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Performed budgeting, scheduling, billing and purchase order functions using the Clients profits systems. Supervised 2 full-time staff and 1-3 freelance designers at any given time as dictated by business needs. Achievements, showcased the company's 15-year history by launching its website, expanding its presence industry-wide and drawing more affluent clients. Used client management skills to salvage a key client relationship taking a possible loss and turning it into a net profit center. Decreased outstanding account payables by implementing new billing practices such as 10-20 agency fee on print jobs. Publicized company services and sparked pr buzz by booking the company's principal on National Public Radio as a branding and marketing design expert. Other appearances included kpcc's The larry mantle Show and the food Network's Memorabilia unwrapped. Created style guides for Kahlua and Baskin-Robbins products, both of which won Summit International Awards.

Cemented recognition of the company's new name after sparking the positioning, launch, biographies and execution of a new corporate identity. Spurred the launch of 100 new products, ultimately hiking rankings with WalMart to the highest in company history. Revamped website design with the new identity launch and built an e-commerce portal with streaming and purchase options to capture direct customer sales. Gregory Thomas Associates (aka gta). A boutique design firm specializing in branding, marketing and advertising design. Senior Design Director, transformed the company from a small family-owned operation into a highly professional entity recognized as a key industry player. Innovated identity designs, graphics guidelines, style guides, ui/UX designs, packaging designs, copywriting, brand positioning, renaming, and product launches for major clients in the food and beverage, travel, education, healthcare, and Internet industries. Extensive client base included companies such as Kahlúa, baskin-Robbins, tia maria, qantas Vacations, austrian National tourist Office, ucla, usc, cal Arts, Accent Care and. Heightened company's overall professionalism by securing viable, attorney-approved client contracts. Orchestrated art direction, presentations, public relations, traffic management, new business development and client vendor relations.

resume la

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Mapped and advanced the creative process from initial conceptualizations to final execution for key art, trailer production, dvd packaging, screener artwork, copywriting, sales promotions, oliver point of purchase displays, and consumer/retail advertising. Crafted individual project budgets and schedules for each dvd title, skillfully collaborating with all internal departments to drive accurate, efficient project completion. Performed hands-on design work. Infused market briefs with market research, competitive analysis and competitive market intelligence to facilitate product positioning and revive marketplace offerings. Handled department staff recruitment, termination, promotions, reviews and salary adjustments as a direct report to the company ceo and Chairman. Assigned and managed work to contractors, including design studios, freelance artists, copywriters, and printers. Achievements, originated numerous home entertainment brand lines successfully from product development to marketing and manufacturing for such film production companies as Slamdance and moonstone Entertainment.

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Achievements, worked hand-in-hand with the marketing teams on the launch of over 80 new and existing product lines for placement in WalMart, target, best buy, costco and a host of other large and small retail chains. Created and reintroduced numerous brand lines — such as Dirty jobs, man Vs Wild and MythBusters — successfully from product development to creative to manufacturing for gaiam and Discovery networks. Outpaced competitors campaigns for theatrical, home entertainment, and global releases from initial ideas to marketplace implementation. Allumination FilmWorks llc la, independent Home Entertainment dvd distributor of non-theatrical and theatrical content through all major distribution and retail channels. Company since became part of what is now EOne Entertainment. Director of Marketing creative services. Revitalized dvd sales by steadfastly championing the use of such marketing strategies as the use of Online sales, focusing on profitable target markets, and cost-effective product repackaging to senior leaders and staff. Motivated and led a 5-person team comprised of a highly skilled Creative manager, marketing Manager and 3 Graphic Designers (2 worked remotely in south Carolina).

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resume la

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Managed five employees including a senior Creative services Manager, an Art Director, two senior designers and one junior designer. Reduced marketing and manufacturing costs by developing a strong, cohesive in-house design team from all creative services employees retained during the merger. Developed over 220k in billable revenue and saved an additional 450k in costs in the first eight months without any labor reduction. Worked hand-in-hand with the ott teams on the successful about launch of three ott channels across devices and platforms like apple, amazon, leeco and roku. Implemented an automated art creation system capable of delivering all our digital art assets to multiple platforms to exact specifications saving over 1500 hours of labor over the course of a year.

la, publicly held sustainable health and lifestyle company with diverse line of products including the largest independent home entertainment library with distribution through all retail and digital channels. Recruited to create eye-catching marketing campaigns including key art, advertising, pop and other marketing materials for the newly acquired line of products from Discovery communications. Creating successful vod, retail/rental and consumer demand for their full line of content airing on all their networks — discovery Channel, tlc, animal Planet, Science Channel, military Channel and Planet Green. Successfully positioned the titles into all levels of retail using specialty packaging, displays and retail plan-o-grams. Also developed highly visible and successful packaging for gt media's catalog titles resulting in high profitability with mass market retailers.

Developed a team of design directors with clear roles and responsibilities empowering them to own their design teams and deliver elevated designs to market. Cinedigm la, largest, publicly-held, independent, multi-platform entertainment content distributor. Director, Creative services, retained after merger to consolidate and develop an in-house creative services department using employees from three different companies. Reorganized the creative services department and worked across all departments to establish multi-departmental schedules, budgets, processes and lines of communication. Directed creative department to create theatrical and non-theatrical one sheets, key art, advertising, pop, marketing materials.

