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The paper, written for Professor Baron's American Foreign Policy class, was only a "long seminar paper." Baron "claims to have lost his copy of the paper in a move sometime ago." And though bho has written about "racial slurs" inscribed on campus walls and bathroom. Perhaps Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Columbia university Professor from —and bhos current foreign policy advisor—could shed some light on both issues. After leaving Columbia in 1983, bho remained in New York for four years then moved to Chicago. During his New York and Chicago years, bho was predominately employed by a succession of community action organizations until he began attending Harvard Law School in 1988 and was elected the first "black" president of the harvard Law review in 1990. Bho graduated magna cum laude with a harvard law degree in 1991. On a more dubious note, obama also became adept at collecting parking tickets in Somerville,. Bho avoided paying the fines for over 19 years.

Why would young bho choose to attend classes at Occidental? Why wouldnt bho enroll at the University of Hawaii where both of his alleged parents were "alumni" and writing where he had lived (since the Christmas holidays in 1971) when he returned to hawaii with his mother to live with his grandparents (Stanley armour and Madelyn. Photo of bho allegedly taken during his years at Occidental college in Los Angeles. Occidental is known as a liberal arts college, ranking 36th nationally in 2008 and having a "rising star quality the same phraseology used by the media when describing Obamas sudden "rise in popularity" and his "star-like qualities." Occidental also sponsors student foreign-exchange programs affiliated with. Bho likely did not choose Occidental; Occidental was chosen for him. After two years at Occidental, bho transferred to columbia university in New York and graduated in 1983 with a ba in Political Science, concentrating in "International Relations." Despite having previously received "scholarships" and "financial aid from his grandparents Obama spent his first night in New York "sleeping. 94th., in East Harlem, where he would "chat with his puerto rican neighbors e sound of gunfire at night. "Obama's professors and classmates, including former international politics professor Michael Baron and current mtv president Michael Wolf, confirm that he was a brilliant, standout student and that he was an active participant in seminars. Baron said he was one of the top one or two students in his class. "Despite this, Obama continually declines requests to release his Columbia transcript." Though there has been significant discussion as to whether Obama's senior thesis was about "soviet nuclear disarmament" or the "North-south debate on trade and the new international economic order he did not write.

obama wife thesis

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"Indeed there was a negroid child, but they claimed that the child was from Irian or West Papua, a province in eastern Indonesia said Maniati." Obviously, the residents of shakespeare jakarta did not recall the "Soetoro family nor Barack Obama. The evidence suggests that if Obama was in Indonesia for any length of time, it was for a birthday party at a house no one can find today and for only part of one school year. Maya soetoro, bhos half sister, is on record as claiming that bho lived with Stanley ann and soetoro in Indonesia from 1968 to 1973 and that he lived there from. We now have bho living in Indonesia from either ; ; and;. Thus far we have established that there is no part of bhos life story from his alleged birth in 19 (or 1972, 19) that can be proved through documents or anecdotes. Like barack Obama,., bhos education was beyond his familys visible financial means, so who paid for it? Most likely, the rockefellers. They could have easily funneled his tuition into a bank of Hawaii account set up by its vp, madelyn Dunham, bhos maternal grandmother (Remember that Madelyn Dunhams father worked for the rockefellers Standard Oil Co). College years The official story states that bho began his college career at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

obama wife thesis

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The road closer to the mosque at that time was quite famous. One of the residents who had lived a long time in the Amir Hamzah Park are, ari (aged 55 when being questioned by detikcom, claimed to have never heard of a barack, obama, or Barry. He had also never heard of a person named Lolo soetoro. "As I remember in the 1960s many dutch lived near this area. If there was a negroid child, i would have known said Ari, who added, "Apart from Dutch, though, in this area there also lived many descendents of the dutch Ambonese." Haji mamiati, who had lived in the area since the 1950s also admitted to not. He claimed that in the Amir Mamzah Park area, during the 1960s there were many foreigners. Mamiati thought that he had indeed seen a black negro child who had curly hair who lived. 2 Dempo Street sometime around the the 1970s. Hovever, he said the negroid child was claimed to have been from Papua.

They had also never heard of the lolo soetoro name, ann Dunham, or maya kassandra soetoro. In fact Barry, together with his mother and his stepfather, lived in Indonesia for quite a long time. Apparently barry went to Primary School here for only one year in Primary 4, but the information from maya soetoro is that Barry had lived in Indonesia between the years. However, the exact location of Barrys house for five years remains unclear. "The only thing that is certain according to Onny, "is that Barry lived on Dempo Street." "I had previously attended Barrys birthday party in the house, not far from Amir Hamzah Park said Onny, barrys school friend from 1971. At the time, dempo Street was still being worked. It was just off Amir Hamzah Park although not right in front.

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obama wife thesis

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Larry martin, an "expatriate" who has lived in southeast Asia for more than 20 years, published an article on January 20, 2007, at his Internet good blog site: m, "An life American Expat in southeast Asia." Martin's article, " Tracking Down Obama in Indonesia"s the findings. However, currently the occupants of the house and the residents in this area have never heard of either Barack or Barry. Tracking down the past of. Senator in Indonesia is quite difficult. The only quite strong information Detikcom was able to obtain was from an Onny padmo, barrys classmate in class 4 of Besuki primary school, menteng, jakarta near the city center around 1971. Onny admitted to attending Barrys birthday party at his house at that time.

