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Guruka singh taught classes each day with every age group. The classes were about the four Pillars of sikhi: seva, simran, bani and Bana. The classes were very experiential; no lecturing, just discussion, play, chanting, meditation, activities and. As you can see, the kids had a lot of fun while they were learning. SikhNet traveled to patna sahib to provide live coverage of the 350th anniversary celebrations. With sikhs spread all over the world, many were not able to attend in person, so the live coverage allowed sikhs to virtually participate in the celebrations from abroad. The sikhNet live facebook broadcasts reached over.5 million people during the celebrations. View a photo gallery of the sikh Dharma yatra to patna sahib Harijot Singh went to the United Kingdom this year and says of his experience: I was greatly honored to participate in two of the sna camps in Birmingham England run by giani sukha.

Please enjoy this treat! In the last two years, over 300,000 people have seen, and been inspired by, the kaur movie! This September we sent out a survey in which we asked our sikh youth, What are the questions and concerns that you feel unable to ask your parents or the leadership in your community? The response was immediate, and it quickly became clear that our youth are really struggling with a host of questions and concerns which range from insecurity around mental health issues to questions about burden how to handle their own sexuality. We compiled the top seven questions/concerns to bring awareness to the most important issues that sikh youth are dealing with today. This sets the stage for a series of webinars we will conduct in 2018, to bring together community leaders to discuss solutions and strategies to help our families and Sangats with these important topics. In June of this year, guruka singh ji traveled to michigan for two sikh childrens camps in Troy and Lincoln. The first, camp Khalsa, was four days and about 200 kids ages 4-18 from Eastern Canada and the midwest usa. Guruka singh taught five classes each day (one for each age group) and then an evening class with the parents. About forty parents participated. The second camp consisted of around 100 kids from age 4 18 split into five age groups.

annual report meaning

What is annual report?

Our heartfelt thanks reviews to everyone who participated and helped us reach our goal in both campaigns! Kaur is the worlds first animation focusing on the 18th century legendary sikh warrior heroine, mai bhago. At sikhNet we asked ourselves, how do you inspire young girls to be a conscious princess, a spiritual princess, a khalsa princess, instead of a disney princess? kaur tells the story of a young sikh girl, saibhang kaur, who loves science but feels the social pressure that girls dont belong in science club. Not sure what to do about her dreams, saibhang kaur thinks about giving. But when saibhangs grandmother tells her the true story of mai bhago, saibhang discovers her courage. This year, thanks to time tv, india, kaur is is now available with a punjabi soundtrack voiced by some great Indian child actors.

annual report meaning

Ifif annual Report 2016/17

This year our sikhNet Stories App faced extinction you when Apple released its new operating system. Because of the generosity of many donors we were able to raise the money we needed not only to update the ios app, but also we were able to create a new Android version of the app. On the way, we got a lot of feedback from parents, kids, and folks from all over the world. People let us know how many ways they use our apps. Some people told us about how their kids grew up listening to the stories. Some people new to sikhi told us about how much they learned about sikh History and sikh values from the stories. Others told us fun experiences about what they learned from the stories. Everyone asked for more stories. So, for our Fall Fundraiser, we reached out to people to help us fund making new audio stories as well as animated video stories.

Over 40,000 hours of Kirtan and Katha by over 800 different Musicians! Each year, more people than ever access this rich online library of Gurbani kirtan and katha. Our free gurbani media center smartphone apps and website have made this resource available to sikhs all around the world. In 2017 over 50,000 people downloaded the gmc app and we now have over 27,000 active monthly users. 2.5 million people used the website version of the gmc (Approx 230,000 people per month). This service allow hundreds of thousands of people to stream Guru jis kirtan anywhere they are. All Gurdwaras are invited to contact sikhNet to have their broadcasts included in the sikhNet Radio channels.

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annual report meaning

Annual Report and Accounts 2017 Highlights Investor

Developing your Personal Relationship with the guru will offer something different. The goal of the course is to help you create a renewed sense of connection to your Guru and your life. The six week process is designed to impart knowledge, and to give you the opportunity to create your own journey of transformation. Note: sikhNet essay would like to thank the siri singh Sahib Corporation, sikh Dharma International, the, chardi kalaa foundation and the jassal Family through the kirpal Singh md endowment Fund for their generous plan grants and unparalleled support for the sikhNet learning Center. We would also like to thank all those who donated to our 2016 Gurugaddi day fundraiser. Your support and contributions have made it possible for sikhNet to take the time to develop a course that will positively impact thousands of people around the world. New Mobile App Coming soon!

In 2017 we hired a full-time mobile app developer to assist with creating the next generation Gurbani media center app. We have completely rebuilt the gmc app from the ground up and will bring a much improved experience for finding and listening to gurbani kirtan. The Apple ios version will be released in December 2017 followed by the Android version in the Spring/Summer of 2018. New ios version being released end of December 2017! Lots of New Gurbani audio! In 2017 we hired a full-time manager for gmc who has been archiving and digitizing rare old Gurbani recordings and curating wonderful new content for all to enjoy and discover. The gurbani media center on sikhNet is the most popular and, to many, the most impactful service we offer.