Developed digital campaigns and asset creation for all vod and est. Created art and marketing campaigns for multiple over The top Digtial Networks (OTT) launches — dove channel, docurama and ConTV. Reduced costs and raised billable revenue without any labor reduction by automating the creation of digital assets for digital platforms freeing up the designers and allowing the company to design more in-house. Utilized each designers strengths and specialties to create a well-rounded design team. Positioned titles into all levels of retail using specialty packaging, displays and retail plan-o-grams. Worked with all marketing teams to develop eye-catching campaigns resulting in high profitability across all digital platforms and brick-and-mortar retailers.

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Created a robust web production and UI/UX team. Worked with several marketing teams across the Americas regions to develop high-end experiential and environmental design solutions. Led an rfp process and implementation of a single cloud-based ticketing, workflow management and versioning/proofing system for for the entire department. Directed creative department to create engaging, branded event signage, advertising, event guides maps, websites, ui/ux, social media and other marketing materials. Developed entire campaigns across all the events in the Americas. . Launched creative campaigns for widely successful events including magic, licensing Expo, blackhat, game developers Conference (gdc virtual Reality developers Conference (vrdc) and more. Managed 28 employees including nine design directors managing 7 teams. Reduced allocations to vertical business units by 150k by restructuring the team and creating a pool of cost effective graphic artists into a streamlined production team. Worked hand-in-hand across ubm americas to implement an organized system of processes and a cloud-based workflow management system to streamline ticketing, project management and proofing.

resume la

Počet zobrazení: 42 (1). » Zobrazit všechny texty od zakázanýovoce » Zobrazit všechny texty od semir11. Professional experience, ubm la, 2017-Present, ubm organizes over 300 market-leading B2b events every year serving over 50 different communities in over 20 countries. Vp of Creative services, recruited by ubm americas to lead and reorganize an in-house creative services department of 28 people absorbed from multiple acquisitions with 9 direct reports. Reorganized the barber creative services department within the larger horizontal services. Worked across all verticals to establish slas, budgets, processes, roles, responsibilities and lines of communication. Reduced cost allocations to stakeholders and business verticals as a horizontal service by creating and maximizing a full production department allowing the company to design more in-house. Utilized each designers and directors strengths to create teams specific to each vertical in the company.

k nám přifoukal, je opět probuzený. Nám i vám se asi zdálo že z toho stromu, padá jen listí, klaun i král ztratil však málo. Oba i příště, odejdem se ctí, každý z nás je v tomhle stejný. Tak proč jsme překvapeně, znechuceni účinek se nám dál míjí, přestože jasný. Ponaučení z toho vyplývá, z toho vyplývá, přidal: semir11 dne.

Krásný lajnovaný ty sny krajkovaný, v samotě král si na válku hrával. Co chtěl si bral, prstem nahrabával. I essays klaun rád by se za maskou smál. Rád by i žral, všechno pod sebe dával. Až přišel jeden zimní den, všichni se zděsili, to nikdo nečekal. Vánek co začal jako fén, vytlačil násilí, sám osudy si bral. Pád níž, kam až kdoví, skrze mříž, nám neodpoví, pohledy ven, jak se naše sny pálí.

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To tenkrát takhle na podzim po zádech do ramen všichni se plácali, v domění všichni ubozí se špalkem do kamen medem rty mazali, v samotě král si na válku hrával co chtěl si bral, prstem nahrabával. I klaun rád by se za maskou smál rád by žral a všechno pod sebe dával. Až přišel jeden zimní den všichni se zděsili to nikdo nečekal, vánek co začal jako fén vytlačil násilí sám osudy si bral, pád níž, kam až kdoví skrze mříž, neodpoví. Pohledy ven, jak se naše sny pálí z noci je den, stromy se v bahně válí. Temný golem, poraď jak šém vytáhnout ale není to jen, pdf není to vůbec v něm. Až přišel jeden jarní den už nikdo nezoufal vlastně se nezměnil, od stolů vůně večeře vánek k nám přifoukal je opět probuzený, nám i vám se asi zdálo že z toho stromu padá jen listí. Klaun i král ztratil však málo oba i příště odejdem se ctí, každý z nás je v tomhle stejný tak proč jsme překvapeně znechuceni účinek se nám dál míjí přestože jasný ponaučení. To tenkrát takhle na podzim, po zádech do ramen, všichni se plácali. V domnění všichni ubozí, se špalkem do kamen, medem rty mazali.

resume la
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La princesse Flora ou, la frégate lespérance. Zakázanýovoce - fine la resumé - karaoke text fine la resumé : Nám i vám se asi zdálo že z toho stromu padá jen listí Klaun i král. pochází z externích zdrojů a nemusí být správné.

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  3. Videoklip a text písně fine la resumé od zakázanýovoce. V samotě král si na válku hrával co chtěl si bral, prstem nahrabával i klaun. Fine la resumé : Nám i vám se asi zdálo že z toho stromu padá jen listí Klaun i král ztratil však málo oba i příště odejdem se ctí.

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