Barrys house was supposedly on Dempo Street near Amir Hamzah Park. But, Onny didnt quite seem to remember the exact address. As you know, that was over 35 years ago. Detikcom investigated the area on Monday (3/7/2006). However, several residents who have lived in this area for quite a long time had never heard of the barack name or Barry.

(Back row l-r) are "unknown, barack hussein Muhammed Obama,., half-brother Abongo (Roy) Obama, and three more unknowns." It is ironic that the "Obama family" did not identify all persons in this photo. One might question if any are the children of Obama,. S "third wife" Ruth Nidesand, a white American woman (not pictured) who is reportedly still living in Kenya. If so, then one of the four "unknowns" might have been "david Obama who bho claims to have never met. Kezia intimated that "Barack" visited Kenya in 1985 when david was still alive, which is in direct conflict with bhos claim that his first visit occurred after davids death in 1987. Bhos other "half-brother" Mark, if in this same photo, would cause others to question why his complexion is so much darker than that of bho.

One characteristic which cannot be attributed to his black kenyan "father" or his white American "mother" is the color of his lips. Bho carries a trait unique to those born in southeast Asia, certain parts of the middle east and northern Africa and is only visible in color photos and videos. Obamas lips have a purple hue common to those born in the Philippines, malaysia, indonesia and in some Arab countries. It is a feature not found in black Africans, nor in African-Americans, yet bho has it (Recall that the "Obama" name is also of Indonesian origin). Regiment of Netherlands East Indies forces in 1943—Anyone of these soldiers or his relatives could be the father of bho. Considering the "Obama" name is Maluku in origin and his physical traits, bho was likely born in Papua, new guinea—not Hawaii. South Molucca, like the greater part of Indonesia, had been under Dutch control for centuries.

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Bho may resemble his "mother" or "father" if one stretches his imagination but there are aspects of his physical appearance that call his parentage into question. Americans are familiar with the progression of numerous black generations who first arrived as slaves. Some interbred with whites, hispanics, or other races with lighter skin, though they continued to produce offspring with dark complexions. Black genes are dominant and typically several interracial encounters are required before lighter-skinned offspring are produced. Bhos complexion does appear to be unusually light, considering he is "the first offspring" produced between a black man and a white woman. As "politically incorrect" as it may be, this is a scientifically valid observation. Bhos "parents" were also of average or below-average height though he turned out to be over six feet tall. That bho turned out to be so tall and light-skinned, considering his alleged parentage and alleged grandparentage is, genetically speaking, curious. At right is a photo previously published by The Chicago sun Times in 2007, "courtesy of the Obama family." (l-r front row) are "half-sister Auma, her mother kezia, step-grandmother Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama, and unknown.

obama wife thesis

African maternal grandfather and the rest of his genealogy is Arabic. So, lamb reasons, Obama is 50 percent white on his mothers side and.75 percent Arabic on his fathers side. That means Obamas genetic makeup is only.25 percent black African. In order to legally qualify as a "minority the government requires that ones genealogy contain one-eighth, (or.5 percent) of that specific minority. According to lamb, Obamas claim that he would be the first "black" president is not legally defensible. One might find several clues in bhos appearance.

To date, bho has been unable to produce a valid birth certificate. The "Certificate of live birth" from the state of Hawaii trunk he produced for his presidential campaign has been determined to be "a horrible forgery" that lacks the proper state seal, signatures, certification number and contains several other anomalies that cast serious doubt on the authenticity. Bho cannot, therefore, prove august 4, 1961, as his date of birth nor the state. Hawaii as his birthplace. So where—and when—was he born? Pictured above is an image of the "certificate of live birth" the bho campaign has offered as "proof" that the democrat nominee for president was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Forensic analysis has demonstrated the document to be a forgery on several points.

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Barack hussein Obama,.: The real Story back Obama, from the, september 2008 Idaho Observer, the essay Three stooges go to washington: Part. Barack hussein Obama,.: The real Story. The first qualification to run for president is that you must be a natural-born American from one of the several states. The only proof Barack Obama has that he was born in the. Is an obviously forged certificate of live birth. Upon further investigation, it appears that everything we know about the man who would be the (first "black 44th president is a lie. By, don Nicoloff, bHOs autobiography, in light of the foregoing revelations, is another fraud being perpetrated on the whole world. How could he be so wrong about so many "facts" in his personal life and historical accounts of his ancestral "roots?".

obama wife thesis
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At age 34, two years before his first election and two decades before he would run for governor of Virginia, robert. McDonnell submitted a master s thesis to the.

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  1. Adam resides in Rockland county, ny where he lives with his wife and son.appointing the first Fed Vice Chairman of Supervision, a job that was never fulfilled. Obama.whether, obama s senior thesis was about soviet nuclear disarmament or the north-south debate on trade and the new international economic order, he did not write an official thesis at all. His shrew of a wife tries to charm people but they are both insincere and members of the Blame America first crowd. Soon everyone will read your college thesis and see, obama.

  2. Obama on Capitol Hill. At Wellesley, clinton wrote her senior thesis on the alinsky model of organizing. Kit Bond (r-mo.) said, obama started out with saul Alinsky.

  3. M nudes information on albino m information on albino. Hillary Clintons senior thesis at Wellesley college was on Alinsky. Obama began his political career by being a community organizer in Chicago. Montana senator says he was being treated for ptsd when he used unattributed work in thesis.

  4. Keep trying to smear McDonnell with his 20 year old thesis ; we aren t paying attention. Who cares what his thesis was about 20 years ago. Obviously, obama s views. About Us Partners Contact Advertisement.

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