animals from the size of a small rodent to animals as large as a deer which is why many of the people living in surrounding areas are so upset due to the fact that pets are being eaten by the.

Burmese, pythons have a beautiful patterned skin, a rapid growth rate, which is known as the largest snake of choice to be owned by human. Burmese python are poorly taking care of; some turn on their owners and end up killing them. Due to, them being poorly taking care pythons are release into the wild or in a nearby wooded area to defended for themselves and find food. Habitat depletion, continued demand for. Burmese pythons in the pet trade, and hunting for their skins and flesh have landed these graceful giants on the threatened species list.

Python molurus bivittatus or the, burmese, python originate from the southeast Asia. Around the end of the twentieth century, there has been a breeding population. Burmese, pythons in Florida, especially in the everglade. We will write a custom essay sample on, burmese, pythons in Florida or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Essay, examples on, florida rubric, this popular exotic animal has been released or has escaped from their owners homes or outdoor enclosures. According to usa today, facts about. Burmese, pythons are they come from southeast Asia; they came to America as pets of trade; first appeared in the Florida everglades in the mid-1990s.

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It Is not a toyota can Just be let go Into the wild when we our tired. Taking ownership of our decisions and actions Is how this relates most to saint Oleos Core values. Smith: Reptilian and Amphibian, volvo. In: The fauna of British India, ceylon and Burma, including the whole of the Indo-Chinese sub-Region. Taylor and Francis, Ltd., london 1943, p 102-109. We will write a custom essay sample on, burmese, pythons in everglades or any similar topic only for you. There are many different essay types of snakes in the state of Florida from the average garden snake to the very venomous Eastern diamondback rattle but so far the only one that has both citizens and politicians truly worried about are the. Burmese, pythons that are located in the everglades, a national Park located in southern Florida. Burmese, pythons in Florida introduction.

burmese python essay

Mass breeding with other snakes and caused their population to woman rapidly increase. Proposed Solution With the deaths of small children and family pets the local government in Florida has taken action. They first made the importing of the, burmese, python illegal. Releasing them into the wild is illegal and owners have to pay a yearly fee to keep them. The government also authorized a hunting season for the python to help keep the population down. Saint leafs Core values. As pet owners we need to be more responsible with the animal we choose to take. Responsibility Is a must when having a pet.

the ecosystem in Florida. They will feed on small rodents like mice to larger prey like alligators and deer. At the extremely high rate of reproduction the snakes population is outnumbering that of their prey, thus threatening the balance of the ecosystem in the everglades. Cause of the Problem. These beautiful snakes were initially brought to America as pets. Having owned a few snakes Im aware that they are among the most aggressive eaters out of all the pythons. They have beautiful coats and It can be hypnotize to watch them eat. Unfortunately, people dont take into accountability the massive size these snakes can grow to and rather than properly dispose of the snakes they simply release them into the wild. The humidity, source of water, and food in the everglades make it easy for he snake to adapt.

On Bali they reach an average length of 2 metres (6.6 ft 9 and on Sulawesi they achieve a maximum.5 metres (8.2 ft).10. Geographic range and habitatedit, natural Distribution of the burmese python (green). The burmese python are found throughout southern- and southeast Asia, including Eastern India, nepal, western Bhutan, southeastern Bangladesh, myanmar, Thailand, laos, cambodia, vietnam, northern continental Malaysia, far southern China (Fujian, jiangxi, guangdong, hainan, guangxi and Yunnan 11 Hong Kong, and in Indonesia on java, southern. Many people get the urge to own a pet and impulsively go and acquire one. Where they go wrong is that they fail to realize the amount of responsibility that comes with owing a pet. When It Is time to assume those responsibilities the owner often will become overwhelmed and simply let the animal go free into shakespeare the wild. Some animals survive, some of them cant, and others like the. Burmese python adapt In ways that we didnt Imagine.

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Burmese pythons are dark-colored snakes with many brown blotches bordered in black down the back. The perceived attractiveness of their skin pattern contributes to their popularity with both reptile keepers and the leather industry. The pattern is similar in colour, but different in actual pattern from the African Rock python (Python sebae sometimes resulting in confusion of the two species outside of their natural habitats. The African Rock python can generally be distinguished by its tighter pattern of markings, compared to the burmese python, which has good bolder patterns, similar to those seen on a giraffe. In the wild, burmese pythons grow.7 metres (12 ft) on average,34 while specimens of more than 4 metres (13 ft) are uncommon.78 In general, individuals over 5 metres are rare.7 The record maximum length for Burmese pythons is held by a female named. Shortly after death, her actual length was determined to.74 metres (18 ft 10 in). Widely published data of specimens that were reported to have been even several feet longer are not verified.5 There are dwarf forms on java, bali and Sulawesi.

burmese python essay
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  4. Essays, term and research papers available for unlimited access. Burmese pythons in the wild in Florida. Approximately 112,000 of these Asian snakes have been imported into the United States since 1990.

  5. Papers ; Burmese pythons in everglades; Burmese pythons in everglades. Many people get the urge to own a pet and impulsively go and acquire one. Python Essays : over 180,000, python Essays, python, term, papers, python, research Paper, book reports.

  6. Burmese pythons that are located in the everglades, a national Park located. I wrote this essay for an assignment in Environmental Science. The sources were publishings from david and Tracy barker from vpi, and usark.

  7. Burmese pythons are dark-colored snakes with many brown blotches bordered in black down the back. The perceived attractiveness of their skin pattern. Burmese pythons in Florida. There are many different types of snakes in the state of Florida from the average garden snake to the very venomous Eastern diamondback rattle but so far the only one that has both citizens and politicians truly worried about are the.

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