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Cage's wild performance alone would've been reason to see this project that once had "unnecessary retooling" written all over it, but the always reliable werner Herzog injected it with enough aberrance to make it one of the year's most unlikely critics' darlings. 'Sherlock holmes' What if Arthur Conan doyle's master sleuth were just as adept with his fists as with his brain? He'd be robert Downey.'s bare-knuckle-boxing Holmes in this slick reinvention of the Brit detective. The dialogue snaps, the action comes fast and furious, and Downey and Jude law (as his loyal but frustrated sidekick watson) have better chemistry than most rom-com couples. Yes, the game truly is afoot. The Story of Anvil' 'anvil!' is that rare type of film that's about heavy metal that non-metal fans can still watch the hell out.

The split-screens used throughout aptly show the many faces of the boxer: proud, angry, cocky, funny, lonely, vulnerable. In the end, 'tyson' is a tragedy - and a tale of survival. kw watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'world's Greatest Dad' One of the most pleasant surprises of the year, this deliciously demented black comedy shocked us in more ways than one: It's directed by bobcat Goldthwait (yes that Bobcat Goldthwait stars a likable, understated Robin get Williams (not the obnoxious, over-the-top Robin Williams). 'dad' is twisted in all the right ways, brims with clever satire, and features Williams' best turn in year. And if that's not enough, there's also a cameo by Bruce hornsby! kp watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'bad lieutenant: Port of Call new Orleans' for all the duds Nicolas Cage has unleashed recently bangkok dangerous 'next 'wicker Man'. Need we go on? it was a relief to find the actor in a turn so unhinged and maniacal it was like 1988 all over again.

small trailer reviews

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maggie furlong Watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'Drag me to hell' sam raimi returns to his B-movie roots (see the 'evil dead' series) with a flick that reminds us horror movies don't have to be torture (or better yet, torture porn). In fact, they can be a whole lot of fun to watch. Especially when they're filled with chills, laughs and tons of gross stuff flying into Alison Lohman's mouth. 'The Informant!' a black comedy surrounding the moral deficiency of corporate culture, steven Soderbergh's 'Informant!' stars a nearly unrecognizable matt Damon as Mark Whitacre, a half-witted, deranged executive coerced by the fbi into blowing the whistle on his corrupt firm. You dream can't help but chuckle at Damon's genius in such bizzare form (not to mention that 'stache despite a conscious awareness that the film and its message are no laughing matters. ar watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'tyson' This is no documentary; this is the baring of a soul. Director James Toback knocked us out with an unflinching, extreme close-up of the man, the myth, the contradiction known as mike tyson.

small trailer reviews

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Hint: earth-shattering sex, inappropriate pot-smoking and Baldwin's naked buttocks on skype. td watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'duplicity' those of us who loved 'duplicity' were simultaneously thrilled and depressed by it - thrilled because it was smart, funny, sharply written and featured top-notch (and sexy) performances by Clive owen and Julia roberts as competitive spies; depressed because this smart, funny, sharply written. Well, they can't all be 'transformers.' - patricia chui watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'ponyo' remember the first time you saw 'The little mermaid'? Now picture that same magical undersea adventure in the simple, delightfully sweet style of anime. The guru of the medium, hayao miyazaki spirited Away 'princess Mononoke created this whimsical G-rated treat, but it was the boss over at Pixar who brought save it to the. S., nabbing big names like noah Cyrus, Frankie jonas, tina fey and Matt Damon to voice the English translation.

If this is truly what goes on in government, we're all in trouble. tom dichiara watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'The september Issue' she may be a devil in Prada, as some movies suggest. But here, vogue editor-in-chief Anna wintour is seen as a dedicated, hard-working and - dare we say it - likable figure in this breezy doc from. The real scene stealer, though, is creative director Grace coddington, whose no-nonsense, carefree attitude provides the perfect yin to wintour's yang. Suddenly, september is the new black. andy Scott Watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'It's Complicated' 'something's Gotta give' director Nancy meyers, master of the middle-aged romantic comedy, delivers an uproarious look at what happens when a 10-years-divorced couple (an effervescent Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, channeling Jack donaghy) have a secret affair.

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small trailer reviews

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But no one can deny that the film's dreamy cinematography and soaring soundtrack captured the melancholic essence of the maurice sendak's original work. And then there's the titular wild things, all soulful eyes and existential angst, who made our hearts rumpus. kelly woo watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'michael Jackson's This Is It' The king of Pop's death rekindled a myriad of emotions from anger to admiration, but it was the release of 'This Is It' four months later that eschewed ideas of Jackson: The man and focused on Jackson: The performer. At its core, the film reminded former and current fans of the energy, determination and talent it took to be, at one time, the world's most popular entertainer and the unfulfilled promise of an imminent triumphant comeback.

jason Newman Watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' 'cloudy' was one of 2009's many family-friendly 3D offerings that managed to stand out (pun intended!) thanks to its flawless animation and obvious jabs at Hollywood's big-budget disaster flicks. And with comedic stars Bill Hader and Anna faris voicing the leads in a kooky story about a town in danger of being overcome by its food-flavored weather, this one rained hilarity. alicia roda watch the Trailer rotten Tomatoes reviews. 'earth' let employment James Cameron spend hundreds of millions creating a breathtakingly beautiful distant planet. There were no special effects needed to inspire similar awe in Disney's first in a series of new nature films, which played like a highlight reel from the beloved bbc series 'Planet Earth.' This eco-friendly, dazzling doc deserves to be mentioned in the same breath. 'In the loop' This whip-smart political satire starring Peter Capaldi and James Gandolfini is a funny, refreshingly crude and frighteningly eye-opening look at the behind-the-scenes machinations that occur when the British Secretary of State inadvertently publicly backs a war, igniting a pr sh*storm.