I feel grateful beyond words that Guru ji has blessed me to serve sikhNet which, over the last 30 years, has been a constant source of light, inspiration and upliftment for millions of people all around the world. Thank you for being part of this seva. By guru jis grace, sikhNet will continue to serve as a beacon of light in the darkness. Will you please be generous as you donate to sikhNet this year? All gifts come from the gurus unlimited storehouse, and some of them flow through your heart and your hands. Guruka singh Khalsa, chief Executive officer, sikhNet, Inc.

Please take a few moments right now to support this mission of Light by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to sikhNet. We need to raise 300,000 by the end of the year in order to fund sikhNets growth, and to continue serving millions of people around the world. Because of your generous support, sikhNet will break new ground in 2018 through our "SikhNet learning Center". During 2017, we assembled a team of experts in both Dharmic education and online learning. Our team has spent the last several months developing a transformational learning experience that we plan to launch in the first quarter of 2018. This six-week course, titled "developing your Personal Relationship with the guru will offer a blended learning experience. Self-paced videos and articles will guide you and in addition, there will be live, on-line facilitated sessions with teachers who can answer questions to support you in your personal growth, along with an online discussion forum where you can dialogue with others taking the course. Developing your Personal Relationship with the guru will be the first ever online sikh-related Dharmic experiential course of its kind. Much online learning today focuses on a traditional format - where students learn lessons and take tests, in order to acquire knowledge.

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To go deeper and stay in touch with truth and love, we can: have a daily spiritual practice. Dont give in to fear, despair or anger, and reach out when it hippie becomes overwhelming. Remember that you are responsible for your happiness and grace. And most importantly: be a source of light. By living in chardi kala we can influence the rest using of humanity. One candle can light a thousand other candles and still not lose the light it shines in the world. Be that source of light. Elevate every situation in which you find yourself.

annual report meaning

All over the world people are experiencing confusion, fear and doubt. The line between truth and fiction has been blurred to the extent that the flow of false information and sheer distraction has become the "real world" for many people. The only way out of pressure and insanity. It is a time to go deeper within ourselves. It is time for meditation, self-discipline, prayer, deep cleansing, self-identity and self-control. It is a time to connect with others of like mind and heart. It is time to serve the world in any resume way we can. Together we are powerful.

Clinical Data, the words benign and malignant take on new meaning as they enter the world of artificial intelligence via the center for Clinical Data Science. Shatter Stigma, a new campaign spearheaded by McLean Hospital aimed at erasing the stigma surrounding mental health relies on the power of community collaboration. The next generation of health care leaders gains hands-on experience and makes unique interdisciplinary connections through special team-based instruction units. Quality care, system-wide collaborations in key specialty areas bring together best practices from all corners of the partners system. Building Links, by expanding, building, and investing in Massachusetts North Shore, patients will have access to more complex, integrated treatment that meets their care needs. Light In The darkness, waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh! As I write these words in the autumn of 2017, i see the struggle between light and darkness all around. These are extremely dark and turbulent times.

Our story is, at its heart, one of collaboration. From the trunk moment that the Brigham and Womens Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital came together to form the foundation of Partners healthCare, weve held to the belief that by sharing our strengths we can do more for our patients, for research and medical education, and. Today, more than 20 years later, this truth continues to prove itself through a wide range of extraordinary partners initiatives. Were continuing to play a leading role as conversations about the future of health care reach a crucial juncture, making the case for solutions that provide the greatest value for families. Were bringing more than 68,000 clinicians and staff across the system together through. Partners ecare, improving quality, safety, and efficiency for our patients. And finally, were committed to working with our neighbors to tackle tough challenges like the opioid crisis, leaving a truly global impact with the help of collaborators around the world.

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annual report meaning
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  1. Corporate photography that helps convey meaning at a glance. Your annual report is a major opportunity to project your corporate identity and a key way. Child support is not considered income, but alimony, sometimes called spousal support, is added to annual gross.

  2. Report and our other filings please visit. Report, meaning in the cambridge English Dictionary report meaning, definition, what is report : to give a description. This could mean allows people to learn and understand the meaning of Gurbani from Sri guru Granth Sahib. Share your thoughts about sikhNet's annual report.

  3. Annual report 2009 financial social and environmental performance staying focused acting decisively. Within the meaning of the dutch financial markets. Meaning signify forward-looking statements. For more information about our company and to access our.

  4. Obtain free credit history, get annual credit report, get credit report free, credit report no bank. The words benign and malignant take on new meaning as they enter the world of artificial. Read the partners healthCare 2016, annual.

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