This exquisite, timeless film is truly a thing of lasting allure that will consume you in the moment, and be seared into your senses for long after. District 9 District 9 's science-fiction future is grittier and far more gripping than the average alien spectacle. Neill Blomkamp's cat-food craving, cockroach-like "prawns" are magnificent (both the design and animation and their plight - eviction from their militarized. T.-refugee ghetto - is deeply resonant and poignant. It's so astounding, it's incomparable. Call us greedy, but we've said it once, and we'll say it again: Ten is not enough.

While nearly all movie critics engage in the time-honored tradition of ranking their picks for 10 best flicks of the year, we prefer to take this time of year to recognize the admirable quantity of quality movies being produced, despite our occasional moaning that says. Therefore, like we have the past several years, we count. The big stories from 2009's list: Family fare ruled, with four animated films ranking in our top. It was also a good year for action and big budget movies, even if six of the year's 10 highest grossing movies didn't make the cut (prior to 'avatar's' final figures, anyway). And perhaps the biggest lesson learned? Movies with the word "up" in the title totally rock. At least this year. Presenting our 50 favorite films of 2009. 'Where the wild Things Are' adapting a much-beloved, 10-sentence children's book into a movie seemed like an impossible feat - and director Spike jonze's efforts resulted in perhaps the year's most divisive movie.

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Everything that makes a fantastic tale - and film. Inglorious Basterds Another masterful mashup by quentin Tarantino, inglorious Basterds features something old (wwii something new (a baseball-bat-bashing "Bear Jew something borrowed (inspiration from Enzo. Castellari 's bastards and something blue (Lt. It's all souped up with Tarantino's spoofy, action-hero flash. Fingers crossed Christoph Waltz (the nazi with a twinkle in his eye and ice in his veins) nabs the best Supporting essay Actor Oscar. Moon A low-key, low-budget, character-driven space odyssey, and the indie debut of Duncan Jones (formerly zowie bowie moon lacks little green men but has an abundance of tear-jerking heart and hilarity delivered by the ultimate sci-fi buddy duo: a human and his trusty emoticon-grin-flashing robot. Please let the Academy cease under-appreciating Sam Rockwell and award the double-personality-playing lead his Oscar already. Bright hippie Star In Bright Star, jane campion ( The piano ) seduces with the poetry of passion.

small trailer reviews

Precious Director lee daniels and Push author Sapphire take an ugly truth and shape it into something raw and redeeming, fearless and unexpectedly funny, powerful and profoundly relevant. Precious might be the little indie that could reap a best Picture and/or Best Actor Oscar. Sin Nombre Intense and fast-paced, sin Nombre is a terrifying, heartrending, up-close and very personal journey through a central American gauntlet of brutal gangs and hopeful immigrants searching for a way out. A film that's hard to forget. Fox you don't essay have to be a child to be amazed by wes Anderson 's stop-motion fox-frolic feat. When a breeze blows, the hairs. Fox's furry puss flutter. This cheeky-charming storybook romp, brought to the big screen by Anderson's quirky imagination, brims with whimsy, mischief, travails, triumphs.

- but the story and wit seem more sophisticated than in other gr capers (ode in part to sir Arthur Conan doyle). Is in top roguish form, and ably assisted by jude law and Rachel McAdams. It's the beginning, i'd wager, of a fabulous franchise. The hurt Locker "War is a drug" reads a" in an opening scene. And with tightly framed shots and a heart-pounding plot thrust - survival - kathyrn Bigelow 's riveting, charged direction escorts audiences through the shaky highs and lows of the deadly addiction. There's good reason for the bigelow Oscar buzz. Up in the air With Up in the air, juno director Jason reitman has spun another modern-day fairytale, an everyday situation that's slightly off-kilter enough to seem unreal, yet insightful and moving enough to qualify as truthful. As usual it's populated with compelling oddballs and savvy repartee.

What fate awaits Ark at the end of his journey? From Sherlock holmes to district 9 In 2009, sci-fi surpassed the genre, poetic passion blossomed, a fantastic stop-motion fox with Wes Anderson attitude delighted audiences, and Sherlock holmes strutted his bad-boy side. Plenty of movies pleased both critics and mainstream cinema fans alike - which makes summing up the year's dream standouts no easy task. Though this tally counts down to number one, the top three films all deserve top billing. That being said I'll kick off this loosely ordered list with two honorable mentions. Honorable mentions Star Trek it's messy, irreverent, daring, volatile, and a non-stop blast - much, you could say, like a young Captain James. Abrams and his charismatic cast have accelerated the. Enterprise into bolder territory than it's ever been before.

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Overview, number of Players Single Player Genre. Rpg, dissertation release date, super Nintendo 19th Dec 1996 (UK/EU) 20th Oct 1995 (jpn series. Gaia trilogy, screenshots (8 reviews, super Nintendo, about The game. In the world on the inside of the planet, there exists just one small village of Crysta. Ark, a mischievous teenage boy, somehow causes a crisis in the village that makes it necessary for him to leave. His trip to save his fellow villagers eventually becomes a journey across time to resurrect the planet. On his epic journey, ark must resurrect continents, revive all forms of life, and re-establish civilization.

small trailer reviews
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